ISO 3166-1

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ISO 3166-1 as part of the ISO 3166 standard provides codes for the names of countries and dependent areas. It was first published in 1974 by the International Organization for Standardization and defines three different codes for each area:

A country or territory generally gets new alpha codes if its name changes, whereas a new numeric code is associated with a change of boundaries. Some codes in each series are reserved, for various reasons.

ISO 3166-1 is not the only standard for country codes.

The following is intended to be a complete ISO 3166-1 code list in alphabetical order by country name (encoding list).

NumericAlpha-3Alpha-2Local ISO codesCountry / Region
004AFGAF(ISO 3166-2)Afghanistan
248ALAAX(ISO 3166-2)Åland Islands
008ALBAL(ISO 3166-2)Albania
012DZADZ(ISO 3166-2)Algeria
016ASMAS(ISO 3166-2)American Samoa
020ANDAD(ISO 3166-2)Andorra
024AGOAO(ISO 3166-2)Angola
660AIAAI(ISO 3166-2)Anguilla
010ATAAQ(ISO 3166-2)Antarctica
028ATGAG(ISO 3166-2)Antigua and Barbuda
032ARGAR(ISO 3166-2)Argentina
051ARMAM(ISO 3166-2)Armenia
533ABWAW(ISO 3166-2)Aruba
036AUSAU(ISO 3166-2)Australia
040AUTAT(ISO 3166-2)Austria
031AZEAZ(ISO 3166-2)Azerbaijan
044BHSBS(ISO 3166-2)Bahamas
048BHRBH(ISO 3166-2)Bahrain
050BGDBD(ISO 3166-2)Bangladesh
052BRBBB(ISO 3166-2)Barbados
112BLRBY(ISO 3166-2)Belarus
056BELBE(ISO 3166-2)Belgium
084BLZBZ(ISO 3166-2)Belize
204BENBJ(ISO 3166-2)Benin
060BMUBM(ISO 3166-2)Bermuda
064BTNBT(ISO 3166-2)Bhutan
068BOLBO(ISO 3166-2)Bolivia
070BIHBA(ISO 3166-2)Bosnia and Herzegovina
072BWABW(ISO 3166-2)Botswana
074BVTBV(ISO 3166-2)Bouvet Island
076BRABR(ISO 3166-2)Brazil
086IOTIO(ISO 3166-2)British Indian Ocean Territory
096BRNBN(ISO 3166-2)Brunei Darussalam
100BGRBG(ISO 3166-2)Bulgaria
854BFABF(ISO 3166-2)Burkina Faso
108BDIBI(ISO 3166-2)Burundi
116KHMKH(ISO 3166-2)Cambodia
120CMRCM(ISO 3166-2)Cameroon
124CANCA(ISO 3166-2)Canada
132CPVCV(ISO 3166-2)Cape Verde
136CYMKY(ISO 3166-2)Cayman Islands
140CAFCF(ISO 3166-2)Central African Republic
148TCDTD(ISO 3166-2)Chad
152CHLCL(ISO 3166-2)Chile
156CHNCN(ISO 3166-2)China, People's Republic of
162CXRCX(ISO 3166-2)Christmas Island
166CCKCC(ISO 3166-2)Cocos (Keeling) Islands
170COLCO(ISO 3166-2)Colombia
174COMKM(ISO 3166-2)Comoros
178COGCG(ISO 3166-2)Congo, Republic of the
180CODCD(ISO 3166-2)Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The
184COKCK(ISO 3166-2)Cook Islands
188CRICR(ISO 3166-2)Costa Rica
384CIVCI(ISO 3166-2)Côte d'Ivoire
191HRVHR(ISO 3166-2)Croatia
192CUBCU(ISO 3166-2)Cuba
196CYPCY(ISO 3166-2)Cyprus
203CZECZ(ISO 3166-2)Czech Republic
208DNKDK(ISO 3166-2)Denmark
262DJIDJ(ISO 3166-2)Djibouti
212DMADM(ISO 3166-2)Dominica
214DOMDO(ISO 3166-2)Dominican Republic
218ECUEC(ISO 3166-2)Ecuador
818EGYEG(ISO 3166-2)Egypt
222SLVSV(ISO 3166-2)El Salvador
226GNQGQ(ISO 3166-2)Equatorial Guinea
232ERIER(ISO 3166-2)Eritrea
233ESTEE(ISO 3166-2)Estonia
231ETHET(ISO 3166-2)Ethiopia
??????EU(ISO 3166-2)European Union
238FLKFK(ISO 3166-2)Falkland Islands
234FROFO(ISO 3166-2)Faroe Islands
242FJIFJ(ISO 3166-2)Fiji
246FINFI(ISO 3166-2)Finland
250FRAFR(ISO 3166-2)France
254GUFGF(ISO 3166-2)French Guiana
258PYFPF(ISO 3166-2)French Polynesia
260ATFTF(ISO 3166-2)French Southern Territories
266GABGA(ISO 3166-2)Gabon
270GMBGM(ISO 3166-2)Gambia
268GEOGE(ISO 3166-2)Georgia
276DEUDE(ISO 3166-2)Germany
