List of Baronetcies

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This page lists all baronetcies, extant, extinct, dormant, abeyant, or forfeit, in the baronetages of England, Nova Scotia, Great Britain, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Baronetcies in the Baronetage of England, 1611-1707

TitleDate of CreationSurnameCurrent StatusNotes
Appleton of South Bemfleet1611Appletonextinct 1708 
Aston of Tixhall1611Astonextinct 1751created Baron Aston of Forfar (1627) in the Peerage of England.
Ayloffe of Braxted Manor1611Ayloffeextinct 1781 
Bacon of Redgrave1611Baconextantalso Baronet Bacon of Mildenhall in the Baronetage of England. Premier Baronet of England.
Baker of Sisinghurst1611Bakerextinct 1661 
Barrington of Barrington Hall1611Barringtonextinct 1832 
Bayning of Bentley Parva1611Bayningextinct 1638created Baron Bayning (1628) and Viscount Bayning (1628) in England.
Belasyse of Newborough1611Belasyseextinct 1815created Baron Fauconberg (1627) in England.
Bendish of Steeple Bumpstead1611Bendishextinct 1717 
Berkeley of Wymondham1611Berkeleyextinct 1630 
Booth1611Boothextinct 1797created Baron Delamere (1661) and Earl of Warrington (1690) in England; titles extinct 1770 and 1758, respectively.
Brudenell of Deen1611Brudenell, Bruceextantcreated Baron Brudenell (1628) in the Peerage of England; merged with the Marquessate of Ailesbury.
Carr of Sleaford1611Carrextinct 1695 
Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley1611Cholmondeleyextinct 1659created Viscount Cholmondeley (1628) and Earl of Leinster (1645) in Ireland.
Clifton of Clifton1611Cliftonextinct 1869 
Constable of Flamborough1611Constableextinct 1655 
Cope of Bramshill1611Copeextinct 1972 
Cotton of Connington1611Cottonextinct 1752 
Devereux of Castle Bromwich1611Devereuxextantmerged with the Viscountcy of Hereford in 1646.
Englefield of Wotton Basset1611Englefieldextinct 1822 
Essex of Bewcot1611Essexextinct 1645 
Finch of Eastwell1611Finchextantmerged with the earldom of Winchilsea in 1634.
Fleetwood of Caldwick1611Fleetwoodextinct 1802 
Gerard of Bryn1611Gerardextantcreated Baron Gerard (1876) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Gorges of Langford1611Gorgesextinct 1712created Baron Gorges (1620) in the Peerage of England.
Gostwick of Willington1611Gostwickdormant 1766 
Gresley of Drakelowe1611Gresleyextinct 1976 
Grimston of Bradfield1611Grimstonextinct 1700 
Hales of Woodchurch1611Halesextinct 1829 
Harington of Ridlington1611Haringtonextantforfeit (1661-1680).
Hobart of Intwood1611Hobartextantcreated Earl of Buckinghamshire (1746) in Great Britain.
De Hoghton of Hoghton Tower1611Hoghtonextant 
Holte of Aston1611Holteextinct 1782 
Hussey of Honington1611Husseyextinct 1734merged with Baronet Hussey of Caythorpe in 1706.
Kniveton of Mercaston1611Knivetonextinct 1706 
Knyvett of Buckenham1611Knyvettextinct 1699 
Lee of Quarendon1611Leeextinct 1776created Earl of Lichfield (1674) in England.
Leigh of Stoneleigh1611Leighextinct 1786created Baron Leigh (1643) in England.
Leke of Sutton1611Lekeextinct 1736created Earl of Scarsdale (1645) in England.
Mansel of Margam1611Manselextinct 1750created Baron Mansel (1712) in Great Britain.
Maynard of Eaton Parva1611Maynardextinct 1775created Baron Maynard (1620) in the Peerage of Ireland.
Mildmay of Moulsham1611Mildmayextinct 1626 
Mohun of Boconnoc1611Mohunextinct 1712merged with the barony of Mohun in 1639.
Molyneux of Sefton1611Molyneuxextinct 1972created Viscount Molyneux (1628) in the Peerage of England and Earl of Sefton (1771) in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Molyneux of Teversall1611Molyneuxextinct 1812 
Monins of Waldershare1611Moninsextinct 1678 
Monson of Carleton1611Monsonextantcreated Baron Monson (1728) in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Mordaunt of Massingham Parva1611Mordauntextant 
Morrison of Cashiobury1611Morrisonextinct 1628 
Musgrave of Edenhall1611Musgraveextant 
Napier of Luton Hoo1611Napierextinct 1748 
Noel of Brook1611Noelextinct 1629merged with Viscount Campden in 1629.
Pelham of Laughton1611Pelhamextantcreated Earl of Chichester (1801) in the United Kingdom.
Penyston of Leigh1611Penystonextinct 1705 
Peshall of Horsley1611Peshallextinct 1712 
Peyton of Isleham1611Peytonextinct 1815 
Peyton of Knowlton1611Peytonextinct 1684 
Pope of Wilcote1611Popeextinct 1668created Earl of Downe (1628) in Ireland.
Portman of Orchard1611Portmanextinct 1690 
Puckering of Weston1611Puckeringextinct 1636 
Ridgeway of Torrington1611Ridgewayextinct 1714created Earl of Londonderry (1622) in Ireland.
St John of Lydiard Tregoze1611St Johnextantcreated Viscount St John (1716) in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Sandys of Wilberton1611Sandysextinct 1654 
St Paul of Snarford1611St Paulextinct 1613 
Saunderson of Saxby1611Saundersonextinct 1723created Viscount Castleton (1627) in the Peerage of England.
Savage of Rocksavage1611Savageextinct 1735created Viscount Savage (1626) in the Peerage of England.
Savile of Thornhill1611Savileextinct 1784 
Savile of Methley1611Savileextinct 1632 
Sedley of Ailesford1611Sedleyextinct 1701 
Seymour of Berry Pomeroy1611Seymourextantmerged with the dukedom of Somerset in 1750
Shelley of Michaelgrove1611Shelleyextant 
Shirley of Staunton1611Shirleyextantcreated Earl Ferrers (1711) in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Spencer of Yarnton1611Spencerextinct 1771 
Stradling of St Donats1611Stradlingextinct 1738 
Temple of Stowe1611Templedormant 1786associated with Viscount Cobham (1675-1749)
Throckmorton of Tortworth1611Throckmortonextinct 1682 
Tollemache of Helmingham1611Tollemacheextinct 1821merged with the Earldom of Dysart in 1698.
Tracy of Stanway1611Tracyextinct 1678 
Tresham of Rushton1611Treshamextinct 1642 
Tufton of Hothfield1611Tuftonextinct 1849created Earl of Thanet (1628) in the Peerage of England.
Twysden of Roydon Hall1611Twysdenextinct 1970 
Tyrwhitt of Stainfield1611Tyrwhittextinct 1760 
Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse1611Wentworthextinct 1799created Earl of Strafford (1711) in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Wentworth of Gosfield1611Wentworthextinct 1631 
Willoughby of Risley1611Willoughbyextinct 1649 
Wodehouse of Wilberhall1611Wodehouseextantcreated Baron Wodehouse (1797) in the Peerage of Great Britain; created Earl of Kimberley (1866) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Worseley of Apuldercombe1611Worseleyextinct 1825 
Wortley of Wortley1611Wortleyextinct 1665 
Wray of Glentworth1611Wrayextinct 1809 
Wynn of Gwydir1611Wynnextinct 1719 
Wyvill of Constable Burton1611Wyvilldormant 1774 
Blakiston of Blakiston1615Blakistonextinct 1630 
Dormer of Wing1615Dormerextantcreated Baron Dormer (1615) in the Peerage of England.
Clarke of Salford Shirland1617Clarkeextinct 1898 
Grey-Egerton of Egerton1617Egerton, Grey-Egertonextant 
Townshend of Rainham1617Townshendextantcreated Baron Townshend (1661) and Viscount Townshend (1681) in the Peerage of England; created Marquess of Townshend (1787) in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Fitton of Gawsworth1617Fittonextinct 1643 
Boynton of Barmston1618Boyntonextinct 1966 
Leigh of Newnham1618Leighextinct 1653created Earl of Chichester (1644) in England.
