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There are many recurring characters in the animated series South Park, aside from the four main characters, Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick. Butters Stotch and Tweek replaced Kenny for a half season each during the sixth season. See their respective articles for details.


Family members

Gerald and Sheila Brovlovski, and Ike

Missing image
Gerald Brovlovski
Missing image
Sheila Brovlovski
Missing image
Ike Brovlovski

Kyle's family is Jewish. His mother Sheila is involved in the community and his father Gerald is a lawyer who once made large amounts of money suing literally everyone in the town for sexual harassment. Because of his father's job, Kyle's family is the most well-off of the four.

The Brovlovskis also adopted a Canadian baby and named him Ike Moisha Broflovski. In the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut this becomes a matter of concern when Ike is persecuted by the US, not for being Jewish, but for being Canadian. In the movie, Sheila became enraged that a Canadian film had introduced Kyle to "naughty language", and sparked a war between the United States and Canada.

In the "It's Christmas in Canada" episode of season 7, Ike is reunited with his birth-parents for a short time.

Sheila has lead protests/boycotts/changes of the following (listed by episode):

Kyle's cousin from New York, Kyle Schwartz, is the epitome of a Jewish stereotype. He is terrible at sports (so much so that the boys have him join their little league baseball team to help them lose in The Losing Edge), is notoriously cheap, and has a variety of medical conditions, although he has shown to be quite resilient. He wants to be an investment banker when he's older. Template:-

Randy and Sharon Marsh, Shelley and Grandpa

Missing image
Randy Marsh
Sharon Marsh
Sharon Marsh

Randy and Sharon Marsh are the parents of Stan, and his exceptionally violent sister Shelley.

Randy is a geologist, the only scientist in SP aside from Dr. Mephisto, but during his younger years was a member of a briefly successful boy band. He occasionally shows a penchant for singing and dancing.

In the 'Spontaneous Combustion' episode, Randy is awarded a Nobel Prize for finding the cause of the spontaneous human combustion of some SP persons. He won the prize in favor of Dr. Alphonz Mephisto and a 'real scientist' who found the grand unification theory. It turned out the spontaneous combustion was caused by people holding in their farts and explosion of the accumulated methane (or marsh gas) in their guts. Kenny was the first to die as he fell in love with a girl and did not want to fart in her presence.

Missing image
Shelly Marsh

Shelly is a violent teenager with an awkward set of headgear braces. She enjoys dating older men, beating up Stan, and calling him and his friends "turds". Despite the mutual dislike between Shelly and most of the boys, she and Eric Cartman formed a mutual cease-fire in the episode Cat Orgy after they get back at Shelly's boyfriend, Skylar, who is twenty-two years old only dating her for sex.

Missing image
Grandpa Marsh

"Grandpa" Marvin Marsh is the elderly father of Randy and lives with the Marsh family. He is over 100 years old and confined to a wheelchair. He is very senile and calls Stan "Billy". On episode 106, "Death", Grandpa constantly demands that "Billy" euthanize him. In episode 809: "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes", he is employed as a greeter at the newly-constructed Wal-Mart store.

Lianne Cartman

Lianne Cartman
Lianne Cartman

Cartman's mom is famous in South Park for being sexually promiscuous. In South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut it was revealed that she takes part in German 'scheisse' movies and Kyle and Stan often attempt to alert Cartman to his mother's sexual deviancy which, contrary to evidence, he emphatically denies. In fact, it was revealed that, as a hermaphrodite, Lianne could not possibly be Cartman's mother and is, in fact, his father. The identity of Cartman's real mother is unknown.

Lianne often does whatever Cartman tells her to do. She waits on him as if she were his slave while he watches television. She also perpetuates the belief that Cartman is not fat but "big boned".

Lianne is the name of a much-despised former girlfriend of Trey Parker's, who also gave this name to his ill-fated horse in Cannibal! The Musical.

