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Alex Jones

Alex Jones (born 1974) is a controversial U.S. documentary film producer and radio host who vigorously works to investigate his claims that a New World Order is attempting to conquer the world. Often characterized as a conspiracy theorist, though Jones and his supporters bristle at this label, and refer to him as an independent investigative journalist.



Getting his start with a call-in format cable access television program in Austin, Texas, Jones' manic speaking style and startling accusations against the United Nations, the Federal Government, shadowy secret societies, nefarious multinational corporations and other staples of conspiracy theory eventually landed him a call-in radio show which is broadcast Monday through Friday on a number of AM and FM stations around the United States, as well as on shortwave radio and internet radio through the GCN Network. Jones still broadcasts his show on public access television in Austin, Texas.

Jones' politics are essentially libertarian; he is an outspoken advocate of American Constitutional minimalism in government and extensive individual liberties, and vehemently opposed to crony capitalism and institutions furthering these causes. Among conspiracy theorists, he's thought to be among the most well-supported investigators in the field today with nods from the likes of Ron Paul, Greg Palast and Bev Harris; all of whom he has interviewed on his daily radio broadcast.

He is something of an offbeat local celebrity in his hometown of Austin. Jones has appeared in Richard Linklater's feature film Waking Life as himself, spouting his trademark firebrand rhetoric. He has also been featured on Good Morning America, 20/20 Downtown, 60 Minutes, The Discovery Channel, A&E, BBC, Trio, Court TV, C-Span and SKY Television.

Documentary Films

Alex Jones has produced a series of videos. Major themes of Jones' work include the emergence of a totalitarian world government, political intrigue, erosion of civil liberties and US national sovereignty, the misuse of government power, corporate deception, government corruption, and cohesion between disparate power structures. He allows his listeners to freely make VHS and DVD copies of all his films. Digital copies of his films can also be found floating around the internet on various web sites and P2P networks.

America Destroyed By Design (1997)

Jones' first documentary film from the mid-90s. He travels the country and discusses how he feels the sovereignty of the US is being subordinated to global interests.

Wake Up (Or Waco) (19??)

A video by Jones that documents the 1993 Waco incident with the Branch Davidians, as well as the cover up that followed.

Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove (2000)

In Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove Jones infiltrated the annual secret gathering of the Bohemian Club. He was aided by certain members of the local press of adjacent towns, who had been attempting for a long time to enlarge awareness of the meeting, and which protested it. The group however was enraged by the way Jones portrayed the event, calling it sensationalistic and that it could cause people to not take the event seriously.

While at the grove he was able to film and publish video footage of the Cremation of Care ritual, in which some of the most powerful men in the world allegedly gather before a 40-foot stone resembling a huge owl (Moloch), and burn a human-like dummy in effigy of "dull care." They then proceed to "read the sign" within its ashes.

9-11: The Road to Tyranny (2002)

In the film, Jones presents what many consider shocking information about government involvement in not only September 11th but the Oklahoma City bombing as well. There is also a bit of a history lesson with clips from the past with tyrannic situations that Jones compares to events happening today.

Perhaps his most popular documentary, 9-11: The Road To Tyranny was released months after September 11th.

Masters of Terror (2002)

In what appears to be a sequel of 9-11: The Road to Tyranny, Jones explains why he feels the elite are using manufactured terrorism to get the population to go along with pre-planned wars in an effort to grab the world's remaining natural resources, consolidate wealth and destroy the middle class.

Police State 2000 (2000)

The first of a 3-part series; Police State 2000 has Jones focusing on the growing militarization of American law enforcement with footage of training drills, an apparent attack drill by Special Forces on south Texas towns called Operation: Urban Warrior, and concentration camps.

Police State 2: The Takeover (2002)

The Takeover focuses on what Jones likes to call the "Problem-Reaction-Solution" paradigm that he feels is being used by the government to terrorize the American people into accepting a highly controlled and oppressive society.

Police State 3: Total Enslavement (2003)

Jones' third installment in his Police State series. The film documents the rise of the Homeland Security, Patriot Acts 1 and 2, the Total Information Awareness Network, government-run white slavery rings, the new prison surveillance economy and more.

American Dictators: Documenting The Staged 2004 Election (2004)

In American Dictators, Jones presents information about the major candidates in the 2004 presidential race. Alex exposes that Bush and Kerry are actually cousins (see who were in Skull and Bones together, among other things. This film was released in Fall of 2004.

MARTIAL LAW: 9-11: The Rise of the Police State (2005)

Jones' latest film was released in February 2005. A preview trailer and video clips ( are available at his web site. In addition, a web site has been created as an information resource tool for the film. The site presents all the articles and documents that appear in the film to back up the films claims and to allow viewers to dig deeper into the individual issues that are presented - (

Internet Presence

Jones has quite a network of web sites. His main site is ( (short for information wars), which is run by his wife, Violet Jones, and updated daily. He also enlists the help of Paul Joseph Watson from England to gather news and run a site called ( Watson also runs (, which mirrors much of the same content. In April 2004, Jones and Watson debuted (, a low-cost subscription service aimed to help financially subsidize the bandwidth for all the free content being offered on other web sites. For $4.95 a month, he offers unlimited access to all his documentary films, radio interview archives, clips from his cable access television show and access to digital versions of books he and Watson have written. Watson's brother runs ( and also; a hosting service. Another site in Jones' internet arsenal that is not updated as frequently is ( (a take off of the Drudge Report). In the Summer of 2004, an independent site called ( appeared designed to help listeners search through the massive amount of information Jones puts out through his network of web sites. His movies are available free on many sites on the net, including the Internet Archive [1] ( He said he doesn't mind, as long as links to his sites (for example to infowars, prisonplanet, americans against arnold etc...) aren't edited out.

Americans Against Arnold

In the Fall of 2004, Jones formed Americans Against Arnold; a group dedicated to presenting facts about Arnold Schwarzenegger, who Jones strongly feels is being primed by powerful people in the world to be the next President of the United States. Jones says Americans Against Arnold began as a counter to the Amend For Arnold group that also began in 2004 and is seeking to amend the Constitution so Schwarzenegger can run for President. The site got some mainstream press almost immediately with mentions on CNN and in print media such as USA Today. He plans on running radio and television ads.

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