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In Milestone Comics' fictional city of Dakota, the Blood Syndicate is a loose affiliation of super-powered individuals brought together by circumstance; 35 issues of their eponymous comic book, written largely by Ivan Velez, Jr., were published between 1993 and 1996.

The Blood Syndicate differed from other supergroups in that they were (in Velez's words) "not a team - they're a gang". In fact, they were the surviving remnants of multiple street gangs (thus the name, a combination of "Paris Island Bloods" and "Force Syndicate"), who had gained superpowers in the so-called Big Bang, and decided to use them for a greater purpose. However, their constant infighting, the unsustainability of their methods, and their lack of a central vision (particularly after the death of their first leader) led to the Syndicate's eventual disintegration.



Versions of other Syndicate members have also appeared in the Static Shock cartoon, and a subsequent incarnation of the Syndicate, led by former member Pyre, appeared in the 2002 Static Shock comic book (which was not based on the cartoon).

Members of the Blood Syndicate

  • Tech-9 (or Tech): Rolando Texador, formerly leader of the Force Syndicate, had a power which has been described as "cinematic guns": he was able to shoot endless quantities of bullets from any and all guns, with perfect accuracy. He could also materialize guns in his hands; his favourite type of gun was, obviously, the Tech-9 semiautomatic handgun. Charismatic and with military training, he masterminded the Syndicate's formation and led them in their raids on crackhouses; unfortunately, his flesh spontaneously melted off his bones when his superpower destabilized. Later in the series, Masquerade impersonates Tech-9 having sided with the Demon Fox. He is the inspiration for the character Tech, from the Static Shock animated series.

  • Wise Son (or Wise): Hannibal White, leader of the Syndicate after Texador's death and a Black Muslim ("Wise Son" is a Qur'anic reference), is invulnerable. Although he is able to, for instance, shave his head (as he did in 1997's Wise Son: the White Wolf miniseries by Ho Che Anderson), he is completely immune from physical harm. He has also shown the ability to resist mental manipulation, and to survive the draining of large quantities of his lifeforce. He is the father of Edmund White, and has sole custody.

  • Brickhouse (or Brick): Marta (last name unknown) survived the Big Bang while pressed up against a brick wall; as a result, she took on its characteristics, becoming a 10-foot-tall, super-strong woman of living brick (complete with mortar lines). Unfortunately, this led to a substantial amount of brain damage, and she was subject both to epilepsy and to retrograde amnesia (by the time the series was cancelled, she still did not know her last name). Despite the massive biological changes implicit in becoming "living brick", she was still able to eat, bleed, grow "hair", and conceive a child (her subsequent miscarriage may, or may not, have been the result of mystical attack). The character "Brickhouse" appeared in the animated series Static Shock.

  • Third Rail (or Third): The son of Korean immigrants, Pui Chung is able to absorb any form of energy, and can use the energy he absorbs to grow in size and strength. He became romantically involved with Brickhouse, and after one too many disputes over Wise Son's leadership, they left the Syndicate and opened a fast-food restaurant together.

  • Flashback (or Flash): Sara Quinones, sister of Carlos Quinones (Fade). Flashback can fly and can travel back in time by three seconds to change the past; as Flashback can alter time by going back a few seconds, which always helped when someone would get seriously hurt in battle, she considers herself responsible for the welfare of the Syndicate as a whole, since she has prevented and witnessed their deaths and mutilations on multiple occasions. Also is a crack addict. She is the inspiration for the character Nina Crocker/Time-Zone, in the animated series Static Shock.

  • Fade: Carlos Quinones Jr, he has the same name as his father and is the brother of Sara Quinones (Flashback). He can fly and pass through solid objects, and frequently has difficulty becoming substantial. He is "spread out" over a three-second interval, and is thereby able to, for instance, punch someone and leave them unharmed until after he has left. "Fade isn't what he does, it's what he endures." He is a deeply-closeted homosexual, and may have been in love with Texador. He also has the undeveloped ability to travel back in time by significant amounts. The character "Fade" appeared in the animated series Static Shock.