Lucy of Broxbourn1618Lucyextinct 1759 
Lyttelton of Frankley1618Lytteltonextantmerged with Viscount Cobham.
Airmine of Osgodby1619Airmineextinct 1668 
Bamburgh of Howsham1619Bamburghextinct 1631 
Beaumont of Cole Orton1619Beaumontextinct 1702created Viscount Beaumont (1622) in Ireland.
Burdett of Bramcote1619Burdettdormant 1951 
Dryden of Canons Ashby1619Drydenextinct 1770 
Grey of Chillingham1619Greyextinct 1706created Baron Grey (1624) in England.
Hartopp of Freathby1619Hartoppextinct 1762 
Hervey of Kidbrooke1619Herveyextinct 1642created Baron Hervey (1620) in England.
Hicks-Beach of Beverston1619Hicks, Hicks-Beachextantcreated Earl of St Aldwyn (1915) in the United Kingdom.
Ley of Westbury1619Leyextinct 1679created Earl of Marlborough (1626) in England.
Mackworth of Normanton1619Mackworthextinct 1803 
Mill of Camois Court1619Millextinct 1835 
Morton of Milbourne St Andrew1619Mortonextinct 1699 
Salusbury of Llewenny1619Salusburyextinct 1684 
Villiers of Brooksby1619Villiersextinct 1712 
Assheton of Lever1620Asshetonextinct 1696 
Bellingham of Hilsington1620Bellinghamextinct 1650 
Berney of Parkhall1620Berneyextant 
Biggs of Lenchwick1620Biggsextinct 1621 
Bishopp of Parham1620Bishoppextinct 1870 
Boteler of Hatfield Woodhall1620Botelerextinct 1647created Baron Boteler (1628) in England.
Chaloner of Guisborough1620Chalonerextinct 1641 
Chester of Chicheley1620Chesterextinct 1769 
Felton of Playford1620Feltonextinct 1719 
Forster of Bamborough1620Forsterextinct 1623 
Forster of Aldermaston1620Forsterextinct 1711 
Foulis of Ingelby1620Foulisextinct 1876 
Frere of Water Eaton1620Frereextinct 1629 
Gerard of Harrow-on-the-Hill1620Gerardextinct 1716 
Gower of Sittersham1620Gower, Leveson-Gowerextantcreated Baron Gower (1703) in the Peerage of England; Earl Gower (1746) and Marquess of Stafford (1786) in the Peerage of Great Britain; Duke of Sutherland (1833) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Hanmer of Hamner1620Hanmerextinct 1746 
Hicks of Campden1620Hicksextinct 1629created Viscount Campden (1628) in the Peerage of England.
Lee of Langley1620Leeextinct 1660 
Osborne of Kiveton1620Osborneextinct 1964created Duke of Leeds (1694) in the Peerage of England.
Pakington of Ailesbury1620Pakingtonextinct 1830 
Phelipps of Barrington1620Phelippsextinct 1690 
Puckering of Charlton1620Newton, Puckeringextinct 1700 
Radclyffe of Derwentwater1620Radclyffeattainted 1716created Earl of Derwentwater (1688) in England.
Roberts of Glassenbury1620Robertsextinct 1745 
Tryon of Layer Marney1620Tryonextinct 1724 
Vincent of Stoke d'Abernon1620Vincentextinct 1941merged with Viscount D'Abernon in 1936.
Yelverton of Rougham1620Yelvertonextinct 1649 
Browne of Walcot1621Browneextinct 1662 
Clere of Ormesby1621Clereextinct 1622 
Colbrand of Boreham1621Colbrandextinct 1709 
Darnell of Heyling1621Darnellextinct 1638 
Delves of Dodington1621Delvesextinct 1727 
Hewet of Headley Hall1621Hewetextinct 1822 
Hyde of Albury1621Hydeextinct 1665 
Jerningham of Cossey1621Jerningham, Stafford-Jerninghamextinct 1935associated with Baron Stafford (1809-1913).
Masham of High Lever1621Mashamextinct 1776merged with Baron Masham in 1723.
Palmer of Wingham1621Palmerextinct 1838 
Philipps of Picton Castle1621Philippsextantcreated Viscount St Davids (1918) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Rivers of Chafford1621Riversextinct 1870 
Robartes of Truro1621Robartesextinct 1757created Baron Robartes (1625) in England.
Stepney of Prendergast1621Stepneyextinct 1825 
Tichborne of Tichborne1621Tichborne, Doughty-Tichborneextinct 1968 
Wake of Clevedon1621Wake, Wake-Jonesextant 
Watson of Rockingham Castle1621Watsonextinct 1782created Baron Rockingham (1645) in the Peerage of England and the Marquess of Rockingham (1746) in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Wilbraham of Woodhey1621Wilbrahamextinct 1692 
Ashby of Harefield1622Ashbyextinct 1623 
Ashley of Wimbourne1622Ashleyextinct 1628 
Barker of Grimston Hall1622Barkerextinct 1766 
Bedell of Hamerton1622Bedellextinct 1643 
Burton of Stockerston1622Burtonextinct 1750 
Button of Alton1622Buttonextinct 1712 
Chudleigh of Ashton1622Chudleighextinct 1745 
Cooper of Rockbourne1622Cooper, Ashley-Cooperextantcreated Baron Ashley (1661) and Earl of Shaftesbury (1672) in the Peerage of England.
Courten of Aldington1622Courtenextinct 1624 
Darell of West Woodhey1622Darellextinct 1657 
Drake of Buckland1622Drakeextinct 1810 
Fisher of Packington1622Fisherextinct 1739 
Foljambe of Walton1622Foljambeextinct 1640 
Gage of Firle Place1622Gageextantmerged with the Viscountcy of Gage in 1744.
Garrard of Lamer1622Garrardextinct 1767 
Goring of Burton1622Goringextinct 1724 
Grosvenor of Eaton1622Grosvenorextantcreated Baron Grosvenor (1761) in the Peerage of Great Britain; merged with the dukedom of Westminster.
Harris of Boreatton1622Harrisextinct 1693 
Hazlerigg of Noseley Hall1622Hasilrigg, Hesilrige, Hazleriggextantcreated Baron Hazlerigg (1945) in the United Kingdom.
Herbert of Red Castle1622Herbertextinct 1748merged with Baron Powis in 1656, created Marquess of Powis (1687) in England.
Hotham of Scarborough1622Hotham, Hotham-Thompsonextantcreated Baron Hotham (1797) in Ireland.
Leventhorpe of Shingey Hall1622Leventhorpeextinct 1680 
Mansel of Muddlescombe1622Manselextant 
Meredith of Stainsley1622Meredithextinct 1739 
Middleton of Ruthyn1622Middletonextinct 1757 
Moody of Garesdon1622Moodyextinct 1661 
Norton of Rotherfield1622Nortonextinct 1687 
Powell of Pengethly1622Powellextinct 1653 
Prideaux of Netherton1622Prideauxextinct 1875 
Skipwith of Prestwould1622Skipwithextant 
Tempest of Stella1622Tempestextinct 1742 
Thornhurst of Agnes Court1622Thornhurstextinct 1627 
Wastneys of Headon1622Wastneysextinct 1742 
Williams of Vaynol1622Williamsextinct 1696 
Yate of Buckland1622Yateextinct 1690 
Barkham of South Acre1623Barkhamextinct 1695 
Corbet of Sprowston1623Corbetextinct 1661 
Cottington of Hanworth1623Cottingtonextinct 1652created Baron Cottington (1631) in the Peerage of England.
Harries of Tong Castle1623Harriesextinct 1649 
Playters of Sotterley1623Playtersextinct 1832 
Dalison of Luoghton1624Dalisonextinct 1645 
Ashfield of Netherhall1626Ashfieldextinct 1714 
Harpur-Crewe of Calke Abbey1626Harpur, Harpur-Creweextinct 1924 
Sebright of Besford1626Sebrightextant 
Aylesbury of London1627Aylesburyextinct 1657 
Bacon of Mildenhall1627Baconextantmerged with Baronet Bacon of Redgrave in 1755.
