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Oddworld is the setting of a series of video games originally for the PlayStation and more recently, for the Xbox.

The series is developed by Oddworld Inhabitants of San Luis Obispo, California. The company was founded in 1994 by Lorne Lanning and Sherry McKenna, and has so far been responsible for four titles, all set in the same universe.

Oddworld Inhabitants has a very anti-corporate attitude, and this plays heavily in the design and storyline of their games.

Moolah is the official form of currency on Oddworld.


The Games

The following titles have been released thus far:

The developers have stated that the Oddworld series will be a quintology, and that Abe's Exoddus was not part of that group. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is also a non-quintology title. Many other titles have been at least partially revealed to the public, such as Squeek's Oddysee (planned to be the third Quintology title), Munch's Exoddus (A bonus game, similar in purpose to Abe's Exoddus), Hand of Odd (A real-time strategy Habitales game. Habitales are a special kind of Oddworld game, and this particular game will allow the player to choose between Native or Industrial sides in an opposing conflict, helping or harming the land, respectively), Nod's Oddysee (a game not yet confirmed), as well as the remaining Quintology games, possible Habitales games, and possible Fearietales games.

Recently revealed was a character named Fangus, a buff-looking character who serves as a type of shepherd on Oddworld, watching over a flock of particularly demonic-looking sheep. While OWI has yet to confirm this game [many currently suspect it as an April Fool's joke, due to the fact that it is being released in an April issue of Game Informer], the article briefly outlines the plot: Fangus is a shepherd who dutifully wards off predators, until one day, Invaders arrive. Fangus is then forced to rise to the occasion, assuming the role of savior of all Oddworldian nations. Meanwhile, rabies slowly begin to turn him mad, and he must make haste in thwarting the Invader's plans before his mind is completely lost. A Mature rating (by the ESRB) is expected due to dark tones and themes throughout the game. Majesco is expected to publish this Xbox-bound title.

Native Races

Mudokons are greenish-blue beings, with turtle-like facial features and three fingers on each hand. Out of all the Oddworld races, they're probably the most humanoid. Most of the Mudokans have been enslaved by the Glukkons, and the race now serves as the Glukkon's primary labor force. They are then beaten, over-worked, and all-around abused, often to the point of severe depression. However, there are still a few Mudokons who continue to survive in their native surroundings, living in harmony with the land and their fellow native inhabitants. Due to the actions of the Mudokan "Messiah", Abe, the number of free Mudokons continues to grow. Notable Mudokon figures include: Abe, Alf, Bigface, The Three Weirdos, The Shaman, Sam (the Mudokon queen).

Gabbits are short, blue-grey amphibious creatures, consists of a large head, a stubby body, and a large fin-like foot. Gabbits once swam through the oceans in abundance. However, industrial races began to hunt them to the brink of extinction, for two main reasons: their eggs, called Gabbiar, are considered a delicacy, and their lungs make excellent transplants for cancer patients. Currently, Munch is the last remaining Gabbit on Oddworld. Notable Gabbit figures include: Latimire Munch.

The Almighty Raisin is a large, wise, long-lived seed-like creature. He is the one that Mudokons often go to when seeking advice. The Almighty Raisin often falls asleep in mid-sentence, due to his age. He is said to have budded from a larger tree, and due to the Industrialist's attempts at capturing him, he was moved to a safe location in an underground cave. Unable to move himself, he relies on small creatures called Ratz as an extra thousand-or-so pairs of eyes to see the world around him. Notable Raisin Figures include: The Almighty Raisin.

The salamander-like Grubbs inhabit western Mudos (the only continent on which Oddworld games have taken place on thus far), and have made their settlements along the Mongo River, their primary source of water. However, due to recent increases in the neighboring Clakker population, they have been forced away from the river, and are being mistreated by employees of the Sekto Springs Bottled Water Company, which now owns the Mongo River. Grubbs once relied on the protection provided by the Steef, but fewer and fewer Steef have been seen in the wild, and the Grubbs are now fair game for anyone who wants to give them a hard time. Their culture, apparel and architecture seem to resemble Earth's Japanese, Native American, and even ancient Mayan cultures. They also refer to a "Great Spirit," a common cultural reference in many Native American tribes. Notable Grubb figures include: Frayda Evrything, the Grubb Rebel Leader.

The Steef are a legendary breed of centaur-like creatures with the lower body of a horse, the upper body of a gorilla, and the head of a lion. Once the protectors of the meek Grubbs, wild ones are now a rare sight. Steef have become a favored game animal for hunters from Oddworld's industrial races, so being a Steef can be quite hazardous to your health nowadays. Notable Steef figures include: The Stranger, the Olden Steef.

