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Red vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, also known as RvB, is a machinima video webcomic series created by Rooster Teeth Productions. The series is a parody of multiplayer first-person shooter video games and the various missions in which the players participate, such as capture the flag, which typically divides the players into red and blue teams. The source of RvB's humor is its clever scripting, a cast of characters who are eccentric in many diverse ways, and the occasional sight gag. Later episodes of the series have specifically spoofed the Back to the Future movie series, with time-travelling events retconning and re-retconning previous events over and over.

Red vs Blue was created using the Xbox games Halo: Combat Evolved and (since Episode 43) Halo 2, both of which were made by Bungie Studios. Since the scenes were "filmed" from the point-of-view of a character used as a "cameraman," an aiming reticle is visible in most scenes, save for recent episodes using the Halo 2 engine. This is due to a small glitch that allows a character to hold no weapon, thus removing the reticle. The videos are mostly "filmed" on the map Blood Gulch, hence the name, though the series has been filmed on other Halo maps such as Sidewinder and Battle Creek, and several episodes include scenes from Marathon, an Apple Macintosh game that was also made by Bungie. The environments of Halo 2 are typically used when dealing with events chronologically after the standard Red vs Blue timeline, and Marathon's enviroments are typically used when dealing with events that happen chronologically before the Red vs Blue timeline.

So far, the Blood Gulch Chronicles is in its third nineteen-episode season. A few self-referential "public service announcement" episodes have also been produced for the site and video game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly, as well as several shots filmed for Xbox demo kiosks found in game stores. Their main machinima rivals using Halo include the Canadian group Fire Team Charlie and the action/drama series The Codex, though they have never actually competed against each other.



Red vs Blue tells the story of two opposing forces, the Red Army and the Blue Army, occupying small bases in a box canyon known as Blood Gulch. While both armies have standing orders to defeat the other team and capture their flag, the soldiers in the army are not very motivated to actually fight each other, and often wonder what they're doing there in the first place.

Red's base is named "Blood Gulch Outpost Number 1." Blue's base is named "Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha." Each team built its base because the other team was building a base.

Other than a brief throw-away line in the first episode mentioning Master Chief blowing up the Covenant armada in the Battle of Halo, the plot of Red vs. Blue has no apparent connection to that of the Halo universe (although that may or may not change with the introduction of an apparently Covenant character at the very end of Season 3).

In Season 1, the delicate balance of indifference in Blood Gulch is disrupted with the introduction of new players in the "conflict": on the Red side, an overly enthusiastic rookie named Donut who (through sheer dumb luck) manages to accidentally capture the Blue flag on his first day. On the Blue side, a homicidal freelancer named Tex sent in to massacre the Reds and take back the Blue flag, as well as another clueless rookie named Caboose and his "girlfriend", a massive battle tank named Sheila whose targeting system has problems telling friend from foe. Church is quickly accidentally killed by Caboose and Sheila, and hilarity ensues as his rather irate ghost spends the rest of the season attempting to stop Tex from killing the Reds so he can save her from herself and the psychopathic A.I. that controls her thoughts. Ultimately, the Reds succeed in destroying Tex, and Caboose comes under the influence of Tex's AI.

In Season 2, the Red and Blue teams actually begin attacking each other in response to the events of Season 1. Doc, a medic sent in by Red and Blue Command to tend to the medical needs of both teams, proves completely unhelpful in the situation. Church attempts to get used to his new (and very poorly built) robot body, while the Red team tries to figure out just what the heck is going on. Meanwhile, both Red and Blue teams are plagued by Tex's evil A.I., O'Malley, who moves from body to body despite the best efforts of Tex's ghost and the Blue team to stop him. It all ends in a Mexican stand-off between the Reds and Blues following the apparent explosive revelation that both teams are in fact controlled by the same person, Vic at Blue Command/Red Command, while O'Malley surfaces in Doc's body and sets out to conquer the universe.

In Season 3, the Red and Blue teams call a truce to team up and pursue O'Malley, propelling them into different worlds outside Blood Gulch. In a final showdown on Sidewinder, the Reds and Blues manage to defeat O'Malley, only to have a reality-shattering bomb destroy the present and propel them into the future (Halo 2) and past (Marathon). While the Reds and Blues join forces to battle O'Malley in the future, Church goes on a time-traveling odyssey through the past, re-living the events of the previous two seasons in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent most of the bizarre events from ever having occured. This all leads to a final confrontation in Halo 2's Zanzibar fortress, where O'Malley lays siege to the Red and Blue teams with his army of deadly robots, only to be destroyed during the appearance of the GREAT DESTROYER, a being prophecized to bring the GREAT DOOM to the galaxy...