  • Holocaust (later Pyre): Leonard Smalls is the illegitimate son of Dakota Mayor Thomasina Jefferson. A superhumanly strong pyrokinetic, Smalls left the Syndicate after a leadership struggle with Texador, and chose to abandon the small-scale world of gangs for the greater possibilities offered by organized crime. As an initiation ritual, he was obliged to surrender something of great value to him: his name, and the reputation that came with it. Unable to call himself Holocaust, Smalls renamed himself Pyre. As Pyre, he tried to reform a new Blood Syndicate of his own recruiting: BoogieMan, Flashback, Mistress Death, Bad Betty, Fade, Tarmack, Bubbasaur, and Rocket (who was undercover). Smalls then reclaimed his name - Holocaust.

  • Masquerade (or Masq): a shapechanger able to assume the form of any animal (including humans), Masquerade was a transsexual who concealed her true nature from the rest of the Syndicate by transforming into an idealized male version of herself. She fled the Syndicate after reflexively stealing several thousand dollars from them so as to pay for her (no-longer-necessary) surgery, and later returned in the guise of a resurrected Rolando Texador (Tech-9), hoping to be accepted as their leader (whether this was her own idea, or if it was suggested by the Demon Fox, is unknown).

  • Dogg: Originally Texador's pet dog, Dogg gained human-level intelligence and speech (while remaining a dog in shape, personality, and abilities). First introduced in Issue 2; and in Issue 26 was beaten up and left for dead on the other side of Paris Island from his home - he was found by some kids in Issue 27 and later turned over to a S.Y.S.T.E.M research facility in Issue 28 and escapes from the S.Y.S.T.E.M. in Issue 33, when he arrived at the Factory. He is shot by Tech-9 (really Masquerade), but is saved by Flashback. When Pyre formed his own Blood Syndicate, Dogg was one of those who rejected the offer to join.

  • Boogieman, or Boogie - Martin Berger is able to transform into what is essentially a giant blonde humanoid rat. He is also able to communicate with the hyperintelligent rats of Dakota (and possibly with ordinary rats), even when untransformed. A post-Texador member, Berger joined the Syndicate during their attack on the SYSTEM conspiracy, but was nearly expelled when, in the aftermath of the Demon Fox encounter, the other members discovered that he was secretly white: a wigger. This weakened the relationship he had with the rest of the Syndicate: although he was able to recruit their aid when Dakota's hyperintelligent rat population warred with giant man-eating cockroaches, when his mother was trapped in a hospital full of angry interdimensional chihuahuas, he chose to rescue her by himself.

  • DMZ - DMZ's name is a reference to the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. DMZ was one of the most mysterious of the group. He has superhuman strength and durability, and is able to fly; furthermore, his eyes glow. DMZ never speaks (except during Worlds Collide crossover, when he said the word "Damn"); nor does he ever take off his mask, even to eat. DMZ was somewhat a loner but would always show up when trouble started. His exact origins are not known. He spends his free time atop a bridge, whirling a lamp on a chain in the hopes of signaling to passing extraterrestrials, and wears what appears to be the uniform of the police officers of Icon's civilization; for these and other reasons readers suspected that DMZ was an alien, however, Dwayne McDuffie has said that DMZ is "on his home planet".

  • Kwai - one of the two non-Bang Babies in the Blood Syndicate (DMZ being the other), Nina Lam was the 77th - and last - incarnation of a Chinese mystical being. Originally a 9-year-old girl, Lam was mystically transformed into a 7-foot-tall adult woman with albino-pale skin, immensely long hair, and pointed ears. She encountered the Syndicate in the wake of their defeat by the Demon Fox, and thanks to Flashback, survived a booby trap set by John Wing's Demon Fox Tong. After the Blood Syndicate was saved and restored by Nina Lam, now Kwai, she joins the Blood Syndicate and periodically calmed Brickhouse's seizures. Kwai fought along side the Blood Syndicate a number of times and was once shot during a crackhouse raid; while she went into a healing cocoon, Hannibal White (Wise-Son) tortured Kwai's shooter. Later Kwai's healing light changed the Blood Syndicate back to normal for a short time, and learns that she's down to her last life. After Brickhouse and Third Rail leave, Kwai decided to leave, later seen returning to her homeland, the Kingdom of Kwen Lun; meeting with her old friend, the Monkey King, revealing that she needs to ask her father, the Jade Emperor for another life, as she is sentenced to death without reincarnation; ending up in the Kingdom of Ti Yu (hell), Kwai was offered marriage to the Dog God there to save her existence, but decides she can't marry him; finally in a battle royale with the Blood Syndicate against the Demon Fox, Kwai and the Demon Fox destroyed each other.