Industrial Races

The Glukkons are tall beings who dress in amorphous, robe-like expensive suits that give the impression that they have no arms. In reality, it is the Glukkons' legs that have shriveled away into tiny, limp, useless appendages, and they now rely on their large arms (normally hidden underneath their clothes) for mobility. Because the Glukkons wear shoes on their hands for walking, they are incapable of manual work, and are completely reliant on their wealth, technology, and host of servant races. As a species, Glukkons belong to the Gloktigi order, which includes Gloktigi (huge, brutishly strong monsters) and Octigi (squid-like mind-controlling parasites). The Glukkons appear to be the leading industrial race on Oddworld, all of the other industrial races are subservient to them. One of their most notable associations is the Magog Cartel, the dominant industrial power on Oddworld. Most of the Glukkons seen in the Oddworld games are filthy rich. Glukkons are also voracious carnivores, and have devoured many of Oddworld's native species into extinction. They have enlisted the help of the Sligs to act as their security guards and personal lackeys. Notable Glukkon figures include: Molluck the Glukkon, General Dripik, Brewmaster, Phleg, V.P. Aslik, Lulu the Glockstar, Tex the Glockstar, Lady Margaret (the Glukkon queen).

Sligs are green, ugly creatures, slightly shorter than a Mudokon, with five tentacle-like protrusions that form their mouths. Their bodies have arms but no legs, and instead taper into a tail. In return for their services, Glukkons have agreed to manufacture mechanical Slig pants, which allow Sligs increased mobility. There are also flying Slig pants available to some Sligs. The beefed-up, steriod-enhanced version of the slig is known as the Big-Bro Slig, and it is considerably tougher to defeat, and packs more fire-power. Sligs as a whole are lazy, brutal, and stupid. Notable Slig figures include: Newscaster Slig, Valet Slig.

Vykkers are short, purple beings with huge heads and small, atrophied bodies consisting of two fore-legs and one hind-leg (their lower half resembles a freakishly deformed tripod) and four spindly arms. They also have incredibly high-pitched voices. They fill the role of mad scientists on Oddworld, and the only thing they like more than inflicting pain on others is inflicting pain on themselves (it is suspected that their stubby, stitch-ridden legs were once longer, but are altered drastically surgically once the Vykker is of age). Vykkers are hermaphroditic, and do not have a queen like most other Oddworldian races. Notable Vyyker figures include: Humphrey, Irwin, and Headley the Auctioneer.

The Interns are to Vykkers what Sligs are to Glukkons. They do their bosses' dirty work, drowning out all sound with their headphones, which pump the latest beats into their heads. Like the Vykkers, their heads are abnormally large compared to the rest of their bodies, but unlike Vykkers, interns are relatively long and functional limbs. They also have mouths that open sideways. Notable Intern figures include: none.

Wolvarks serve the Sekto Springs Bottled Water Company by running factories and doubling as security for those facilities. They often bully the Grubbs, and continue to force them off of what little land they have. Notable Wolvark figures include: none.

Clakkerz are a chicken-like race of hillybilly people, who live in settlements along the Mongo River that greatly resemble Old West desert towns. They have little sympathy for the Grubbs, and are only concerned with themselves, the latest gossip, and Moohlah (Oddworld's currency). Notable Clakkerz figures include: Eugene Eus, Beekz the Oppel Farmer, Cornjaws the retired Sleg Hunter.

Oktigi are head-sized, squid-like creatures related to the Glukkons. They appear to be naturally aquatic, but can breath air and survive on land with the aid of a host body. Oktigi are parasites, they attach themselves to their victim's head (essentially replacing it) and use the victim's body as their own (similar to the head crabs from Half-Life). They seem to prefer to obtain the strongest host body possible. Like their cousins the Glukkons, the Oktigi are driven by self-interest and corporate greed, and have a preference for fine business suits, expensive cigars, and exploiting the environment to the highest degree. Notable Oktigi characters include: Mr. Sekto.

Outlaws are actually one race consisting of five-or-more variations of creatures with different physical features. The one definite thing that they all seem to have in common is their unwillingness to abide by the law. They loot, plunder and steal for a living, and usually use intimidation to get away with it. These deep-voiced brutes usually tough it out in the outdoors and build simple shantytowns as their hideouts. Notable Outlaw characters include: Blisterz Booty, Filthy Hands Floyd, the Looten Duke, Boilz Booty, Meagly Mcgraw, Jo Momma, Skuz, Packrat Palooka, Elbose Freely, Lefty Lugnutz, Flint "Xplosivez" McGee, Fatty McBoomBoom, De Caste Raider.

Locations on Oddworld

Locations on Oddworld include Rupture Farms, a factory that produces various food products (among them Paramite Pies and Scrab Cakes), Necrum Mines (a ancestral Mudokon burial ground, taken over by the Glukkons), Soulstorm Brewery (which uses Mudokon bones and tears to produce the highly-addictive drink Soulstorm Brew), and Vykkers Labs (a scientific research facility owned and operated by Vykkers).

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