Red Army

Private Dexter Grif (Orange Armor)

Grif is the wisecracking loudmouth of the Red team. He's self-centered, ascerbic, fairly lazy, and somewhat cowardly. He is despised by his teammates Sarge and Simmons, and as such has the lowest "rank" in the Red team, both socially and militarily. He and Simmons are usually seen bickering or chatting with one another about the various situations the Red team finds itself in.

Grif is often picked on and degraded by Sarge and, therefore, Simmons. Although Grif's laziness often causes problems for the Reds, Sarge always blames him for when things go wrong, regardless of his actual guilt in the matter.

Personality-wise, Grif is fairly brash, has a flair for melodrama, and tends to speak before he thinks. He's quick to make silly theories or insults, even towards people who clearly could easily kill him. He's also a bit of a coward, panicking and fleeing as soon as things start to get dangerous. He is not a total fool, however, and is often the first one to point out the flaws or stupidities in Sarge's latest plans (largely because Simmons never criticizes Sarge, no matter what). Despite his constant flippant disregard for Sarge's authority, Grif seems to care at least a little about Sarge, and was quite upset when Sarge almost died after being shot in the head by Caboose.

Physically, a lifetime of smoking and eating processed snacks has left Grif badly out of shape for a soldier in the military, and he is barely able to run 300 feet without running out of breath. After accidentally being run over by Sheila the tank, most of Grif's body parts were replaced with donor organs leftover from Simmons' cyborg operation, but this has not made him change his bad health habits.
Voiced by Geoff Fink (aka 'Gfunk')

Private Dick Simmons (Maroon Armor)

Simmons is the level-headed straight man of the Red team. He's reasonably smart, and of all the show's characters, his personality is probably the least skewed. Simmons' one quirk is the fact that he's a compulsive sycophant who agrees with Sarge on almost every occasion. Grif frequently calls him "Kissass."

Aside from Tex, Simmons is probably the sanest and most level-headed soldier in the Gulch, although that really isn't saying much. He never really says anything silly or foolish (except when he's kissing up to Sarge's flawed schemes), he frequently has the most common sense, and he often manages to come up with battle plans that actually work, being the only one among the Gulch crew who has, by proxy, triumphed over O'Malley.

While he's not really lazy or cowardly like Grif (or Blue's Tucker), Simmons seems to have serious doubts about the war, and thus seldom participates in the hostilities unless absolutely necessary (such as when being shot at). However, when forced into combat, Simmons puts all his effort into fighting.

After the Reds lose Lopez, Sarge turns Simmons into a cyborg so they will have someone with the capability to better repair things, and from then on Simmons is frequently called (by Sarge) "Simmons 2.0". Sarge re-used most of Simmon's leftover original body parts from the cyborg operation to save Grif's life when he was run over Sheila, the Tank, driven by Tucker.
Voiced by Gustavo 'Gus' Sorola

Sarge (Red Armor)

Sarge is the serious, military-minded leader of the Blood Gulch Red team. He is a grizzled veteran with a Southern accent. He is probably the most disciplined character, never slacking off or wasting time like the other soldiers. He's also got above average levels of anger and violence, and is probably the only Blood Gulch soldier on either team that's actually serious about pursuing the war.

Unfortunately, his battle plans tend to be seriously flawed (he once built a bomb that he wouldn't be able to defuse once activated, in case he got brainwashed into helping the other side), and he favors plans that involve heavy casualties in his own forces, especially Grif (sometimes when there isn't even a problem to solve). Despite his flaws as a leader, Sarge seems to be a pretty good fighter, having managed to get the drop on Tex as well as fight off the attacking hordes of Reds and Blues on Battle Creek.

Sarge hates Grif as much as he likes Simmons, and often praises Simmons and criticizes Grif when the two of them perform the exact same action. He's also got good technical skills, being able to assemble robots from scratch and cybernetically augment his men. Often given to using ridiculous exclamations; for instance:

  • "What in buttery goodness?!"
  • "Sweet Jibbly Giblets!"
  • "Great Caesar's Toast!"(A play on the phrase: "Great Caesar's Ghost!" by Superman character Perry White).

