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1986 Golden Raspberry Awards1986 Governor General's Awards1986 Whitbread Awards
1986 World Exposition1986 World Series1986 in Canada
1986 in India1986 in architecture1986 in aviation
1986 in film1986 in gay rights1986 in literature
1986 in science1986 in sports1986 in television
19871987-88 American network television schedule1987 Atlantic hurricane season
1987 Golden Raspberries1987 Golden Raspberry Awards1987 Governor General's Awards
1987 Irish General Election1987 Rugby Union World Cup1987 UK general election
1987 Whitbread Awards1987 World Championships in Athletics1987 World Cup
1987 cricket World Cup1987 in Canada1987 in architecture
1987 in aviation1987 in film1987 in gay rights
1987 in literature1987 in music1987 in science
1987 in sports1987 in television1988
1988-89 American network television schedule1988 Atlantic hurricane season1988 Canadian election
1988 Canadian incumbents1988 Democratic National Convention1988 European Football Championship
1988 Golden Raspberries1988 Golden Raspberry Awards1988 Governor General's Awards
1988 Olympics1988 Pan Am 1031988 Paralympics
1988 Republican National Convention1988 Summer Olympic Games1988 Summer Olympics
1988 Summer Paralympics1988 United States presidential election1988 Whitbread Awards
1988 Winter Olympic Games1988 Winter Olympics1988 Winter Paralympics
1988 in Canada1988 in architecture1988 in aviation
1988 in film1988 in gay rights1988 in literature
1988 in music1988 in science1988 in sports
1988 in television19891989-90 American network television schedule
1989 - 1992 Rugby League World Cup1989 Atlantic hurricane season1989 Canadian incumbents
1989 Golden Raspberries1989 Golden Raspberry Awards1989 Governor General's Awards
1989 Irish General Election1989 Quebec election1989 Tiananmen Square Crackdown
1989 Whitbread Awards1989 in Canada1989 in India
1989 in architecture1989 in art1989 in aviation
1989 in film1989 in gay rights1989 in literature
1989 in music1989 in science1989 in sports
1989 in television1989 invasion of Panama198 Ampella
198 BC198 BCE199
19901990's1990-91 American network television schedule
1990/1 Gulf War1990 Atlantic hurricane season1990 Canadian incumbents
1990 Golden Raspberries1990 Golden Raspberry Awards1990 Governor General's Awards
1990 Whitbread Awards1990 in Canada1990 in India
1990 in architecture1990 in art1990 in aviation
1990 in film1990 in gay rights1990 in literature
1990 in music1990 in science1990 in sport
1990 in sports1990 in television1990s
1990s BC1990s UK local government reform1990s in film
1990s in music1990s movies1990s music groups
19911991-92 American network television schedule1991: The Year Punk Broke
1991 Atlantic hurricane season1991 BC1991 Canadian incumbents
1991 Golden Raspberries1991 Golden Raspberry Awards1991 Governor General's Awards
1991 Gulf War1991 NHL Entry Draft1991 Persian Gulf War
1991 Tailhook sandal1991 Whitbread Awards1991 World Championships in Athletics
1991 cricket World Cup1991 in Canada1991 in India
1991 in architecture1991 in aviation1991 in film
1991 in gay rights1991 in literature1991 in music
1991 in science1991 in sports1991 in television
19921992-93 American network television schedule1992 Atlantic hurricane season
1992 Canadian incumbents1992 Democratic National Convention1992 Democratic presidential primary
1992 European Football Championship1992 Eurovision Song Contest1992 Golden Raspberries
1992 Golden Raspberry Awards1992 Governor General's Awards1992 Irish General Election
1992 Los Angeles Riots1992 NHL Entry Draft1992 Olympic Games
1992 Olympics1992 Paralympics1992 QB1
1992 Republican National Convention1992 Summer Olympics1992 Summer Paralympics
1992 UK General Election1992 UK general election1992 Whitbread Awards
1992 Winter Olympic Games1992 Winter Olympics1992 Winter Paralympics
1992 World Series1992 civil unrest in Los Angeles1992 cricket World Cup
1992 in Canada1992 in India1992 in architecture
1992 in art1992 in aviation1992 in film
1992 in gay rights1992 in literature1992 in music
1992 in science1992 in sports1992 in television
19931993-94 American network television schedule1993 Atlantic hurricane season
1993 BC1993 Canadian election1993 Canadian incumbents
1993 Golden Raspberries1993 Golden Raspberry Awards1993 Governor General's Awards
1993 Mumbai Bombings1993 Mumbai bombings1993 Oslo Peace Accords between Palestinians and Israel
1993 WTC Bombing1993 Whitbread Awards1993 World Championships in Athletics
1993 World Series1993 World Trade Center Bombing1993 World Trade Center bombing
1993 World Trade Center bombings1993 bombing attack of the WTC1993 in Canada
1993 in India1993 in architecture1993 in aviation
1993 in film1993 in gay rights1993 in literature
1993 in music1993 in science1993 in sports
1993 in television19941994 Atlantic hurricane season
1994 Canadian incumbents1994 European Men's Handball Championship1994 FIFA World Cup