The McCormicks

Missing image
Mr. McCormick
Missing image
Mrs. McCormick

Kenny's family, the McCormicks, are exceptionally poor, and represent stereotypical "white trash". A typical daily meal in this family would consist of frozen waffles with no side dishes ("are we to understand that there will *be* no side dishes with our frozen waffles?" - Cartman) Kenny's father, Stuart, was a high school friend of Gerald Brovlovski. He is an alcoholic, a fact that Cartman never lets Kenny forget. Kenny's mother, who is only about sixteen years older than him, always wears the same "I'm with stupid" t-shirt.

The McCormicks have been through a lot of grief over the course of the series, in large part due to the many deaths of their son. In episode 406, "Cartman Joins NAMBLA", shortly after Kenny dies Mrs. McCormick gives birth to a baby named Kenny, and states that this is the 52nd time Kenny has died, implying that the McCormicks give birth to a new Kenny after nearly every episode.

Chris and Linda Stotch

Missing image
Linda and Chris Stotch

Chris (called Steven by mistake in Die Hippie, Die) and Linda Stotch are Butters' parents. They are extremely naive and seem oblivious to many aspects of their son's life.

Mr. Stotch is apparently a closet homosexual, as Butters once followed him to a gay bath house. In response, Mrs. Stotch tried to kill Butters by drowning him in a lake and, when she believed she had successfully carried out the murder, attempted to cover up the death with her husband's help. It turned out Butters didn't die after all and had only floated off in the car.

Tweek's Parents

Tweek's parents own a coffee shop. They believe that Tweek has ADD, although his problems apparently stem from the fact he drinks too much coffee. Mr. Tweek has a penchant for the extended use of metaphors for coffee. In the episode, Underpants Gnomes, he also sanctioned the use of children in political commercials to push his point of view.

School (adults)

Mr./Mrs. Herbert Garrison

See: Herbert Garrison Template:-


Missing image

Jerome 'Chef' McElroy is one of very few black characters in South Park, and the chef at the South Park Elementary School. A stereotypical character, Chef is obsessed with sex (especially with white women), and he is somewhat promiscuous. He is a talented singer, and has a tendency to sing wildly inappropriate songs when his muse strikes him. The children often seek him out when in need of guidance or information. He is voiced by Isaac Hayes. He refers to Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as 'children' even if there is only one of them present. He once almost married a succubus, but the boys saved him.

See also: Chocolate Salty Balls, Chewbacca Defense.

Quote: Let's all go home and find a nice white woman to make love to. Template:-

Ms. Choksondik

Missing image
Ms. Choksondik

After Mr. Garrison was temporarily suspended from teaching duties, he was replaced by Ms. Diane Choksondik, who was most notable for her implausibly large, saggy breasts and one lazy eye. Ms. Choksondik died in the middle of the sixth season, and Mr. Garrison eventually replaced her as the fourth grade teacher. Before her death, Ms. Choksondik had a sexual relationship (her first, contrary to what the name "chokes on dick" would seem to imply, although it is implied that she dies because she 'choked on dick') with Mr. Mackey, after preparing sex education classes for the 4th grade children (as well as kindergarten). Template:-

Mr. Mackey

Missing image
Mr. Mackey

Mr. Mackey is the school guidance counselor. He is best known for his simplistic attitude towards drugs (and his catchphrase, "drugs are bad, mmm'kay?"), a parody of Just Say No campaigns; he never gives any reason why drugs are bad. He is somewhat hypocritical for this position due to his periods of drug use and scoring with young chicks.

Mr. Mackey, and both of his parents, have unusually large heads and thin necks, and end almost all of their sentences with "mmm'kay?".

In the 'Rainforest Schmainforest' episode 301 Mr. Mackey joins the Getting Gay With Kids (GGWK) choir on a 'save the rainforest' trip to San José, Costa Rica because he speaks Spanish (with a thick American accent). Here he ends his sentences with "¿mmm bien?".