His full name has never been mentioned.
Voiced by Matt Hullum

Private Franklin Delano Donut (Pink (or "lightish red") Armor)

Donut is the Red team's over-eager, over-energetic rookie, who can't quite figure out what's going on. He's very chatty and outrageously cheerful, which makes the rest of Red Team find him extremely annoying. He often demonstrates extreme naivette and very little common sense (e.g., when he first came to Blood Gulch, he thought the Blue Army's base was a hardware store).

After he was injured when Tex attacked the red base, he was shipped out for medical treatment. Red Command was so pleased that he had captured the Blues' flag that they gave him his own color armor. He was quite sensitive about his armor, which he insisted was "lightish red", even though it's clearly pink to everyone else. As the series progresses, the "light red" armor seems to take its toll on Donut's mind, as his speech begins taking on increasingly effeminate and homosexual connotations as time progresses. He also appears to be becoming increasingly childish, pretending to be a Secret Agent in the middle of a mission, and sticking his hand in machinery even after repeatedly being told not to.

It is revealed at the end of season 3 that he can understand and speak Spanish, when Doc, possessed by O'Malley, starts insulting himself in Spanish on the instruction of Lopez. This may hint that he may have understood some of what Lopez has been saying in the past, and thus may have greater insight into what's going on than he appears to have. However, considering Donut, this may not count for much.
Voiced by Dan Godwin

Lopez (Brown Armor)

Lopez is a robot built by Sarge. Static electricity damaged his voice card because Sarge neglected to ground himself when installing it, therefore Lopez can speak only Spanish in his monotone voice (he understands English perfectly fine). Subtitles are provided, though the translation is often at odds with what's actually being spoken, due to imperfect translation.

Like Sarge, he seems to dislike Grif (because Sarge programmed him to). After he gets his voice card, Lopez begins to call himself "Lopez the Heavy" (Lopez el Pesado) and demonstrates a stoic and tough personality. His three prime directives are 1) Fix everything, 2) Hate the orange one, and 3) Call Mom more often.

Lopez was eventually possessed by Church, who had the body painted blue to match Church's old body armor. After being temporarily freed from Church's control, Lopez defected to the Blue team after the Reds tried to kill him (mistakenly believing he was a blue soldier), where he repaired and fell in love with Sheila, the AI inside the Blue Army's Scorpion tank. He eventually develops a resistance to being posessed. Later, his old armour color was restored.

At the end of season 2, Lopez was captured by O'Malley, who later reprogrammed him to become another tool in his plan to conquer the universe. Sarge had installed most of a weather control system capable of wiping out both Armies in Lopez, which is part of what prompted O'Malley to steal him. There is also top-secret strategic information from Red Command embedded in Lopez's head, so the Reds were forced to cooperate with the Blues to try and recover Lopez.

However, due to a bizzare series of events, Lopez is eventually reduced to nothing more than a disembodied head (although he can still apparently hold conversations and fire a machine gun, as "he is very determined", as Simmons points out).
Voiced (in poorly accented Spanish) by Mike 'Burnie' Burns

M12-LRV (the "Warthog"/"Puma")

The M12-LRV is a battle jeep that was delivered to the Red Army in episode 2. Sarge named it the Warthog in his introduction, but Grif suggested the name "Puma" since he thought it didn't look much like a warthog. Although the Warthog is not itself sentient, it has a homing beacon and remote control system in it that is linked up with Lopez. This system was activated during season 2 when Church and Tucker were trying to activate Lopez' repair sequence while Church was possessing him.

The Warthog seems to bring bad luck to whoever is driving it or is close to it. During its two seasons of appearance, it spends most of its time being repaired after being shot or blown up. The teams leave it behind when they leave Blood Gulch, but find it (or another jeep) when they are sent forward in time by the explosion.

Blue Army

Private Leonard L. Church (Light Blue Armor)

Church is the Blue team's bitter, sarcastic, battle-hardened de facto leader. On the Blue team, he serves as both straight man and fall guy. The most proactive of the show's characters, he tries the hardest to make everything right, and yet most of the show's disasters end up falling directly on him. This has left him extremely disillusioned and anti-social. He dislikes both Tucker and Caboose for their exasperating eccentricites, and once claimed that "knowing other people" just waters down the experience of being Church.