288GHAGH(ISO 3166-2)Ghana
292GIBGI(ISO 3166-2)Gibraltar
300GRCGR(ISO 3166-2)Greece
304GRLGL(ISO 3166-2)Greenland
308GRDGD(ISO 3166-2)Grenada
312GLPGP(ISO 3166-2)Guadeloupe
316GUMGU(ISO 3166-2)Guam
320GTMGT(ISO 3166-2)Guatemala
324GINGN(ISO 3166-2)Guinea
624GNBGW(ISO 3166-2)Guinea-Bissau
328GUYGY(ISO 3166-2)Guyana
332HTIHT(ISO 3166-2)Haiti
334HMDHM(ISO 3166-2)Heard Island and McDonald Islands
340HNDHN(ISO 3166-2)Honduras
344HKGHK(ISO 3166-2)Hong Kong
348HUNHU(ISO 3166-2)Hungary
352ISLIS(ISO 3166-2)Iceland
356INDIN(ISO 3166-2)India
360IDNID(ISO 3166-2)Indonesia
364IRNIR(ISO 3166-2)Iran, Islamic Republic of
368IRQIQ(ISO 3166-2)Iraq
372IRLIE(ISO 3166-2)Ireland
376ISRIL(ISO 3166-2)Israel
380ITAIT(ISO 3166-2)Italy
388JAMJM(ISO 3166-2)Jamaica
392JPNJP(ISO 3166-2)Japan
400JORJO(ISO 3166-2)Jordan
398KAZKZ(ISO 3166-2)Kazakhstan
404KENKE(ISO 3166-2)Kenya
296KIRKI(ISO 3166-2)Kiribati
408PRKKP(ISO 3166-2)Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
410KORKR(ISO 3166-2)Korea, Republic of
414KWTKW(ISO 3166-2)Kuwait
417KGZKG(ISO 3166-2)Kyrgyzstan
418LAOLA(ISO 3166-2)Lao People's Democratic Republic
428LVALV(ISO 3166-2)Latvia
422LBNLB(ISO 3166-2)Lebanon
426LSOLS(ISO 3166-2)Lesotho
430LBRLR(ISO 3166-2)Liberia
434LBYLY(ISO 3166-2)Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
438LIELI(ISO 3166-2)Liechtenstein
440LTULT(ISO 3166-2)Lithuania
442LUXLU(ISO 3166-2)Luxembourg
446MACMO(ISO 3166-2)Macao
807MKDMK(ISO 3166-2)Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
450MDGMG(ISO 3166-2)Madagascar
454MWIMW(ISO 3166-2)Malawi
458MYSMY(ISO 3166-2)Malaysia
462MDVMV(ISO 3166-2)Maldives
466MLIML(ISO 3166-2)Mali
470MLTMT(ISO 3166-2)Malta
584MHLMH(ISO 3166-2)Marshall Islands
474MTQMQ(ISO 3166-2)Martinique
478MRTMR(ISO 3166-2)Mauritania
480MUSMU(ISO 3166-2)Mauritius
175MYTYT(ISO 3166-2)Mayotte
484MEXMX(ISO 3166-2)Mexico
583FSMFM(ISO 3166-2)Micronesia, Federated States of
498MDAMD(ISO 3166-2)Moldova, Republic of
492MCOMC(ISO 3166-2)Monaco
496MNGMN(ISO 3166-2)Mongolia
500MSRMS(ISO 3166-2)Montserrat
504MARMA(ISO 3166-2)Morocco
508MOZMZ(ISO 3166-2)Mozambique
104MMRMM(ISO 3166-2)Myanmar
516NAMNA(ISO 3166-2)Namibia
520NRUNR(ISO 3166-2)Nauru
524NPLNP(ISO 3166-2)Nepal
528NLDNL(ISO 3166-2)Netherlands
530ANTAN(ISO 3166-2)Netherlands Antilles
540NCLNC(ISO 3166-2)New Caledonia
554NZLNZ(ISO 3166-2)New Zealand
558NICNI(ISO 3166-2)Nicaragua
562NERNE(ISO 3166-2)Niger
566NGANG(ISO 3166-2)Nigeria
570NIUNU(ISO 3166-2)Niue
574NFKNF(ISO 3166-2)Norfolk Island
580MNPMP(ISO 3166-2)Northern Mariana Islands
578NORNO(ISO 3166-2)Norway
512OMNOM(ISO 3166-2)Oman
586PAKPK(ISO 3166-2)Pakistan
585PLWPW(ISO 3166-2)Palau
275PSEPS(ISO 3166-2)Palestinian Territory, Occupied
591PANPA(ISO 3166-2)Panama
598PNGPG(ISO 3166-2)Papua New Guinea
600PRYPY(ISO 3166-2)Paraguay
604PERPE(ISO 3166-2)Peru
608PHLPH(ISO 3166-2)Philippines
612PCNPN(ISO 3166-2)Pitcairn
616POLPL(ISO 3166-2)Poland
620PRTPT(ISO 3166-2)Portugal
630PRIPR(ISO 3166-2)Puerto Rico
634QATQA(ISO 3166-2)Qatar
638REURE(ISO 3166-2)Réunion
642ROURO(ISO 3166-2)Romania
643RUSRU(ISO 3166-2)Russian Federation
646RWARW(ISO 3166-2)Rwanda
654SHNSH(ISO 3166-2)Saint Helena
659KNAKN(ISO 3166-2)Saint Kitts and Nevis
662LCALC(ISO 3166-2)Saint Lucia
666SPMPM(ISO 3166-2)Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
670VCTVC(ISO 3166-2)Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