Mr. Mackey taught sex education to the fourth grade boys in the episode Proper Condom Use, and at the same time began a relationship with Ms. Choksondik (see above). When she died, he temporarily took control of the fourth grade class, until he was replaced by Mr. Garrison. He has continued to appear often in the series. Template:-

Principal Victoria

Missing image
Principal Victoria

Principal Victoria is the principal of South Park Elementary School. She is indecisive and eager to avoid any controversy. She speaks with a strong Minnesotan accent.

It is unknown whether Victoria is her first or last name (or both). Her name is a reference to actress Victoria Principal. Template:-

Mrs. Crabtree

Missing image
Mrs. Crabtree

Veronica Crabtree was the school bus driver. She appeared to be suffering from paranoia, or at least was mentally unstable; she had a bird living in her hair and constantly asked the children on her bus "What did you say?" after they insulted her. They would say something else that sounds similar in order to avoid trouble. An example:

"you fat withered up dried hag."
"What did you say!?"
"I said: 'I always wanted to travel to Prague'"
"Oh, me too."

In one episode, however, Stan says what he really means to her:

"We're not getting on you fat, stupid bitch."
"What did you say!?"
"I said, We're not getting on you fat stupid bitch."
"Oh, alrighty then."
"Dude! I always wondered if that would work."

In the 2004 episode "Cartman's Incredible Gift", Mrs. Crabtree was murdered by a serial killer. At this point she had not been seen for several seasons, and it was even commented that "she may not have been in any recent episodes, but she didn't deserve this!" Template:-

School (children)

See also: Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, Butters Stotch, Tweek.


Missing image

Timmy is a disabled child who can usually only say his own name, a garbled line that sounds like "Rimirilar", and Jimmy's name or in some episodes, some basic other words: in a Thanksgiving school play where Timmy plays the part of Helen Keller, he could say "Gobbles", the name of a disabled turkey the children bought to act in the play (episode 414: Helen Keller! The Musical). In one episode, where the boys attempt to go back in time, he actually successfully yells "Someone please help me!" as he rolls down the highway at super speed.

In one episode he was part of a successful band, Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld.

Timmy was originally described as being retarded, but over time his character has become described less as such and more often as "disabled." He also at times shows a level of understanding and cleverness that would imply he is fairly cognizant.

Timmy is friends with South Park's other disabled character, Jimmy, though in the first episode where Jimmy appears, Timmy was intensely jealous of him and tried even to have him killed (by giving him a parka that made him look like Kenny).

Due to the popularity of the South Park show, Timmy's exclamation "TIMMEH!" soon entered American popular culture as an outburst used to describe, chide, or respond to moments of extreme uncoordination, lack of concentration or other losses of logic, sense or reason. It also sounds like the Japanese word 'temee', which is a rude variation of the word 'temae', a way of addressing someone. Trey Parker knows Japanese, so its use here may not be a coincidence.

Token Williams/Black

Main article: Token Black

Token Williams/Black is the only black child in the main characters' class. His name comes from the phrase "token minority," typically used to describe non-white persons thrown into small roles in TV shows and movies. In a satire on racial stereotypes, Token's family is the wealthiest of the families shown on South Park.

In the episode Here Comes the Neighborhood, Token's last name is said to be "Williams", but in episodes Quest for Ratings and Wing, his last name is said to be "Black". This may either simply be his stage name, or the South Park creators may have either forgotten it or deliberately changed it (see "Jimmy" below).

In episode 401, "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000", Cartman is sent to juvenile detention for a hate crime after he assaulted Token.

In episode 714,"Raisins", he steals Wendy Testaburger from Stan, who flips him off because of it.