Killed early in the series, he returns as a ghost to help his teammates. Being a ghost, he can take control of other characters' armor (for most of season 2, he possesses Lopez). Eventually, Church takes Donut hostage and convinces Sarge to build him and Tex new robot bodies.

Other than his harsh, cynical outlook on life, Church is actually, like Simmons, reasonably intelligent and emotionally stable. As leaders go, he's quite a bit more competent than Sarge. His plans are usually pretty solid (and, unlike Sarge's plans, don't involve pointlessly sacrificing his own men), but fate (and the incredible incompetence of Caboose) often conspire to bring him failure and suffering. Church also appears to have incredibly bad aim with the sniper rifle.

Prior to the Blood Gulch era, Church had a romantic relationship with Tex. Though he still has feelings for her, he'll deny this to anyone who asks and has a love-hate relationship going with her.

During Season 3, Church is sent back in time, and takes advantage of this by trying to prevent everything that goes wrong in Blood Gulch, including his and Tex's deaths. Unfortunately for Church, in a classic self-fulfilling prophecy scenario, it becomes evident that HE is the cause of almost everything that ever went wrong.
Voiced by Mike 'Burnie' Burns

Private Lavernius Tucker (Teal Armor)

Tucker is the Blue team's smart-aleck, sarcastic, foul-mouthed man-child. He is probably the most "average" member of the Blue team, not as hardened as Church but not as clueless as Caboose. He dislikes combat and doing work (even more than Red Army's Grif) - so much so that he always complains and tries very hard to stall whenever someone orders him into battle. Tucker is also a bit obsessed with women and is frustrated that the only "females" in the canyon are a tank, a special ops mercenary (who'd just as soon kill him as look at him), and a man in pink. Consequently, he spends a great deal of time behind a rock relieving his loneliness.

Although he often lacks in prudence and common sense, and sometimes jumps to conclusions without careful thinking (he assumes he's teleported into the past for no good reason the first time he uses the teleporter, in ignorance of Occam's Razor), Tucker has gotten somewhat smarter as the series has progressed, and has conceived a few decent plans and had a couple heroic moments.

Due to firearms' scarcity (along with the faster reflexes of the other soldiers), Tucker hasn't yet been able to use a sniper rifle -- a fact that infuriates him throughout the series.

Vic, O'Malley, and Wyoming all want Tucker dead because in the Season two season finale he accidentally discovered that Red and Blue were (apparently) both controlled by Vic. Unfortunately for Tucker, everyone else either doesn't believe him or just doesn't care. As it turns out, Church seems to have discovered that Tucker's "discovery" was in error, and that it was all just something Vic made up to confuse everyone.

Tucker was recently able to aqcuire an Energy Sword during the attack on O'Malley's base. In a rare (for him) moment of decisive action, he used the weapon to lethal effect against the Red Zealot. Realizing its extreme effectiveness, he actually turned down an offer by Tex to trade it for her sniper rifle.

Tucker may or may not be of African descent, on account of his African-sounding first name - something Church never bothered to learn, to much annoyance of Tucker.
Voiced by Jason Saldaņa

Private Michael J. Caboose (Blue Armor)

Caboose is the Blue Army's rookie, as well as the most bizarre and deranged character on the show. Despite being well-meaning and probably the least spiteful person in the Gulch, he is clueless, childlike, and somewhat insane. He occasionally asks questions about things the others take for granted (like why a flag is so important). He is also pretty slow on the uptake, and often fails to understand even basic concepts (such as the meaning of "A.I.").

Caboose desperately wants to obtain the friendship and approval of Church (probably to make up for killing him), but his attempts to help often only make things worse, and he has accidentally teamkilled Church on two occasions and inadvertantly called his girlfriend a slut. As a result, Church despises him greatly. Caboose is also infatuated with Sheila the tank, and gets insanely jealous when she elopes with Lopez.

Despite his eccentricities, Caboose's mind might actually be stronger than it appears, as he was able to successfully contain the evil O'Malley for several episodes without any of the formal training Tex had(whereas Doc was completely taken over almost immedietely). However, being briefly inhabited by O'Malley apparently has damaged Caboose's brain even further and altered his personality. He used to be reasonably clever and sarcastic, but now his grasp on reality has become more than a little unhinged, causing him to utter some of the show's most bizarre and humorous lines, and he can no longer even spell his own name correctly.