Bagot of Blithfield1627Bagotextantcreated Baron Bagot (1780) in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Beaumont of Grace Dieu1627Beaumontextinct 1686 
Bennet of Bechampton1627Bennetextinct 1631 
Bowyer of Leighthorne1627Bowyerextinct 1680 
Brereton of Hanford1627Breretonextinct 1674 
Browne of Bettesworth Castle1627Browneextinct 1690 
Brydges of Wilton1627Brydgesextinct 1789created Baron Chandos (1676) in the Peerage of England; merged with the Dukedom of Chandos.
Carleton of Holcombe1627Carletonextinct 1650 
Corbet of Stoke1627Corbetextinct 1750 
Cornwallis of Brome1627Cornwallisextinct 1852created Baron Cornwallis (1661) in the Peerage of England; created the Earl Cornwallis (1753) and Marquess Cornwallis (1792) in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Crane of Chilton1627Craneextinct 1643 
Crowe of Llanherne1627Croweextinct 1706 
Culpeper of Preston Hall1627Culpeperextinct 1723 
Curwen of Warkington1627Curwenextinct 1664 
Dering of Surrenden Dering1627Deringextinct 1975 
Drury of Riddlesworth1627Druryextinct 1712 
Dyer of Staughton1627Dyerextinct 1669 
Estcourt of Newton1627Estcourtextinct 1684 
Fisher of St Giles1627Fisherextinct 1707 
Griffith of Burton Agnes1627Griffithextinct 1656 
Hele of Fleet1627Heleextinct 1677 
Isham of Lamport1627Ishamextant 
Kempe of Pentlow1627Kempeextinct 1627 
Kyrle of Much Marcle1627Kyrleextinct 1680 
Littleton of Pillaton Hall1627Littletonextinct 1812 
Livesey of East Church1627Liveseyattainted 1660 
Mannock of Giffords Hall1627Mannockextinct 1787 
Maples of Stow1627Maplesextinct 1655 
Moore of Fawley1627Mooreextinct 1807 
Pollard of Kings Nympton1627Pollardextinct 1701 
Russell of Wytley1627Russellextinct 1705 
Skeffington of Fisherwick1627Skeffingtonextinct 1816merged with the Viscountcy of Massereene in 1665.
Spencer of Offley1627Spencerextinct 1633 
Stanley of Bickerstaff1627Stanleyextantmerged with the Earl of Derby in 1736.
Stewkley of Hinton1627Stewkleyextinct 1719 
Style of Wateringbury1627Styleextant 
Style of Beckenham1627Styleextinct 1659 
Wingfield of Goodwins1627Wingfieldextinct after 1727 
Aston of Aston1628Astonextinct 1815 
Beaumont of Whitley1628Beaumontextinct 1631 
Bolles of Scampton1628Bollesextinct 1714 
Colpeper of Wakehurst1628Colpeperextinct 1740 
Conyers of Horden1628Conyersextinct 1810 
Dillington of Knighton1628Dillingtonextinct 1721 
Dixwell of Tirlingham1628Dixwellextinct 1642 
Fenwick of Fenwick1628Fenwickextinct 1697 
Ferrers of Skellingthorpe1628Ferrersextinct 1675 
Fowler of Islington1628Fowlerextinct 1656 
Jacques of Middlesex1628Jacquesextinct 1661 
Jenoure of Much Dunmow1628Jenoureextinct 1755 
Lawrence of Iver1628Lawrenceextinct 1714 
Lewis of Llangorse1628Lewisextinct 1677 
Nightingale of Newport Pond1628Nightingaleextant 
Pennyman of Marske1628Pennymanextinct 1643 
Pile of Compton1628Pileextinct 1761 
Pole of Shute1628Poleextant 
Pryce of Newton1628Pryceextinct 1791 
Rudd of Aberglassney1628Ruddextinct 1739 
Slingsby of Scriven1628Slingsbyextinct 1630 
Stonhouse of Radley1628StonhouseextantAlso Baronet Stonhouse of Radley (1670).
Trelawny of Trelawny1628Trelawny, Salusbury-Trelawnyextant 
Tyrrell of Thornton1628Tyrrellextinct 1749 
Van Lore of Tylehurst1628Van Loreextinct 1645 
Vavasour of Haselwood1628Vavasourextinct 1826 
Wiseman of Canfield Hall1628Wisemanextant 
Wiseman of Thundersley1628Wisemanextinct 1658 
Wolseley of Morton1628Wolseleyextant 
Wrey of Trebitch1628Wreyextant 
Young of London1629Youngextinct 1651 
Acton of London1629Actonextinct 1651 
Agnew of Lochnaw Castle1629Agnewextant 
Alleyn of Hatfield1629Alleynextinct 1759 
Anderson of St Ives1629Andersonextinct 1630 
Ducie of London1629Ducieextinct 1703 
Earle of Craglethorpe1629Earleextinct 1697 
Everard of Much Waltham1629Everardextinct 1745 
Graham of Esk1629Grahamextantassociated with Viscount Preston (1648-1739).
Holland of Quiddenham1629Hollandextinct 1729 
L'Estrange of Hunstanton1629L'Estrangeextinct 1762 
Luckyn of Little Waltham1629Luckyn, Grimstonextantcreated Earl of Verulam (1815) in the United Kingdom.
Powell of Birkenhead1629Powellextinct 1700 
Russell of Chippenham1629Russellextinct 1804 
Twistleton of Barley1629Twistletonextinct 1635 
Grenville of Kilkhampton1630Grenvilleextinct 1659 
Vavasour of Killingthorpe1631Vavasourextinct 1644 
Mosley of Rolleston1640Mosleyextinct 1665 
Abdy of Felix Hall1641Abdyextinct 1868 
Andrews of Doddington1641Andrewsextinct 1804 
Armytage of Kirklees1641Armytageextinct 1737 
Bampfylde of Poltimore1641Bampfyldeextantcreated Baron Poltimore (1823) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Bindlosse of Barwick1641Bindlosseextinct 1688 
Boteler of Teston1641Botelerextinct 1772 
Boughton of Lawford1641Boughton, Rouse-Boughtonextinct 1963also Baronet Boughton of Rouse Lench (1791).
Briggs of Haughton1641Briggsextinct 1767 
Brownlow of Belton1641Brownlowextinct 1679 
Brownlow of Humby1641Brownlowextinct 1754created Viscount Tyrconnel (1718) in the Peerage of Ireland.
Burgoyne of Sutton1641Burgoyneextinct 1921 
Carew of Anthony1641Carewextinct 1799 
Castleton of St Edmundsbury1641Castletonextinct 1810 
Cave-Browne-Cave of Stanford1641Cave, Cave-Browne, Cave-Browne-Caveextant 
Chichester of Raleigh1641Chichesterextant 
Cholmeley of Whitby1641Cholmeleyextinct 1689 
Coke of Longford1641Cokeextinct 1727 
Cole of Brancepath1641Coleextinct 1720 
Cotton of Landwade1641Cottonextinct 1863 
Curzon of Kedleston1641Curzonextantcreated Baron Scarsdale (1761) in Great Britain; created Viscount Scarsdale (1911) in the United Kingdom. Also Curzon of Kedleston in Nova Scotia.
Dalston of Dalston1641Dalstonextinct 1765 
Davie of Creedy1641Davieextinct 1846 
D'Ewes of Stowlangtoft1641D'Ewesextinct 1731 
Drake of Shardeloes1641Drakeextinct 1669 
Every of Eggington1641Everyextant 
Fermor of Easton Neston1641Fermorextinct 1867 
Fletcher of Hutton le Forest1641Fletcherextinct 1712 
Goodricke of Ribstan1641Goodrickeextinct 1839 
Gurney of London1641Gurneyextinct 1647 
Halford of Wistow1641Halfordextinct 1780 
Hare of Stow Bardolph1641Hareextinct 1764 
Hatton of Long Stanton1641Hattonextinct 1812 
Heyman of Somerfield1641Heymanextinct 1808 
Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch1641Knatchbull, Knatchbull-Wyndhamextantmerged with Baron Brabourne in 1917.
Langley of Higham Gobion1641Langleyextinct 1790 
Lawley of Spoonhill1641Lawleyextinct 1932merged with Baron Wenlock in 1851.