1994 Golden Raspberries1994 Golden Raspberry Awards1994 Governor General's Awards
1994 Group1994 Group of Universities1994 Northridge Earthquake
1994 Quebec election1994 U.S.-North Korea nuclear pact1994 Whitbread Awards
1994 Winter Olympic Games1994 Winter Olympics1994 Winter Paralympics
1994 World Series1994 economic crisis in Mexico1994 in Canada
1994 in India1994 in architecture1994 in art
1994 in aviation1994 in film1994 in gay rights
1994 in literature1994 in music1994 in science
1994 in sports1994 in television1995
1995-1996 European Rugby Cup1995-1996 Taiwan Strait crisis1995-96 Taiwan Strait Crisis
1995-96 Taiwan Strait crisis1995-96 Taiwan Straits Crisis1995 Atlantic Hurricane season
1995 Atlantic hurricane season1995 Canadian incumbents1995 Golden Raspberries
1995 Golden Raspberry Awards1995 Governor General's Awards1995 Islamist terror bombings in France
1995 Ontario election1995 Quebec referendum1995 Rugby League World Cup
1995 Rugby Union World Cup1995 Taiwan Strait Crisis1995 Whitbread Awards
1995 World Championships in Athletics1995 cricket World Cup1995 in Canada
1995 in India1995 in architecture1995 in aviation
1995 in film1995 in gay rights1995 in literature
1995 in music1995 in politics1995 in science
1995 in sports1995 in television1995 islamist terror bombings in France
19961996-1997 European Rugby Cup1996 Atlantic hurricane season
1996 Bloc Québécois leadership race1996 British Columbia Election1996 British Columbia election
1996 Canadian incumbents1996 Election for ROC Presidency1996 European Football Championship
1996 European Men's Handball Championship1996 FIFA World Player of the Year1996 Golden Raspberries
1996 Golden Raspberry Awards1996 Governor General's Awards1996 Olympic Games
1996 Olympic bombing1996 Olympics1996 Pulitzer Prize
1996 Republican National Convention1996 Summer Olympic Games1996 Summer Olympics
1996 Summer Paralympics1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis1996 U.S. Presidential Election
1996 Whitbread Awards1996 cricket World Cup1996 crisis in the Taiwan Strait
1996 in Canada1996 in India1996 in architecture
1996 in art1996 in aviation1996 in film
1996 in gay rights1996 in literature1996 in music
1996 in science1996 in sports1996 in television
19971997-1998 European Rugby Cup1997 Atlantic hurricane season
1997 BC1997 British Lions tour to South Africa1997 Canadian election
1997 Canadian incumbents1997 FIFA World Player of the Year1997 Golden Raspberries
1997 Golden Raspberry Awards1997 Governor General's Awards1997 Irish General Election
1997 UK general election1997 Whitbread Awards1997 World Championships in Athletics
1997 World Series1997 XF111997 XR2
1997 film1997 general election1997 general election (UK)
1997 in Canada1997 in India1997 in architecture
1997 in aviation1997 in film1997 in gay rights
1997 in literature1997 in music1997 in science
1997 in sports1997 in television1998
1998-1999 European Rugby Cup1998 American embassy bombings1998 Atlantic hurricane season
1998 Canadian incumbents1998 Commonwealth Games1998 European Men's Handball Championship
1998 FIFA World Player of the Year1998 Football World Cup1998 Golden Raspberries
1998 Golden Raspberry Awards1998 Governor General's Awards1998 KY26
1998 ML141998 NHL Entry Draft1998 Quebec election
1998 U.S. embassy bombings1998 Whitbread Awards1998 Winter Olympic Games
1998 Winter Olympics1998 Winter Paralympics1998 bombings of the United States embassies
1998 film1998 in Canada1998 in India
1998 in architecture1998 in art1998 in aviation
1998 in film1998 in gay rights1998 in literature
1998 in music1998 in science1998 in sports
1998 in television19991999-2000 European Rugby Cup
1999 Atlantic hurricane season1999 CDU Funding Scandal1999 Canadian incumbents
1999 European Parliament Election1999 European Parliament Elections1999 FIFA World Player of the Year
1999 Golden Raspberries1999 Golden Raspberry Awards1999 Governor General's Awards
1999 JM81999 KW41999 Kargil Conflict/Temp
1999 NHL Entry Draft1999 Ontario election1999 Rugby Union World Cup
1999 Whitbread Awards1999 World Championships in Athletics1999 cricket World Cup
1999 film1999 in Canada1999 in India
1999 in architecture1999 in aviation1999 in film
1999 in gay rights1999 in literature1999 in music
1999 in science1999 in sports1999 in television
199 BC199 BCE199 Byblis
19P/Borrelly19 (number)19 April
19 August19 BC19 BCE
19 Dec19 December19 February
19 Fortuna19 January19 July
19 June19 March19 May
19 November19 October19 September
19 Squadron SAAF19 inch rack19 municipalities of Brussels
19eme arrondissement, Paris19th-Century19th-century
19th-century philosophy19th Amendment19th Amendment to the United States Constitution
19th April19th August19th Century
19th Century National League Teams19th Congress19th December
19th February19th January19th July
19th June19th March19th May
19th November19th October19th September
19th amendment19th and Vine District19th century

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