In episode 512, Here Comes the Neighborhood, Token is being bullied by his classmates because his parents are rich; his dad makes at least US$200,000 per year, they live in a house four times as big as the other houses in South Park and he has lobster in his lunch box. Token tries to blend in by wearing cheap clothes bought at J-Mart (a parody of K-Mart), instead of Armani, but does not really succeed. Token then writes to a real estate developer so there will be more rich kids in South Park. Eventually Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, Oprah Winfrey and P. Diddy all come to live in South Park, with their children (who play polo and speak with a British English accent). Mr. Garrison successfully incites the regular 'poor' people in SP, to start to discriminate and protest against the inflow of rich people, by burning large wooden "lower case t's" (for 'time to go') in the rich people's yards and scaring them by dressing up as ghosts (in white sheets that look like KKK outfits), since supposedly rich people are afraid of ghosts. Finally all the rich people move away from SP and Mr. Garrison suggests to sell all the rich people's houses so they themselves can become rich. Jimbo reminds him that that was exactly not the point and after some thought Mr. Garrison exclaims: "Well at least we got rid of all those nigg...!" thereupon being abruptly cut off by the end of the show and the credits.

In episode 709, Christian Hard Rock, Token was the bass player for Cartman's Christian rock band, Faith + 1. Token didn't know he could play bass until Cartman told him "you're black, so you can play bass".

Wendy Testaburger

Missing image
Wendy Testaburger

Main article: Wendy Testaburger

Wendy was, for a long time, the object of Stan's affections; however, he would throw up out of nervousness whenever she came near him. She later dumped him for Token.

She is quite liberal in her political views, and often argues with Cartman. She is easily the smartest of all the children in the class, for example, in the episode "Tom's Rhinoplasty", she disposes of the substitute teacher, communicating in fluent Arabic with Iraqi agents.

Wendy tends to get extremely jealous. When Stan becomes ennamoured with the substitute teacher (Miss Ellen), Wendy tries to win him back by wearing a tight leather skirt and heavy makeup; when that doesn't work, she has Miss Ellen shot into space. When all the boys become obsessed with Bebe's breasts, Wendy gets breast implants.

Her character was reportedly inspired by Trey Parker's fiancee, who broke off their engagement and married someone else – just weeks before South Park became a hit.


"Hi, Stan!"
[Stan vomits]
"Oh, look, a French fry"

Bebe Stevens

Main article: Bebe Stevens

Bebe is Wendy's blonde-haired best friend. She once had a "relationship" with Kyle, but after she couldn't take the "codependency", she started another "relationship" with Clyde. The first of the South Park kids to hit puberty, as seen in Episode 610 "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society".

Philip "Pip" Pirrip

Main article: Pip (South Park)

Pip is a British child who is extremely unpopular with his classmates due to his foreign ancestry and his general wimpiness. The other boys generally assume him to be French, even though he hates the French. His character is based on Pip from Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, a book which series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone hated; the explanation that Dickens' Pip gives for his nickname is the same one South Park's Pip gives for his. In episode 205, "Conjoined Fetus Lady", Pip is a main character.

Episode 405 took time away from South Park to present Matt Stone and Trey Parker's version of Great Expectations. Naturally, this episode features Pip heavily and bears his name as the title. Malcolm McDowell of A Clockwork Orange fame introduces and narrates the story. This episode has never been rerun by Comedy Central.

Clyde Donovan

Main article: Clyde Donovan

Clyde Donovan is the brown-haired boy who is part of the group, but doesn't maintain any major presence. He replaces Cartman as "the fat kid" in the Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000 episode 401, where Cartman gets sent to prison for an alleged hate crime against Token.


Missing image

Even though he hangs out with the boys, Craig is most well known for flipping off people seemingly without reason, and is always seen sitting outside the principal's office. Additionally, he had short success on South Park Elementary's Television Station with a show that featured close-up shots of animals with a wide angle lens, and he later added hats to the animals on his show. The show was cancelled after some of the other South Park characters did an exposé on ongoing cough syrup addiction in the school on their competing News Show. Craig's show was cancelled for its incredible drop in ratings after cough syrup was banned. Whenever Cartman gets something new or does something impressive, he often insists that he and Stan, Kyle and Kenny go tell "Craig and those guys" before they do anything else.