Lumley of Bradfield Magna1641Lumleyextinct 1771 
Mauleverer of Allerton1641Maulevererextinct 1713 
Mayney of Linton1641Mayneyextinct 1706 
Meux of Kingston1641Meuxextinct 1706 
Napier of Middle Marsh1641Napierextinct 1765 
Nicolls of Hardwick1641Nicollsextinct 1717 
Northcote of Hayne1641Northcoteextantcreated Earl of Iddesleigh (1885) in the United Kingdom.
Norwich of Brampton1641Norwichextinct 1742 
Owen of Orielton1641Owen, Owen-Barlowextinct 1851 
Palgrave of Norwood Barningham1641Palgraveextinct 1732 
Paston of Oxmead1641Pastonextinct 1732created Viscount Yarmouth (1673) in England.
Pettus of Rackheath1641Pettusextinct 1772 
Potts of Mannington1641Pottsextinct 1732 
Pratt of Coleshill1641Prattextinct 1674 
Pryse of Gogarthen1641Pryseextinct 1694 
Pye of Lekhampstead1641Pyeextinct 1673 
Rodes of Marlborough1641Rodesextinct 1743 
Rouse of Rouse Lench1641Rouseextinct 1721 
Sprignell of Coppenthorp1641Sprignellextinct 1691 
Spring of Pakenham1641Springextinct 1769 
Stonhouse of Amberden Hall1641Stonhouseexinct 1695 
Strickland of Boynton1641Strickland, Strickland-Constableextant 
Sydenham of Brimpton1641Sydenhamextinct 1793 
Thynne of Cause Castle1641Thynneextantcreated Viscount Weymouth (1682) in the Peerage of England and Marquess of Bath (1789) in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Trevor of Enfield1641Trevorextinct 1676 
Tufton of the Mote1641Tuftonextinct 1685 
Walter of Saresden1641Walterextinct 1731 
Whitmore of Apley1641Whitmoreextinct 1699 
Willys of Fen Ditton1641Willysextinct 1732 
Wolryche of Dudmaston1641Wolrycheextinct 1723 
Wyndham of Pilsden Court1641Wyndhamextinct 1663 
Yelverton of Easton Mauduit1641Yelvertonextinct 1799merged with Baron Grey de Ruthyn.
Alston of Odell1642Alstonextinct 1791 
Astley of Melton Constable1642Astleyextinct 1659 
Blakiston of Gibside1642Blakistonextinct 1713 
Bland of Kippax Park1642Blandextinct 1756 
Blount of Sodington1642Blountextant 
Borlase of Bockmer1642Borlaseextinct 1689 
Cokayne of Ashbourne Hall1642Cokayneextinct 1684 
Constable of Everingham1642Constableextinct 1746 
Corbet of Moreton Corbet1642Corbetextinct 1688 
Corbett of Leighton1642Corbettextinct 1774 
Cowper of Ratlingcourt1642Cowperextinct 1905created Earl Cowper (1712) in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Croke of Chilton1642Crokeextinct 1728 
Dawnay of Cowick1642Dawnayextinct 1644 
Denny of Castle More1642Dennyextinct 1676 
Eldred of Saxham Magna1642Eldredextinct 1653 
Enyon of Flowrie1642Enyonextinct 1642 
Gell of Hopton1642Gellextinct 1719 
Golding of Colston Bassett1642Goldingextinct 1715 
Haggerston of Haggerston Castle1642Haggerston, Maxwell-Scottextant 
Halton of Samford Parva1642Haltonextinct 1823 
Hamilton of London1642Hamiltonextinct 1670 
Hampson of Taplow1642Hampsonextinct 1969 
Hardres of Hardres Court1642Hardresextinct 1764 
Hene of Winkfield1642Hene, Hennextinct 1710 
Hungate of Saxton1642Hungateextinct 1749 
Ingleby of Ripley1642Inglebyextinct 1772 
Kaye of Woodesham1642Kayeextinct 1809 
Kemeys of Kevanmabley1642Kemeysextinct 1735 
Kemp of Gissing1642Kempextinct 1936 
Knollys of Grove Place1642Knollysextinct 1648 
Lawday of Exeter1642Lawdayextinct 1648 
Lennard of West Wickham1642Lennardextinct 1727 
Liddell of Ravensworth Castle1642Liddellextantcreated Baron Ravensworth (1821) in the United Kingdom.
Littleton of Stoke Milburgh1642Littletonextinct 1709 
Lowther of Whitehaven1642Lowtherextinct 1755 
Markham of Sedgebroke1642Markhamextinct 1779 
Middleton of Leighton Hall1642Middletonextinct 1673 
More of Loseley1642Moreextinct 1684 
Morgan of Llanternam1642Morganextinct 1728 
Payler of Thoralby1642Paylerextinct 1705 
Petre of Cranham Hall1642Petreextinct 1722 
Rayney of Wrotham1642Rayneyextinct 1721 
Reade of Brocket Hall1642Readeextinct 1712 
Reresby of Thribergh1642Reresbyextinct 1748 
Rudston of Hayton1642Rudstonextinct 1700 
St Quintin of Harpham1642St Quintinextinct 1795 
Smith of Crantock1642Smithextinct 1661 
Spencer of Offley1642Spencerextinct 1712 
Strutt of Little Warley Hall1642Struttextinct 1661 
Thomas of Michaelstown1642Thomasextinct 1684 
Thorold of Marston1642Thoroldextant 
Throckmorton of Coughton1642Throckmortonextinct 1994 
Trollope of Casewick1642Trollopeextant 
Valckenburg of Middleing1642Valckenburgextinct 1679 
Widdrington of Widdrington1642Widdringtonattainted 1716created Baron Widdrington (1643) in England.
Widdrington of Cartington1642Widdringtonextinct 1671 
Williams of Marnhull1642Williamsextinct 1680 
Williams of Minster1642Williamsextinct 1669 
Williams of Llangibby1642Williamsextinct 1753 
Williamson of East Markham1642Williamsonextinct 2000 
Wintour of Hodington1642Wintourextinct 1658 
Wrottesley of Wrottesley1642Wrottesleyextantcreated Baron Wrottesley (1838) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Anderson of Penley1643Andersonextinct 1699 
Badd of Cames Oysells1643Baddextinct 1683 
Bale of Carleton Curlieu1643Baleextinct 1654 
Bard of Staines1643Bardextinct 1660created Viscount Bellomont (1645) in the Peerage of England.
Bathurst of Lechlade1643Bathurstdormant 1780 
Boteler of Bramfield1643Botelerextinct 1657 
Chamberlayne of Wickham1643Chamberlayneextinct 1776 
Crane of Woodrising1643Craneextinct 1645 
Danvers of Culworth1643Danversextinct 1776 
Jones of Albemarlis1643Jonesextinct 1644 
Hickman of Gainsborough1643Hickmanextinct 1781 
Hunloke of Wingerworth1643Hunlokeextinct 1856 
Pate of Sysonby1643Pateextinct 1659 
Vavasour of Copmanthorpe1643Vavasourextinct 1659 
Waldegrave of Hever Castle1643Waldegraveextantcreated Baron Waldegrave (1686) in the Peerage of England and Earl Waldegrave (1729) in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Acton of Aldenham1644Actonextantcreated Baron Acton (1869) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Boothby of Clater Cote1644Boothbyextantnew creation in 1660.
Courtenay1644Courtenayextantmerged with the Earl of Devon
Dallison of Greetwell1644Dallisonextinct 1720 
Gamull of Chester1644Gamullextinct 1654 
Hawley of Buckland1644Hawleyextinct 1790created Baron Hawley (1646) in Ireland.
Lucas of Fenton1644Lucasextinct 1668 
Preston of Furness1644Prestonextinct 1709 
Prestwich of Hulme1644Prestwichextinct 1676 
Scudamore of Ballingham1644Scudamoreextinct 1720 
Thorold of Hawley1644Thoroldextinct 1706 
Webb of Oldstock1644Webbextinct 1874 
Williams of Guernevet1644Williamsextinct 1695 
Boreel of Amsterdam1645Boreelextant 
Carteret of Metesches1645Carteretextinct 1776created Baron Carteret (1681) in England.
Edwardes of Shrewsbury1645Edwardesextinct 1900new creation in 1678.