He is also physically the strongest soldier in both the Red and Blue teams; Church and Tucker think that it is "God's way of compensating." He was assumed to be the prophesied GREAT DESTROYER, but it turns out the GREAT DESTROYER is someone (or rather, something) else. Caboose also has extremely skewed mental images of everyone (such as Sarge having a pirate accent, Donut being a girl and Church being his best friend).
Voiced by Joel Heyman

Tex [Real Name:Allison] {Code Name:Nevada} (Black Armor)

The deadliest and most professional soldier in the Gulch, Tex is a freelancer (a special ops soldier working for the highest bidder) and Church's former girlfriend. Although she lacks the more eccentric personality traits seen in the other Blood Gulch characters, her pronounced sadistic streak and propensity for massive, disproportionate violence makes her anything but normal. Tex's special ops training makes her the most competently lethal member of the Blood Gulch cast (with the possible exception of Sheila the tank); she slaughtered Church's entire old squad on Sidewinder. She's also equipped with active camouflage that allows her to become invisible.

Despite her freelancer status, Tex sticks with the Blues because, to repay a favor, she decided to help them out until they beat the Reds. As the Blues and Reds are cooperating right now, Tex has diverted her energies towards eliminating the scourge of O'Malley from the universe once and for all.

Tex was part of an elite unit in which each member was named after one of the United States. Her code name is "Nevada", but her name "Tex" indicates that she's from Texas. Her real name, as indicated from Wyoming, is Allison. Each member was paired with an experimental AI to make him or her stronger and more aggressive. Tex's AI was O'Malley, who jumped from her body to Caboose when it assessed it she had little chance of surving her second attack on the Red base. After she is killed, she comes back as a ghost like Church. However, she does not manifest herself until the middle of season 2. Church eventually gets Sarge to build her a robot body to possess, so she'll won't steal the one he has.

Even though Church states that she's always been moody and violent even without the AI, and she does often insult Church, she's actually pretty tolerant of the rest of the Blood Gulch cast and their various eccentricities (although one episode suggests that she has a habit of punching them in the head while they sleep). As a freelancer, she'll jump at killing at the drop of a hat if the price is right. She's one of the only ones of the Gulch crew with repair skills. The Reds owe her one favor, to be named later.
Voiced by Kathleen Zuelch

Sheila (Tank)

Originally named Phyllis, Sheila is the AI of the Blue army's M808B Main Battle Tank. She seems friendly enough, but, being a tank, she has a habit of blowing people up (including her own teammate Church). Sheila is bombed out of action by Sarge's dropship early on, but is repaired by Tex several episodes later.

She seems to despise Tucker, and calls him a retard over and over when he tries to drive her. She also seems to like Caboose at least a little. However, in the middle of season 2, she ends up falling in love with the robot Lopez, and the two of them elope. She appears to understand Spanish, and thus is the only "person" in the canyon who can comprehend Lopez, aside from Donut.

At one point, she and Lopez attempt to lead a robot revolution against the humans in response to the perceived abuse suffered by the Gulch's robots: being constantly blown up or possessed by ghosts (even though the others also suffer same), but after Lopez is kidnapped by O'Malley, she puts her differences aside to help retrieve him.

Because Sheila cannot fit through the teleporter (due to being built by the lowest bidder, her A.I. is hardwired into her body), she remains behind on Blood Gulch while the Red and Blue teams go through to pursue O'Malley. After a brief encounter with a time-traveling Church, Sheila goes to sleep and presumably remains alone as the sole inhabitant of Blood Gulch for the better part of a millenium.
Voiced by Yomary Cruz


Vic (Pillar of Autumn Comm Officer)

Vic is the contact for both armies at Red Command and Blue Command, which are possibly actually the same Command, though the respective armies do not know this (except for Tucker, whom no one believes). Vic didn't even know it until a misunderstanding between him and back-from-the-future Church re-retconned the entire series. While Vic's actual status has been retconned and re-retconned throughout Season 3, he appears to be the man secretly in control of both Red, Blue, and O'Malley.

Vic behaves like an annoying, ineffective tech support guy, constantly calling people "dude" and often offering obtuse and unhelpful advice coupled with biting insults. He can be quite inappropriate, at one point forcing Doc into a lengthy conversation about Vic's sterility.

