Dukes of Masovia

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Seal of the Duchy of Masovia.

Dukes of Masovia is the line of Piast dynasty, that ruled in Masovia. The following is a list of all rulers of Duchy of Masovia and its parts. Although not all incumbents listed here had titular rights to the title of Duke of Masovia, they are all listed as such for simplicity's sake.

Also take note that some of the dates are merely approximate and the ownership of certain lands might be disputed. Finally, this table does not include lands ruled by dukes of other parts of partitioned Poland or Wenceslaus II and Wenceslaus III.

Term Incumbent Notes
"Masław's state"
ca.1037 to 1047Masław The cup-bearer of Mieszko II who tried to establish his own state in Masovia, defeated by Kazimierz I
Duchy of Masovia-Kuyavia
1138 to 1173Bolesław IV Kędzierzawy son of Boleslaus the Wrymouth
1173 to 1186Leszek son of Bolesław IV Kędzierzawy
1186 to 1194Kazimierz II Sprawiedliwy(the Just), son of Boleslaus the Wrymouth
1194 to 1200Leszek I Biały(the Pale), co-regent with his brother listed below
1194 to 1247Konrad I Mazowiecki
1194 to 1200Helena Znojemska♀, regent, died in 1206
Duchy of Masovia (Płock)
1229 to 1248Bolesław Ison of Konrad I
1247 to 1262Siemowit Ibrother of Bolesław I
1262 to 1264Perejesława Halicka♀, widow, ruled as a regent
Duchy of Czersk
1264 to 1294Konrad II
Duchy of Masovia
1262 to 1313Bolesław IIunited, and then divided the duchy among his sons
Duchy of Rawa
1310 to 1345Siemowit IIone of the sons, after his death the duchy divided among the nephews of Trojden I
Duchy of Czersk and Warsaw
1310 to 1341Trojden I
1341 to 1355Kazimierz Isince 1351 a vassal of Poland; after his death in 1355 the land reunited with the rest of Masovia
Duchy of Płock
1313 to 1336Wacław Ison of Bolesław II, after 1329 vassal of Bohemia
1336 to 1351Bolesław IIIuntil 1340 his fiefdom ruled by regents; vassal of Bohemia, after his death in 1351 his lands divided between the other dukes of Masovia and Poland
Duchy of Halicz
1323 to 1340Bolesław Jerzy IIson of Trojden I, between his death in 1340 and 1366 Duchy of Halicz is gradually annexed by Poland
Duchy of Masovia
1341 to 1381Siemowit IIIbrother of Kazimierz I, duke in Warsaw and Czersk; until 1370 managed to reunite much of the Masovian domain including Płock, but in 1374 divided it between his sons
Duchy of Płock
1374 to 1426Siemowit IVson of Siemowit III, since 1386 hereditary vassal of Poland, after 1382 lost much of his domain to Teutonic Order (Bełz, Wizna, Zawkrze, Płońsk)
1426 to 1427Trojden IIson of Siemowit III, co-regent.
Duchy of Rawa
1426 to 1442Siemowit Vson of Siemowit V
1442 to 1459Małgorzata Raciborska♀, received the town of Gostynin as her dowry while the rest of the domain was joined with Płock
Duchy of Bełz
1426 to 1442Kazimierz IIson of Siemowit IV, until 1434 a co-regent (with brothers), after his death Bełz joined with Płock
United Duchy of Płock
1426 to 1455Władysław Ison of Siemowit IV
1455 to 1481Anna Oleśnicka♀, widow of Władysław I, received Sochaczew, Koło and Mszczonów as her dowry
1455 to 1461/1462Siemowit VI and Władysław IIsons of Władysław I, since 1459 only in Gostynin
around 1462Paweł Giżyckibishop of Płock, as regent; after 1462 Gostynin, Rawa and Bełz to Poland while Płock, Płońsk, Wizna and Zawkrze to Duchy of Warsaw
Duchy of Warsaw
1373 to 1429Janusz Ison of Siemowit III, since 1386 hereditary vassal of Poland, after 1391 Duke of Podlasie
1429 to 1454Bolesław IVuntil 1436 regency of his mother, Ann of Kiev, between 1440 and 1444 only as Duke of Podlasie
1454 to 1562Siemowit VI
around 1462Barbara Ruska (♀) and Paweł Giżyckico-regents: widow of Bolesław IV and bishop of Płock
Duchy of Płock
1454 to 1475Kazimierz IIIson of Bolesław IV, until 1471 co-regent (with brothers), after 1471 as administrator of the land (belonging to the bishops), abdicated in 1475 but ruled until 1480 as bishop of Płock
1471 to 1495Janusz IIbrother of Kazimierz III, ruled in Ciechanów and Łomża, after his brothers' abdication also titular ruler of Płock, Płońsk, Wizna, Zawkrze, after 1485 also Błonie, Kamieniec and Wyszogród; after his death the duchy annexed by Poland
Duchy of Warsaw
1471 to 1488Bolesław Vson of Bolesław IV, after his death his domain rejoined with the remaining part of Masovia
Duchy of Masovia
1454 to 1503Konrad III Rudy(the Red), son of Bolesław IV, reunited most of Masovia still not controlled by Poland, including Płock, Płońsk, Czersk, Wyszogród and Warsaw
1503 to 1524/1526Stanisław I and Janusz IIIsons of Konrad III Rudy, until 1518 regency of their mother Anna Radziwiłł, then co-regents (until Stanisław's death in 1524); in 1526 Masovia annexed by Poland
pl:Książęta mazowieccy


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