Greaves of St Leonard's Forest1645Greavesextinct 1680 
Van Colster of Amsterdam1645Van Colsterextinct 1665 
Vyvyan of Trelowarren1645Vyvyanextant 
Windebanke of Haines Hill1645Windebankeextinct 1719 
Charleton of Hesleyside1646Charletonextinct 1670 
Neale of Wollaston1646Nealeextinct 1691 
Willys of Fen Ditton1646Willysextinct 1701 
Wright of Dennington1646Wrightextinct 1670 
Lloyd of Yale1647Lloydextinct 1700 
Browne of Deptford1649Browneextinct 1683 
De Vic of Guernesy1649De Vicextinct 1688 
Forster of Stokesby1649Forsterextinct 1710 
Fanshawe of Donamore1650Fanshaweextinct 1694 
Curtius of Sweden1652Curtius status unknown
I'Anson1652I'Ansonextinct 1800 
Scott of Kew Green1653Scottextinct 1775 
Slingsby of Bifrons1657Slingsbyextinct after 1677 
Wood1657Woodextinct 1671 
Carpentier of France1658Carpentier status unknown
Orby of Croyland1658Orbyextinct 1725 
Browne of Kiddington1659Browneextinct 1754 
Abdy of Albyns1660Abdyextinct 1759 
Abdy of Moores1660Abdyextinct 1662 
Adams of London1660Adamsextinct 1770 
Allen of London1660Allenextinct 1730 
Anderson of Broughton1660Andersonextinct 1891 
Ashe of Twickenham1660Asheextinct 1733 
Assheton of Middleton1660Asshetonextinct 1765 
Astley of Hill Morton1660Astleyextantmerged with Baron Hastings in 1841.
Atkins of Clapham1660Atkinsextinct 1756 
Aubrey of Llantrithead1660Aubreyextinct 1856 
Austen of Bexley1660Austenextinct 1772 
Backhouse of London1660Backhouseextinct 1669 
Beale of Maidstone1660Bealeextinct 1684 
Bennet of Babraham1660Bennetextinct 1701 
Berkeley of Bruton1660Berkeleyextinct 1690merged with Viscount Fitzhardinge in 1668.
Boothby of Chingford1660Boothbyextinct 1699 
Bovey of Hillfields1660Boveyextinct 1679 
Bowyer of Denham Court1660Bowyerextantalso Bowyer of Denham Court (GB) (1794-1950); merged with Baron Denham in 1950.
Bowyer of Knipersley1660Bowyerextinct 1702 
Bridgeman of Great Lever1660Bridgemanextantcreated Baron Bradford (1794) in the Peerage of Great Britain and Earl of Bradford (1815) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Bright of Badsworth1660Brightextinct 1688 
Browne of London1660Browneextinct 1739either extinct or dormant.
Buck of Hamby1660Buckextinct 1782 
Bunce of Otterden1660Bunceextinct 1741 
Buswell of Clipston1660Buswellextinct 1668 
Clerke of Hitcham1660Clerkeextant 
Conway of Bodrythan1660Conwayextinct 1721 
Covert of Slaugham1660Covertextinct 1679 
Cullum of Hastede1660Cullumextinct 1855 
Cutler of London1660Cutlerextinct 1693 
Cutts of Childerley1660Cuttsextinct 1670 
Darcy of St Osiths1660Darcyextinct 1698 
Delaval of Seaton1660Delavaldormant 1729 
De Raedt of the Hague1660De Raedt dormant, surname may have changed to Rhett
Dixie of Bosworth1660Dixieextinct 1975 
Dixwell of Broomehouse1660Dixwellextinct 1750 
Drake of Ashe1660Drakeextinct 1733 
Draper of Sunninghill1660Draperextinct 1703 
Dudley of Clapton1660Dudleyextinct 1764 
Ellys of Wyham1660Ellysextinct 1742 
Elwes of Stoke1660Elwesextinct 1787 
Ernle of Etchilhampton1660Ernleextinct 1734 
Evelyn of Godstone1660Evelynextinct 1671 
Fagge of Wiston1660Fagg, Faggeextant 
Fetherston of Blakesware1660Fetherstonextinct 1746 
Finch of Raunston1660Finchextantcreated Earl of Nottingham (1681) in the Peerage of England.
Foote of London1660Footeextinct 1688 
Frankland of Thirkelby1660Franklandextantmerged with Baron Zouche in 1965.
Franklin of Moor Park1660Franklinextinct 1728 
Gardiner of Roche Court1660Gardinerextinct 1779 
Gifford of Burstall1660Giffordextinct 1739 
Gould of London1660Gouldextinct 1664 
Green of Stampford1660Greenextinct 1676 
Gresham of Lympsfield1660Greshamextinct 1801 
Hales of Beakesbourne1660Halesextinct 1824 
Hales of Coventry1660Halesextinct 1806 
Harby of Aldenham1660Harbyextinct 1674 
Henley of Henley1660Henleyextinct 1740 
Herbert of Tintern1660Herbertextinct 1740 
Herbert of Bromfield1660Herbertextinct 1668 
Hewett of Pishiobury1660Hewettextinct 1689created Viscount Hewett (1689) in the Peerage of England.
Hildyard of Pattrington1660Hildyardextinct 1814 
Holles of Winterbourne1660Hollesextinct 1694merged with Baron Holles in 1680.
Honywood of Evington1660Honywoodextant 
Howe of Cold Barwick1660Howeextinct 1736 
Howe of Compton1660Howeextinct 1814merged with Viscount Howe in 1730.
Hudson of Melton Mowbray1660Hudsonextinct 1781 
Humble of London1660Humbleextinct 1745 
Jackson of Hickleton1660Jacksonextinct 1730 
Juxon of Albourne1660Juxonextinct 1740 
Keate of the Hoo1660Keateextinct 1757 
Keyt of Ebrington1660Keytextinct 1784 
Killigrew of Arwennick1660Killigrewextinct 1705 
Knightley of Offchurch1660Knightleyextinct 1689 
Langham of Cottesbrooke1660Langhamextant 
Lear of London1660Learextinct 1683 
Lee of Hartwell1660Leeextinct 1827 
Legard of Ganton1660Legardextant 
Leicester of Tabley1660Leicesterextinct 1742 
Lewis of Ledstone1660Lewisextinct 1671 
Mainwaring of Over Peover1660Mainwaringextinct 1797 
Marwood of Little Bushby1660Marwoodextinct 1740 
Massingberd of Braytoft Hall1660Massingberdextinct 1723 
Merces of France1660de Merces status unknown
Miller of Oxenhoath1660Millerextinct 1714 
Monoux of Wotton1660Monouxextinct 1814 
Morland of Sulhamstead1660Morlandextinct 1716 
Mostyn of Mostyn1660Mostynextinct 1831 
Mottet of Liege1660Mottet status unknown
Myddleton of Chirke1660Myddletonextinct 1718 
Newton of Barrs Court1660Newtonextinct 1743 
Noel of Kirkby Mallery1660Noelextinct 1815merged with Baron Wentworth in 1745, created Viscount Wentworth (1762) in Great Britain.
North of Mildenhall1660Northextinct 1695 
Oldfield of Spalding1660Oldfieldextinct 1705 
Palmer of Carlton1660Palmerextant 
Peyton of Doddington1660Peytonextinct 1661 
Robinson of London1660Robinsonextant 
Robinson of Newby1660Robinsonextinct 1689 
Rous of Henham1660Rousextantcreated Earl of Stradbroke (1821) in the United Kingdom.
Russell of Langherne1660Russellextinct 1714 
St John of Woodford1660St Johnextantmerged with the barony of St John in 1711.
Sclater of Cambridge1660Sclaterextinct 1684 
Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh1660Shuckburghextant 
Smith of Hatherton1660Smithextinct 1706 
Smithson of Stanwick1660Smithson, Percyextantmerged with Earl of Northumberland in 1750, created Duke of Northumberland (1766) in Great Britain.
Speke of Hamilbury1660Spekeextinct 1683 
Stanley of Alderley1660Stanleyextantmerged with Baron Stanley of Alderley in 1839, also Baron Sheffield in Ireland.