  • Oro is a former police officer who survived the Big Bang as a member of the riot squad. After the Big-Bang he was for a time a member of the Shadow Cabinet but was kicked out, and later framed for the murder of his partner from back when he was a police officer, and subsequently sought refuge with the Syndicate. He can fly, and produce blinding visual displays.

  • Aqua-Maria - Maria (last name unknown) survived the Big Bang while floating in the (fictional) James River; as a result, she was transformed into "living water". A former member of the Sociedad de la Cruz gang, she exhibits all the properties of water - for instance, she has survived evaporation and recondensation. She also has substantial control over water in all its forms: she can induce tsunamis and geysers, and shape near-freezing vapor into ice sculptures. Although the physical changes implied in becoming "living water" would seem to be far greater than those in becoming "living brick", Aqua-Maria does not display any signs of brain damage. The character "Aqua-Maria" appeared in the animated series Static Shock.

Other Characters

  • Bubbasaur/Bubbasaurus - Bubba Brown, able to turn into a huge dinosaur-like creature; introdueced in Issue 11 as a spurned student going after a pushy school counselor Carlos Quinones Sr (Fade's father) - though Bubba Brown was seemingly killed in a fight with Fade (Carlos Quinones Jr) he was picked up by Mom's troops and is taken to Garden Station.

  • Babe - seen in Issue 27 "Possessions" - returning to the House of L'Armour.

  • Templo - Juan Templo; once a member of the Blood Syndicate, one of the early Blood Syndicate members, was first seen in Issue 9 "Fade to Back" in December 1993 - the origin of the Blood Syndicate following the Big Bang is seen; the Blood Syndicate belived Templo was killed - but in Issue 19 "Collections", Templo is seen alive in a hospital. In Issue 21 "Retrievals" Templo is seen at the Garden Station where he is revived by Mom's scientists, in Issue 24 "Things Fall Apart" Templo along with others (Karess, Babe, Masquerade, Oro, and the Cross Station survivor survived the Garden Station war. In Issue 26 "Prodigals" Templo along with Mistress Mercy and Rose go to the church of Father Francisco.

  • Mom - head of the Amber Cell of the S.Y.S.T.E.M./Coalition & heading the research into creating custom-made Bang-Babies and controling them. Mom runs the Garden Station, the command center for the Amber sector of S.Y.S.T.E.M.

  • the White Roaches -

  • the Rats -

  • The Demon Fox - the Demon Fox is an emotional vampire who first appears in Issue 6 as it is risen by John Wing leader of the Demon Fox Tong, and who killed his wife to unleash the Demon Fox; the Demon Fox finally strikes in Issues 7 & 8 as ir tears apart the Blood Syndicate, and the Demon Fox brings up the darkest secrets of each Syndicate member but is defeated by a newly transformaed Kwai (previously Nina Lam) who comes to the rescue of the Blood Syndicate. The Demon Fox aided Masquerade in imitating Tech-9 - by giving Masquerade some of Tech-9's essence so she can try the leader of the Blood Syndicate; in Issue 35 "The Beginning of the End" - in a all-out battle royale between the Demon Fox and Masquerade VS the Blood Syndicate - Kwai and the Demon Fox destroy each other.

  • Mistress Mercy/Mistress Murder -
  • Edmund and Cornelia -


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