Vic is apparently working with O'Malley to some degree (although he seems to regard O'Malley as more of a necessary annoyance than a partner), and O'Malley arranges for an assassin to hunt down Tucker in order to preserve Vic's secret.
Voiced by Randall Glass in Season One, voiced by Mike "Burnie" Burns in Season Two and Three

Medical Officer Frank Dufresne, or Doc (Purple Armor)

Doc is sent to Blood Gulch to treat injuries on both armies. He is actually a pretty unskilled medic, for example treating Caboose's bullet wound to the toe by rubbing his neck with aloe vera (though it seems it worked). He is also a pacifist of the most extreme kind. He tries to avoid doing or even saying anything that would seem aggressive or competitive.

Because of his extreme pacificism in the middle of a war, he quickly earns the ire of both the Blue and Red teams and is eventually exiled into a cavern equidistant from both bases. There, Doc ends up being possessed by O'Malley, and has various split-personality Gollum/Smeagol conversations with him. The difference between Doc and O'Malley is even greater than it is for the former pair, however. Doc apologizes on occasion for O'Malley's trash-talk and conduct.

Both Doc and O'Malley are the only characters who have voiced a desire to actually try and end the war. Doc wants to do this by bringing both sides together, while O'Malley's solution is to simply wipe out both sides.
Voiced by Matt Hullum


The common enemy of both Red and Blue, O'Malley is an AI (like Cortana in the original Halo game) put into Tex's armor during training in order to make her more aggressive and dangerous. Just before Tex is killed, O'Malley leaps via radio into the body of Caboose, where he causes Caboose to periodically make threatening statements in "a scary voice", but fails to actually take control of his body. After being forced from Caboose by Church and Tex, O'Malley possesses Medical Officer Dufresne, who he is immedietely able to take total control of and embark upon his own agenda.

His personality is extremely evil and aggressive. Your basic over-the-top, megalomaniacal screwball, Vic calls him "Doctor Baron von Evil Satan", and he pretty much wants to destroy both the Red and Blue Armies and either destroy or take over the universe and "crush every living soul into dust."

O'Malley is also prone to very long, silly, and utterly unnecessary monologues, usually accompanied by extreme close-ups of his face, followed by long, sensless evil laughing. He frequently mispronounces words (such as pronouncing nuclear as nucular) and must be reminded of them by Lopez and Doc.

O'Malley's has made many strange, sometimes ridiculous statements throughout seasons 2 and 3, including:

  • I will devour their insides and crap out their souls!
  • They will taste oblivion! Which tastes just like Red Bull! Which is disgusting!
  • We will destroy them all like an evil wind!
  • You foolish fools will never defeat me! You're far too busy being foolish!
  • Only now do you realize the folly of your follies! Prepare for an oblivion, for which there is no preparation!

His real name may be Omega. Wyoming called him this a few times, and it would seem the AI had picked the name O'Malley as it sounded similar and it felt it would be a convincing cover name.
O'Malley has been voiced by two people during the series; while possesing Caboose he is voiced by Joel Heyman (Caboose's VA), and while possesing Doc he is voiced by Matt Hullum (Doc's VA)

Guest characters


Wyoming (white armor) is a ruthless mercenary/bounty hunter with a (rather fake) British accent who has been hired by O'Malley to kill Tucker. Like Tex, he was trained in a secret project, in which all the participants were paired with an AI and code-named after one of the 49 American states that still exist at the time. During his search for Tucker, he single-handedly wipes out the entire Sidewinder-based Red team (the Blues there were already killed by Tex before the series started). He is also responsible for shooting the rocket launcher out of Tucker's hands at a critical moment, keeping Tucker from destroying Church before the bomb inside the latter exploded, which, when combined with the power of the weather matrix in Lopez, threw most of the characters into the future and Church to be thrown into the past. The whereabouts of Wyoming are currently unknown.
Voiced by Matt Hullum
† "Man, poor Florida." - Tucker

The Red Zealot

The Red Zealot (red armor) is one of the immortal, respawning Red team members from the Battle Creek map (seen in Season 3). A hyperactive, frantic, melodramatic fellow with a high-pitched voice, his fast-paced speech consists almost entirely of Biblical-type quotes and religious dogma, and in battle he often speaks about crusades and promised lands. He has hooked up with O'Malley, having been convinced the rogue A.I. is in fact the Guardian of the Holy Temple. His teammates (O'Malley, Doc, and Lopez) find him extremely annoying, but keep him around because he performs menial tasks without complaint and even with a degree of enjoyment. Ultimately, he was killed in combat by Tucker, who was weilding the Plasma Sword when the Red-Blue alliance launched their attack on O'Malley's citadel.
Voiced by Mike 'Burnie' Burns, under the influence of helium.