Stapley of Patcham1660Stapleyextinct 1701 
Stapylton of Myton1660Stapyltonextinct 1817 
Stuart of Hartley Mauduit1660Stuartextant 
Stydolph of Norbury1660Stydolphextinct 1677 
Swale of Swale Hall1660Swaleextinct 1741 
Swinburne of Capheaton1660Swinburneextinct 1967 
Thomas of Folkington1660Thomasextinct 1706 
Trott of Leverstoke1660Trottextinct 1672 
Vernon of Hodnet1660Vernonextinct 1725 
Warburton of Arley1660Warburtonextinct 1813 
Ward of Bexley1660Wardextinct 1770 
Warner of Parham1660Warnerextinct 1705 
Wheler of Westminster1660Whelerextant 
Whichcote of Inner Temple1660Whichcoteextinct 1949 
Wilde of London1660Wildeextinct 1721 
Willoughby of Willoughby1660Willoughbyextinct 1671 
Winch of Hawnes1660Winchextinct 1703 
Winn of Nostel1660Wynne, Winn, Winn-Allansonextinct 1994Merged with the barony of Headley in 1833.
Wiseman of Rivenhall1660Wisemanextinct 1688 
Wray of Ashby1660Wrayextinct 1687 
Wright of Dagenham1660Wrightextinct 1681 
Wroth of Blenden Hall1660Wrothextinct 1721 
Andrews of Lathbury1661Andrewsextinct 1696 
Ashburnham of Bromham1661Ashburnhamextant 
Banks of London1661Banksextinct 1699 
Barkham of Wainflete1661Barkhamextinct 1771 
Beaumont of Stoughton Grange1661Beaumontextant 
Bedingfield of Oxborough1661Bedingfield, Paston-Bedingfieldextant 
Bickley of Attleburgh1661Bickleyextinct 1754 
Bowyer-Smyth of Hill Hall1661Smith, Smyth, Bowyer-Smith, Bowyer-Smythextant 
Broke of Nacton1661Brokeextinct 1694 
Broughton of Broughton1661Broughtonextant 
Bromfield of Southwark1661Bromfielddormant 1733 
Cambell of Woodford1661Cambellextinct 1662 
Carew of Haccombe1661Carewextant 
Cayley of Brompton1661Cayleyextant 
Chernock of Hullcot1661Chernockextinct 1779 
Clavering of Axwell1661Claveringextinct 1893 
Clerke of Launde Abbey1661Clerkeextinct 1759 
Clifton of Clifton1661Cliftonextinct 1694 
Colleton of London1661Colletonextinct 1938 
Cooke of Wheatley1661Cookeextant 
Copley of Sprotborough1661Copleyextinct 1709 
Craven of Spersholt1661Craneextinct 1713 
Crofts of Stow1661Croftsextinct 1664 
Cropley of Clerkenwell1661Cropleyextinct 1713 
Cullen of East Sheen1661Cullenextinct 1730 
Curson of Water Perry1661Cursonextinct 1765 
Dereham of West Dereham1661Derehamextinct 1739 
Duke of Benhall1661Dukeextinct 1732 
Dycer of Uphall1661Dycerextinct 1676 
Fettiplace of Childrey1661Fettiplaceextinct 1743 
Forster of East Greenwich1661Forsterextinct 1705 
Fowell of Fowellscombe1661Fowellextinct 1692 
Gawdy of Crows Hall1661Gawdyextinct 1720 
Glynne of Bisseter1661Glynneextinct 1874 
Godolphin of Godolphin1661Godolphinextinct 1710 
Guise of Elmore1661Guiseextinct 1783 
Hendley of Cuckfield1661Hendleyextinct 1675 
Huband of Ipsley1661Hubandextinct 1730 
Hussey of Caythorpe1661Husseyextinct 1734merged with Baronet Hussey of Honington in 1706.
Ingoldsby of Lethenborough1661Ingoldsbyextinct 1726 
Jason of Broad Somerford1661Jamesextinct 1738 
Jenkinson of Hawkesbury1661Jenkinsonextantassociated with Earl of Liverpool (1790-1851).
Lloyd of Garth1661Lloydextinct 1743 
Long of Whaddon1661Longextinct 1710 
Luckyn of Waltham1661Luckynextinct 1700 
Milbanke of Halnaby1661Milbanke, Noel, Huskissonextinct 1949 
Modyford of London1661Modyfordextinct 1678 
Morgan of Langattock1661Morganextinct 1767 
Morrice of Werrington1661Morriceextinct 1750 
Nevill of Holt1661Nevillextinct 1712 
Newton of London1661Newtonextinct 1670 
Norton of Coventry1661Nortonextinct 1691 
Parker of Arwaton1661Parkerextinct 1741 
Parsons of Langley1661Parsonsextinct 1812 
Pickering of Whaddon1661Pickeringextinct 1705 
Plomer of Inner Temple1661Plomerextinct 1697 
Powell of Pengethly1661Powellextinct 1680 
Powell of Ewhurst1661Powellextinct 1742 
Reade of Shipton Court1661Readeextant 
Rich of Sunning1661Richextinct 1803 
Roberts of Willesdon1661Robertsextinct 1698 
Rokeby of Skiers1661Rokebyextinct 1678 
Rothwell of Ewerby1661Rothwellextinct 1694 
Rushout of Milnst1661Rushoutextinct 1887created Baron Northwick (1797) in Great Britain.
Sadlier of Temple Dinsley1661Sadlierextinct 1719 
Sandford of Howgill1661Sandfordextinct 1723 
Seylyiard of Delaware1661Sylyiard, Seylyiardextinct 1701 
Slingsby of Newcells1661Slingsbyextinct 1661 
Smith of Edmonthorpe1661Smithextinct 1721 
Smith of Long Ashton1661Smithextinct 1741 
Smyth of Redcliff1661Smythextinct 1732 
Smythe of Eske Hall1661Smith, Smytheextinct 1942 
Springet of Broyle Place1661Springetextinct 1662 
Stanley of Hooton1661Stanley, Erringtonextinct 1893 
Stoughton of Stoughton1661Stoughtonextinct 1692 
Van Freisendorf of Hirdech1661Van Freisendorf status unknown
Verney of Middle Claydon1661Verneyextinct 1791created Viscount Fermanagh (1703) and Earl Verney (1742) in the Peerage of Ireland.
Vyner of London1661Vynerextinct 1683 
Wakeman of Beckford1661Wakemanextinct 1690patent never sealed
Williams of Penrhyn1661Williams, Williams-Bulkeleyextant 
Wilson of Eastbourne1661Wilson, Maryon-Wilsonextinct 1978 
Winchcombe of Bucklebury1661Winchcombeextinct 1703 
Wright of Cranham Hall1661Wrightextinct 1738 
Wyndham of Orchard1661Wyndhamextinct 1845merged with the earldom of Egremont in 1750.
Yonge of Culliton1661Yongeextinct 1812 
Astley of Pateshull1662Astleyextinct 1772 
Bacon of Gillingham1662Baconextinct 1685 
Bernard of Huntingdon1662Bernardextinct 1789 
Braham of New Windsor1662Brahamextinct 1677 
Brooke of Norton1662Brookeextant 
Cann of Compton Green1662Cannextinct 1765 
Cobb of Adderbury1662Cobbextinct 1762 
Cocks of Dumbleton1662Cocksextinct 1765 
Coryton of Newton1662Corytonextinct 1739 
Duncombe of Tangley Park1662Duncombeextinct 1706 
Fust of Hill1662Fustextinct 1779 
Gage of Hengrave1662Gageextinct 1872 
Garrard of Longford1662Garrardextinct 1728 
Graham of Norton Conyers1662Grahamextant 
Heron of Clipchase1662Heron, Myddletonextinct 1801 
Hooke of Flanchford1662Hookeextinct 1712 
Lloyd of Woking1662Lloydextinct 1674 
Long of Westminster1662Long, Tylney-Longextinct 1805 
Lort of Stackpoole Court1662Lortextinct 1698 
Matthews of Gobions1662Matthewsextinct 1708 
Middleton of Belsay Castle1662Middletonextinct 1999 
Osborn of Chicksands1662Osbornextant 
Pindar of Idinshaw1662Pindarextinct 1705 
Proby of Elton1662Probyextinct 1689 
Purefoy of Wadley1662Purefoyextinct 1686 
St Barbe of Broadlands1662St Barbeextinct 1723 
Savile of Copley1662Savileextinct 1689 
Southcote of Blighborough1662Southcoteextinct 1680 
Stapylton of Carlton1662Stapyltonextinct 1707 
Tancred of Borough Bridge1662Tancred, Lawson-Tancredextant 
Trevelyan of Nettlecomb1662Trevelyanextant 
Wandesford of Kirklington1662Wandesfordextinct 1784created Viscount Castlecomer (1706) in the Peerage of Ireland.