Missing image

Like Timmy, he is handicapped, but he uses crutches to walk. He likes to perform stand-up comedy. His favorite song is "The Twelve Days of Christmas," which he (excruciatingly) performs in front of City Hall. In the episode Cripple Fight he and Timmy engage is a fistfight that is shot for shot, almost identical to the one in They Live. Later, though, they get along very well, playing together in a Lord of the Rings parody, teaming up against Christopher Reeve in "Krazy Kripples" and in "Up the Down Steroid" Jimmy seems to be the only one who can understand Timmy's monosyllabic utterances. His last name is uncertain; he was known as "Jim Swanson" in Krazy Kripples (possibly related to the character Joe Swanson from Family Guy), but "Vulmer" in the episode Up the Down Steroid.

Sixth Graders

The sixth graders are a group of boys who are just becoming aware of their sexuality. They have an extremely high interest in porn. They are also still just kids and like to ride their bikes and pretend they are doing something exciting or dangerous. They also hate water. According to one episode, they are infatuated with Kyle's mother's breasts.


The Kindergartners were first introduced when Mr. Garrison was made their teacher after losing his job as the third grade teacher. Later they were featured prominently when Ike joined them and they were choosing a class president. The kindergartners are voiced by real-life toddlers and speak in garbled baby talk.

Goth Kids

A small clique of goths hang around the back of the school. They constantly refer to themselves as "nonconformist," but are portrayed as cookie-cutter clichés. Stan joined them for a while after Wendy left him, and later recruited one of them for his dance troupe.

Bill, Terrance, and Fosse

Missing image
Bill, Terrance, and Fossee

Bill, Terrance, and Fosse are three boys, who are mostly seen in antagonistic roles. In episode An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig, Bill and Fossee were seen as sidekicks to Dr. Mephisto's son, who does not appear in any other episodes outside of crowd scenes. In Lil' Crime Stoppers, Bill and Fosse stole a doll and then played out a kidnapping scene with Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny. They often giggle and refer to the actions of themselves and others as "gay."


Mr. Hankey

Main article: Mr. Hankey

Mr. Hankey, the "Christmas Poo," is the scatological counterpart to Santa Claus but with the light-hearted flair of 60's-era Rankin & Bass holiday specials. He emerges from the toiletbowl on Christmas Eve and brings presents to boys and girls with high fiber diets. Mr. Hankey has appeared in at least three Christmas episodes, and inspired an actual retail CD (Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics) in which he has his own theme song. In one episode he departed from the Christmas theme to drive a snooty annual ('anal' according to Mr. Garrison) film festival out of town with a tornado made of sewage. His trademark line is "Howwwwww-dy ho!"

Big Gay Al

Missing image
Big Gay Al

Big Gay Al is a stereotyped gay man. He runs an animal farm for gay animals who have been rejected by homophobic pet owners. He also appeared in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, entertaining U.S. troops. He was banned as a boy scouts leader for being homosexual, to be replaced by a 'macho man' who took nude photographs of the children.

Mr. Slave

Main article: Mr. Slave

Mr. Slave is the former gay lover and sex slave of teacher Mr. Garrison. Mr. Slave was first introduced as a replacement for Mr. Garrison's beloved hand-puppet Mr. Hat. Mr. Slave has been known to insert animals into his anus as in the epsiode 'The Death Camp of Tolerance' in which a gerbil named Lemmiwinks must travel through Mr. Slave's digestive system with the help of the spirits of other animals who perished there. In 'Stupid Spolied Whore Video Playset', Paris Hilton suffers an identical fate.