Gary the computer

Gary is the computer (similar to Marathon's Durandal) that Church meets when he is propelled 1,856 years into the past. Gary is the keeper of the GREAT WEAPON, and tells from the GREAT PROPHECY that a Blue being who will be the stupidest life form in the universe (which Church assumes is a reference to Caboose) will obtain the GREAT WEAPON, become the GREAT DESTROYER, and bring about the GREAT DOOM to billions of people. Church convinces Gary to build a teleporter that will transport him to Blood Gulch, so he can hopefully prevent everything that has happened. At full processing power, it took Gary slightly over 1,000 years to build one, so he and Church passed the time by telling jokes. Gary is quite fond of jokes, and often uses knock-knock jokes to communicate, rather than giving a straight answer. The race that programmed Gary call humans Shisno (The feces of the feces of the smelliest animal on the planet. And no, that is not a typo).
Voiced by a computer voice-synthesis program

Andy the bomb

Andy is the bomb that Caboose carried into Gary's complex. He has a short temper, and is somewhat rude. He and Gary rarely converse, as they are "not on speaking terms." Andy tells Caboose about the Red's secret meeting, but his cohorts don't believe him at first, as Andy is silent when they approach. However, he has an outburst when Gary insists that Andy is the jerk. In more recent episodes, the Blues and Tex have had to calm Andy down to prevent him from exploding.
Voiced by Nathan Zellner

Captain Butch Flowers

Captain Butch Flowers was the Blue Army's previous commanding officer at Blood Gulch, who died well before the series started. His character is introduced to us when Church travels forward in time to his own past. Flowers appears to be a very mellow person, with a very odd, informal style of leadership and personality, and he speaks very softly. He tends to be very 'affectionate' with the troops under his command. He insists that his troops call him "Captain" or "Cappy." Besides the Red Team, he believes that the Blue Army's greatest threats are things like apathy and indifference. Before his death, Flowers was planning to lead a Blue offensive to destroy the Red Army in Blood Gulch, and knew the key to the Blue Army's victory. However, he died from an apparent heart attack in his sleep before he could lead the attack, reveal his plans, or put in an order for Tucker's sniper rifle. When Church goes to his own past, he tries to prevent Flowers' death by injecting Flowers with medication, but it turned out that Flowers was allergic to the aspirin in it, and Church's injection was the real cause of his death all along. Flowers lives on after a fashion, however, as his teal armor is taken by Tucker, who wore standard Blue armor (like Caboose later does) at the time.
Voiced by Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies


The GREAT DESTROYER is a being that will steal the Plasma Sword and use it to bring the GREAT DOOM to the galaxy, according to a prophecy by the race that built Gary. The prophecy describes the GREAT DESTROYER as a "blue being" who will be "the stupidest lifeform in the universe". For a long time, it was assumed that the prophecy referred to Caboose, but was then assumed to be Tucker(because he had obtained the Covenant Energy Sword), then Tex. However at the very end of the Season 3 season finale, The Storm, it is revealed the GREAT DESTROYER is an entirely different character altogether. The Destroyer appears (off-camera) and single-handedly wipes out O'Malley's robot army, and apparently kills O'Malley himself. The Destroyer is finally seen sneaking up on Church at the end of the episode. It turns out to be a blue Covenant Elite (even though at one point Gary states that the GREAT DESTROYER is human), although it's intelligence (or lack thereof) has yet to be established. It is possible that a sometimes cloaked, sometimes blue figure that often appeared far off in the background during much of Season 3 was the GREAT DESTROYER, although this is not clear.


Not much is known about poor Phil. He was a Red soldier stationed at Sidewinder as a guard. He was pretty negative about everything, asserting repeatedly that this and that "suck." He was on duty when Wyoming found him, possibly mistook him for Lopez, and started to interrogate him. Soon Wyoming found out that he was wrong, got a call for another job, and, despite Phil's claims to being a single parent, just shot him in the face.
Voiced by Mike 'Burnie' Burns


Very little is known about Jimmy either, other than that he was a member of the Blue army and was stationed at Sidewinder for a long time. When Tex killed Church's squad, Church purports that she "ripped Jimmy's skull out of his head and beat him to death with it", a feat that both Tucker and Jimmy himself complained was "not physically possible".
Voiced by John Ferrell

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