Wenman of Caswell1662Wenmanextinct 1800created Viscount Wenman (1686) in the Peerage of Ireland.
Wittewrong of Stantonburg1662Wittewrongextinct 1771 
Barnardiston of Ketton1663Barnardistonextinct 1745 
Barnardiston of Brightwell1663Barnardistonextinct 1712 
Barnham of Broughton Monchelsey1663Barnhamextinct 1685 
Bellot of Moreton1663Bellotextinct 1714 
Betenson of Wimbledon1663Betensonextinct 1786 
Brograve of Hamells1663Brograveextinct 1707 
Cook of Brome Hall1663Cookextinct 1708 
Dawes of Putney1663Dawesextinct 1741 
Downing of East Hatley1663Downingextinct 1764 
D'Oyly of Shottisham1663D'Oylyextant 
Gawdy of West Harling1663Gawdyextinct 1724 
Holman of Banbury1663Holmanextinct 1700 
Jermy1663Jermy status unknown
Leke of Newark-upon-Trent1663Lekeextinct 1681 
Marsham of Cuckston1663Marshamextantcreated Baron Romney (1716) in the Peerage of Great Britain and Earl of Romney (1801) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Pym of Brymore1663Pymextinct 1688 
Reeve of Thwaite1663Reeveextinct 1688 
Slanning of Maristow1663Slanningextinct 1700 
Anderson of Eyworth1664Andersonextinct 1773 
Bateman of How Hall1664Batemanextinct 1685 
Biddulph of Westcombe1664Biddulphextant 
Cambell of Clay Hall1664Cambellextinct 1699 
Cookes of Norgrove1664Cookesextinct 1701 
Fortescue of Fallapit1664Fortescuedormant 1729 
Greene of Mitcham1664Greeneextinct 1671 
Loraine of Kirke Harle1664Loraineextinct 1961 
Modyford of Lincoln's Inn1664Modyfordextinct 1702 
Osbaldeston of Chadlington1664Osbaldestonextinct 1749 
Pennyman of Ormsby1664Pennyman, Pennyman-Wartonextinct 1852 
Selby of Whitehouse1664Selbyextinct 1668 
Tempest of Tong1664Tempestextinct 1819 
Tooker of Maddington1664Tookerextinct 1676 
Tuke of Cressing Temple1664Tukeextinct 1690 
Wentworth of West Bretton1664Wentworthextinct 1792 
Barker of Hambleton1665Barkerextinct 1707 
Best-Shaw of Eltham1665Shaw, Best-Shawextant 
Browne of Caversham1665Browneextinct 1775 
Burdett of Burthwaite1665Burdettextant 
Crispe of Hammersmith1665Crispextinct 1740 
Dukinfield of Dukinfield1665Dukinfieldextinct 1858 
Jacob of Bromley1665Jacobextinct 1790 
Jocelyn of Hyde Hall1665Jocelynextantmerged with Earl of Roden in 1778.
Lawson of Brough1665Lawsonextinct 1834 
Leman of Northaw1665Lemanextinct 1762 
Moore of Mayds Morton1665Mooreextinct 1678 
Oglander of Nunwell1665Oglanderextinct 1874 
Pye of Hone1665Pyeextinct 1734 
Rawdon of Moira1665Rawdonextinct 1868created Earl of Moira (1762) in Great Britain.
Smyth of Upton1665Smythextinct 1852 
Taylor of Park House1665Taylorextinct 1720 
Tyrrell of Hanslape1665Tyrrellextinct 1714 
Wolstenholme of London1665Wolstenholmeextinct 1762 
Yeamans of Bristol1665Yeamansextinct 1788 
Aucher of Bishopsbourne1666Aucherextinct 1726 
Diggs of Chilham Castle1666Diggsextinct 1672 
D'Oyly of Chislehampton1666D'Oylyextinct 1773 
Gerard of Fiskerton1666Gerard, Cosin-Gerardextinct 1730 
Gleane of Hardwick1666Gleaneextinct 1745 
Hoby of Bisham1666Hobyextinct 1766 
Nelthorpe of Grays Inn1666Nelthorpeextinct 1865 
Putt of Combe1666Puttextinct 1721 
Shirley of Preston1666Shirleyextinct 1705 
Swan of Southfleet1666Swanextinct 1712 
Temple of Sheen1666Templeextinct 1699 
Twisden of Bradbourn1666Twisdenextinct 1937 
Tyrrell of Springfield1666Tyrrellextinct 1766 
Viner of London1666Vinerextinct 1688 
Yeamans of Redland1666Yeamansextinct 1687 
Fortescue of Woodleigh1667Fortescueextinct 1685 
Hanham of Deans Court1667Hanhamextant 
Hastings of Redlinch1667Hastingsextinct 1668 
Martin of Long Melford1667Martinextinct 1854 
Peyton of Doddington1667Peytonextinct 1771 
Scrope of Cockerington1667Scropeextinct 1680 
Langhorne of Inner Temple1668Langhorneextinct 1715 
Topp of Tormarton1668Toppextinct 1733 
Carteret of St Owen1670Carteretextinct 1715 
Mostyn of Talacre1670Mostynextant 
Stonhouse of Radley1670Stonhouseextantmerged with Stonehouse of Radley (1628) in 1740.
Skipwith of Newbold Hall1670Skipwithextinct 1790 
Chaytor of Croft Hall1671Chaytorextinct 1721 
Croft of Croft Castle1671Croftextant 
Leicester of Nether Tabley1671extinct 1968associated with Baron de Tabley (1770-1895).
Sabine of Ion House1671Sabineextinct 1704 
St Aubyen of Clowance1671St Aubynextinct 1839 
Ball of Blofield1672Ballextinct 1680 
Eden of West Auckland1672Edenextantalso Baronet Eden of Maryland in Great Britain from 1844 onwards.
Werden of Cholmeaton1672Werdenextinct 1758 
Allin of Blundeston1673Allinextinct 1696 
Blackett of Matfen Hall1673Blackettextant 
Bridgeman of Ridley1673Bridgemanextinct 1740 
Harris of Stowford1673Harrisextinct 1686 
Sherard of Lopthorp1673Sherardextinct 1748 
Thompson of Haversham1673Thompsonextinct 1745created Baron Haversham (1696) in the Peerage of England.
Warre of Hastercombe1673Warreextinct 1718 
Wyndham of Trent1673Wyndhamextinct 1719 
Clarges of St Martins in the Fields1674Clargesextinct 1834 
Filmer of East Sutton1674Filmerextinct 1916 
Onslow of West Clandon1674Onslowextantcreated Baron Onslow (1716) in the Peerage of Great Britain; Earl Onslow (1801) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
Parker of Ratton1674Parkerextinct 1750 
Tynte of Halsewell1674Tynteextinct 1785 
Williams of Eltham1674Williamsextinct 1804 
More of More Hall1675Moreextinct 1810 
Nevill of Grove1675Nevillextinct 1685 
Samwell of Upton1675Samwellextinct 1789 
Tulp of Amsterdam1675Tulpextinct 1690 
Van Tromp of Holland1675Van Trompextinct 1691 
Barker of Bocking Hall1676Barkerextinct 1818 
Brookes of York1676Brookesextinct 1770 
Head of Hermitage1676Headextinct 1868 
Hoskyns of Harewood1676Hoskynsextant 
Maddox of Wormley1676Maddoxextinct 1716 
Pennington of Muncaster1676Penningtonextinct 1917merged with Baron Muncaster in 1676.