Jimbo and Ned

Missing image
Missing image

Stan's uncle Jimbo Kerns (who is presumably Sharon's brother) and his sidekick Ned Gerblansky represent South Park's large population of stereotypical "hicks". They are obsessed with large trucks, beer, guns, explosions, and killing animals. They detest "liberals" and circumvent anti-hunting laws by yelling "it's coming right for us!" before shooting any animal, thereby justifying the kill as self defense.

Jimbo and Ned met while in the Vietnam War, where Jimbo was a helicopter pilot. During the war, Ned lost his right arm when a hand grenade exploded in his hand. Ned also lost his voice due to cancer, and is forced to speak with an electronic voicebox.

- It has been implied that Jimbo is a homosexual, as he was able to say the word "fag" without being bleeped, a feat only permissible for gay characters by Comedy Central standards.

Officer Barbrady

Missing image
Officer Barbrady

Until the seventh season, Officer Barbrady was the town's only policeman. Since then, he has led the South Park police force particularly ineptly. The police force motto on his squad car is, "To Patronize and Annoy." He was illiterate until forced to learn to read to solve a crime. He then read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, an experience that made him regret ever learning to read. He has a hearing aid and speaks louder than he should.

Quote: I need to go poopy!

Mayor and aides

Missing image
Mayor McDaniels

Mayor McDaniels is the mayor of South Park. Even though she is a Princeton University graduate, she is a largely incompetent politician and is mostly interested in getting good publicity for herself. Her two sycophantic aides usually tell her what to do.

The mayor often openly pines that she hates South Park and considers the people who live in it to be a collection of "brain-dead hicks". She hates Barbrady as well, but is largely stuck with him. It is often implied that she is a closet lesbian.

In the episode 902, Die Hippie, Die, she attempted to commit suicide by shooting herself in the head, but was later shown with a bloody bandage around her head.

Dr. Mephisto and Kevin

Missing image
Dr. Mephisto

Dr. Alphonse Mephisto is a stereotyped mad scientist, who specialises in genetic engineering, and like Frankenstein, proceeds to create strange creatures without stopping to consider whether he should. Dr. Mephisto is based on Marlon Brando's character in the 1996 remake of "The Island of Dr. Moreau".

He often seems interested in genetically engineering creatures with more than one anus - an apparent parody of the (real world) creation of a mouse with a human ear growing from its back [1] (

He is a member of NAMBLA, the 'North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes'.


He is often followed by a short odd looking man/boy-person named Kevin, wearing the same clothes as Dr. Mephisto. He quietly follows Mephisto as if he is an assistant, though he rarely assists with anything, and never speaks. It was revealed in Primus's song "Mephisto and Kevin" that Kevin was an experiment to create the perfect pop star, a clone of Michael Jackson that was birthed by a llama. He has a sweet, golden voice that was never heard in the show. In the Spontaneous Combustion episode, Dr. Mephisto complains (mentioning the name Kevin) that the Nobel Prize awards were rigged when he came out 2nd, after Randy Marsh, with his genetically engineered seven assed Galápagos turtle.


Main article: Towelie

Towelie is a sophisticated, high tech towel. His action is mostly limited to giving towel advice ('Don't forget to bring a towel', a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and getting high. Although proclaimed by Cartman to be the "worst character ever," he became instantly popular with South Park fans. He is often quoted, and Comedy Central was quick to release Towelie merchandise.

Quote: You wanna get high?


A disheveled, legless Army veteran, possibly mentally disturbed or shell-shocked. He claimed to be the man responsible for serial sexual assaults on chickens in the "Chicken Lover" episode. Mr. Garrison replied, "Oh, you can't screw anybody, Halfie; you don't have any legs!" This is also given as the reason why Halfie is one of few men in South Park who hasn't slept with Cartman's mom.