882WSMWS(ISO 3166-2)Samoa
674SMRSM(ISO 3166-2)San Marino
678STPST(ISO 3166-2)São Tomé and Príncipe
682SAUSA(ISO 3166-2)Saudi Arabia
686SENSN(ISO 3166-2)Senegal
891SCGCS(ISO 3166-2)Serbia and Montenegro
690SYCSC(ISO 3166-2)Seychelles
694SLESL(ISO 3166-2)Sierra Leone
702SGPSG(ISO 3166-2)Singapore
703SVKSK(ISO 3166-2)Slovakia
705SVNSI(ISO 3166-2)Slovenia
090SLBSB(ISO 3166-2)Solomon Islands
706SOMSO(ISO 3166-2)Somalia
710ZAFZA(ISO 3166-2)South Africa
239SGSGS(ISO 3166-2)South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
724ESPES(ISO 3166-2)Spain
144LKALK(ISO 3166-2)Sri Lanka
736SDNSD(ISO 3166-2)Sudan
740SURSR(ISO 3166-2)Suriname
744SJMSJ(ISO 3166-2)Svalbard and Jan Mayen
748SWZSZ(ISO 3166-2)Swaziland
752SWESE(ISO 3166-2)Sweden
756CHECH(ISO 3166-2)Switzerland
760SYRSY(ISO 3166-2)Syrian Arab Republic
158TWNTW(ISO 3166-2)Taiwan (Republic of China)
762TJKTJ(ISO 3166-2)Tajikistan
834TZATZ(ISO 3166-2)Tanzania, United Republic Of
764THATH(ISO 3166-2)Thailand
626TLSTL(ISO 3166-2)Timor-Leste
768TGOTG(ISO 3166-2)Togo
772TKLTK(ISO 3166-2)Tokelau
776TONTO(ISO 3166-2)Tonga
780TTOTT(ISO 3166-2)Trinidad and Tobago
788TUNTN(ISO 3166-2)Tunisia
792TURTR(ISO 3166-2)Turkey
795TKMTM(ISO 3166-2)Turkmenistan
796TCATC(ISO 3166-2)Turks and Caicos Islands
798TUVTV(ISO 3166-2)Tuvalu
800UGAUG(ISO 3166-2)Uganda
804UKRUA(ISO 3166-2)Ukraine
784AREAE(ISO 3166-2)United Arab Emirates
826GBRGB(ISO 3166-2)United Kingdom
840USAUS(ISO 3166-2)United States
581UMIUM(ISO 3166-2)United States Minor Outlying Islands
858URYUY(ISO 3166-2)Uruguay
860UZBUZ(ISO 3166-2)Uzbekistan
548VUTVU(ISO 3166-2)Vanuatu
336VATVA(ISO 3166-2)Vatican City State
862VENVE(ISO 3166-2)Venezuela
704VNMVN(ISO 3166-2)Viet Nam
092VGBVG(ISO 3166-2)Virgin Islands, British
850VIRVI(ISO 3166-2)Virgin Islands, U.S.
876WLFWF(ISO 3166-2)Wallis and Futuna
732ESHEH(ISO 3166-2)Western Sahara
887YEMYE(ISO 3166-2)Yemen
894ZMBZM(ISO 3166-2)Zambia
716ZWEZW(ISO 3166-2)Zimbabwe


Changes to ISO 3166-1 are announced in periodic newsletters, of which 10 have been released to date:

  1. Published 1998-02-05: change of name for Samoa, available in English ( and French (
  2. Published 1999-10-01: change of name for Occupied Palestinian Territory, available in English ( and French (
  3. Published 2002-02-01: change of alpha-3 Code Element for Romania, available in English ( and French (
  4. Published 2002-05-20: change of name for various countries, available in English ( and French (
  5. Published 2002-05-20: change of name and codes for East Timor, available in English ( and French (
  6. Published 2002-11-15: change of name and codes for Timor-Leste, available in English ( and French (
  7. Published 2002-11-15: change of official name of Comoros , available in English ( and French (
  8. Published 2003-07-23: deletion of Yugoslavia, inclusion of Serbia and Montenegro, available in English ( and French (
  9. Published 2004-02-13: new entry for land Islands, available in English ( and French (
  10. Published 2004-04-26: change of name for Afghanistan and land Islands, available in English ( and French (


Information on reserved codes taken from "Reserved code elements under ISO 3166-1" published by Secretariat of ISO/TC 46, ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency, 2001-02-13, available on request from ISO 3166 MA.

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