Rich of London1676Richextinct 1799 
Anderton of Lostock1677Andertonextict 1760 
Barlow of Slebetch1677Barlowextinct 1756 
Colyear of Holland1677Colyearextinct 1835created Lord Portmore (1699) and Earl of Portmore (1703) in Scotland.
Cotton of Combermere1677Cotton, Stapleton-Cottonextantcreated Baron Combermere (1814) and Viscount Combermere (1827) in the United Kingdom.
Cust of Stamford1677Custextantcreated Baron Brownlow (1776) in Great Britain.
Dyke of Horeham1677Dykeextant 
Newdigate of Arbury1677Newdigateextinct 1806 
Poole of Poole1677Pooleextinct 1821 
Simeon of Chilworth1677Simeonextinct 1768 
Standish of Duxbury1677Standishextinct 1812 
Vitus of Limerick1677Vitusforfeit 1691 
Wharton of Kirby Kendall1677Whartonextinct by 1741 
Willoughby of Wollaton1677Willoughbyextantcreated Baron Middleton (1712) in Great Britain.
Child of Wanstead1678Childextinct 1784created Viscount Castlemaine (1718) and Earl Tylney (1731) in Ireland.
Curll of Soberton1678Curllextinct 1679 
Dutton of Sherborne1678Duttonextinct 1743 
Dyer of Tottenham1678Dyerextant 
Dyke-Acland of Columb John1678Acland, Dyke-Aclandextantprecedence of 1644
Goring of Leighthorne1678Bowyer, Goringextant 
Hawkesworth of Hawkesworth1678Hawkesworthextinct 1735 
Oxenden of Dene1678Oxenden, Dixwell-Oxendenextinct 1924 
Skipwith of Metheringham1678Skipwithextinct 1756 
Bradshaigh of Haigh1679Bradshaighextinct 1779 
Kenrick of Whitley1679Kenrickextinct 1699 
Marow of Berkswell1679Marowextinct 1690 
Snow of Salesbury1679Snowextinct 1702 
Stapleton of Leeward Islands1679Stapletonextinct 1995 
Blount of Tittenhanger1680Blountextinct 1757 
Sas van Bosch of Holland1680Sas van Boschextinct 1720 
Walker of Bushey Hall1680Walkerextinct 1703 
Beckwith of Aldborough1681Beckwithdormant 1811 
Bunbury of Bunbury1681Bunburyextant 
Jeffreys of Bulstrode1681Jeffreysextinct 1702created Baron Jeffreys (1685).
Middleton of Hackney1681Middletonextinct 1702 
Parker of Melford Hall1681Parkerextant 
Parkyns of Bunney1681Parkynsextinct 1926 
Roberts of Bow1681Robertsextinct 1692 
Seymour of Langley1681Seymourextinct 1714 
Alston of Chelsea1682Alstonextinct 1819 
Davers of Rougham1682Daversdormant 1806 
Gans of the Netherlands1682Gansextinct 1700 
James of Creshall1682Jamesextinct 1741 
Maynard of Walthamstow1682Maynardextinct 1865merged with Viscount Maynard in 1775.
Napier of Punknoll1682Napierextinct 1743status uncertain
Robinson of Long Melford1682Robinsonextinct 1743 
Thornhill of Barbados1682Thornhillextinct 1693 
Evelyn of Long Ditton1683Evelynextinct 1692 
Lear of Lindridge1683Learextinct 1736 
Wytham of Goldsborough1683Wythamextinct 1689 
Chute of Hinxhill Place1684Chuteextinct 1722 
Dashwood of Kirtlington1684Dashwoodextant 
Richards of Brambletye1684Richardsdormant 1741 
Sandys of Northborne1684Sandysextinct 1726 
Shiers of Slyfield1684Shiersextinct 1685 
Blackett of Newcastle1685Blackettextinct 1728 
Child of Surat1685Childextinct 1753 
Jenkinson of Walton1685Jenkinsonextinct 1739 
Soame of Thurlow1685Soameextinct 1798 
Sudbury of Eldon1685Sudburyextinct 1691 
Blois of Grundisburgh1686Bloisextant 
Charlton of Ludford1686Charltonextinct 1784 
Compton of Hartbury1686Comptonextinct 1773 
Davies of London1686Daviesextinct 1705 
Guldeford of Hempsted Place1686Guldefordextinct 1740 
Sherburne of Stonyhurst1686Sherburneextinct 1717 
Speelman of the Netherlands1686Speelmanextant 
Tyrrell of Lynn1686Tyrrellextinct 1691 
Duck of Haswell-on-the-Hill1687Duckextinct 1691 
Fuller of Inner Temple1687Fullerextinct 1709 
Humble of Kensington1687Humbleextinct 1709 
Pynsent of Erthfont1687Pynsentextinct 1765 
Stych of Newbury1687Stychextinct 1725 
Ashurst of Waterstock1688Ashurstextinct 1732 
Fytche of Eltham1688Fytcheextinct 1736 
Lawson of Isell1688Lawsonextinct 1806 
Morden of Wricklemarsh1688Mordenextinct 1708 
Narborough of Knowlton1688Narboroughextinct 1707 
Williams-Wynn of Grays Inn1688Williams, Williams-Wynnextant 
Molesworth-St Aubyn of Pencarrow1689Molesworth, Molesworth-St Aubynextant 
Ramsden of Byrom1689Ramsden, Pennington-Ramsdenextant 
Robinson of Newby1690Robinsonextinct 1923merged with Baron Grantham in 1792; created Viscount Goderich (1827), Earl of Ripon (1833), and Marquess of Ripon (1871) in the United Kingdom.
Edwards of York1691Edwardsextinct 1764 
Duddlestone of Bristol1692Duddlestoneextinct 1750 
Wentworth of North Elmsal1692Wentworthextinct 1741 
Leighton of Watlesborough1693Leightonextant 
Colt of Westminster1694Coltextant 
Smith of Isleworth1694Smithextinct 1760 
Thomas of Wenvoe1694Thomasextant 
Ayshcombe of Lyford1696Ayshcombeextinct 1727 
Blackham of London1696Blackhamextinct 1728 
Wheate of Glympton1696Wheateextinct 1816 
Buckworth of Sheen1697Buckworth, Buckhurst-Herne, Buckworth-Herne-Soameextant 
Farington of Chichester1697Faringtonextinct 1719 
Hodges of Middlesex1697Hodgesextinct 1722 
Lowther of Marske1697Lowtherextinct 1753 
Mansel of Trimsaran1697Manselextinct 1798 
Tichborne of Beaulieu1697Tichborneextinct 1731created Baron Ferrard (1715) in the Peerage of Ireland.
Clarke of Snailwell1698Clarkeextinct 1806 
Firebrace of London1698Firebraceextinct 1759 
Germain of Westminster1698Germainextinct 1718 
Norris of Speke1698Norrisextinct 1702 
Powell of Broadway1698Powellextinct 1721 
Tipping of Wheatfield1698Tippingextinct 1725 
Allin of Somerlytown1699Allinextinct 1794 
Brown of London1699Brownextinct c.1760 
Denton of Hillersdon1699Dentonextinct 1714 
Newman of Fifehead-Magdalen1699Newmanextinct 1747 
Rogers of Wisdome1699Rogersextinct 1895associated with Baron Blachford (1851-1889).
Stanley of Grange Gorman1699Stanleyextinct 1744 
Vanderbrande of Cleverskirke1699Vanderbrandeextinct after 1713 
Chetwode of Oakley1700Chetwodeextantcreated Baron Chetwode (1945) in the United Kingdom.
Westcombe of Cadiz1700Westcombeextinct 1752 
Moyer of Petsey Hall1701Moyerextinct 1716 
Sambrooke of London1701Sambrookeextinct 1754 
Thornycroft of Milcomb1701Thornycroftextinct 1734 
Winford of Glashampton1702Winfordextinct 1744 
Webster of Copthall1703Websterextinct 1923 
Dolben of Findon1704Dolbenextinct 1837 
Fowler of Harnage Grange1704Fowlerextinct 1771 
Irby of Boston1704Irbyextantcreated Baron Boston (1761) in Great Britain.
Fleming of Rydal Hall1705Fleming, le Flemingextant 
Miller of Chichester1705Millerextant 
Halford of Welham1706Halfordextinct 1720 


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