Priest Maxi

Missing image
Priest Maxi

Priest Maxi is a Catholic priest who serves as the mouthpiece for South Park's Christian community. He is a narrow-minded and intolerant man who is convinced most people are going to be damned to Hell, often for trivial offenses. In one episode he bluntly claimed that Timmy would go to Hell, since Timmy cannot confess his sins, as he cannot speak anything fluently.
Despite his character flaws, it was he who, in one episode, unearthed the massive corruption behind the many church-related sexual assaults and forced the Catholic Church to stop letting priests molest young boys, even though he performed adultery in a confession booth himself.
He also seems to know very little about religion - once, when seeing Jesus, he exclaimed "Hey, it's that guy from Public Access!" His name is very similar to singer Maxi Priest's. Like many men in SP, he's a great fan of the Denver Broncos.

Terrance and Phillip

See Terrance and Phillip

City Wok

Missing image
City Wok Guy

City Wok is a Chinese restaurant, apparently the only one of its kind in South Park. The restaurant first appeared in episode #601: Jared Has Aides. The word "city" appears often in the restaurant, its entreés and in the owners' dialogue (the joke being that his accent makes the word "city" sound like "shitty").

City Wok also doubles as the airline company City Airlines, which took Kyle and his friends to Canada (episode #715: It's Christmas in Canada) so they could retrieve Kyle's adoptive brother Ike.

City Wok is managed and operated by Tuong Lu Kim. He has also constructed a city wall (obviously fashioned after the Great Wall of China) for South Park, per the request of parents who wanted to protect their children from being kidnapped (episode #611: Child Abduction is not Funny). Like its Chinese counterpart, the wall faced constant invasion from Mongols. He is married to a Chinese woman named Wing, fashioned after and played by the singer; she was smuggled into the country by the Chinese Mafia.


Missing image

Jesus has his own cable access show in South Park, Jesus and Pals. He has offered much sage advice to the boys, who have also discovered that all of Jesus' miracles were in fact rather clumsy sleight of hand designed to fool the gulible. However, in the sixth season Christmas episode, Red Sleigh Down, he was killed by an Iraqi soldier while protecting Santa and the boys, and has not appeared since; it is unclear whether or not He was killed permanently, or simply resurrected Himself and will appear in a later episode.

Dr. Doctor

Dr. Doctor, the only doctor in South Park and at Hells Pass Hospital, often treats the kids of South Park after bullying. In his diagnosis, he often uses the kids' slang terms to describe their injuries such as "second-degree titty twister." He is entirely incompetent as a doctor and in the film 'South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut' he replaced Kenny's heart with a baked potato; a reference to a song in 'Cannibal! The Musical.'

Farmer Carl Denkins

Denkins is a farmer, who lives just outside South Park. He shot and killed Scott Tenorman's parents for trespassing on his property. In episode 605 Fun with Veal, he was known as Ranger Bob. In the early episodes, his chicken fell prey to the chicken lover, his cows were mutilated by aliens and performed a mass suicide.

Sergeant Yates

Missing image
Sergeant Yates

Sgt. Harrison Yates is an inept police officer who first appeared in the 7th season episode "Christian Rock Hard", showing the boys what happens to musicians when people download music for free from the Internet. His first main role is when Michael Jackson (disguised as Mr. Jefferson) moves into South Park. Yates basically hates any black man wealthier than himself and frames him —as Mark Fuhrman was accused of doing to O.J. Simpson— but becomes freaked out when he realizes "Mr. Jefferson" is "white". He reappears in "Cartman's Incredible Gift" investigating the "serial killer" where he is the stupid cop that believes Cartman is psychic. He seemed to replace Officer Barbrady for most of the eighth season, but the other reappeared in the seventh. His wife, Maggie, speaks with an Irish accent.


Skylar is the former boyfriend of Shelley Marsh and was a member of the group Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld (previously just the Lords of the Underworld), before leaving to form his own band called Reach For The Skylar after Timmy got all the acclaim. He has quite a high-pitched voice, is very immature for his age, and is often remarked to be a total recurrentes de South Park


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