U.S. House election, 2004

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Elections to the 109th United States House of Representatives were held on November 2, 2004. The House of Representatives has 435 seats; in the 108th Congress, Republicans held 227 seats, Democrats held 205, with two Republican vacancies and one independent. As a consequence of this election, the 109th United States House of Representatives is composed of 232 Republicans, 202 Democrats and one independent, Bernard Sanders of Vermont (who usually votes with the Democrats). The Republicans built up their House majority by 3 seats (gaining 7 but losing 4).

Of the seven gross seats the Republicans gained, five can be attributed to a special redistricting plan in Texas led by Republican Representative Tom DeLay. His redistricting plan was put into action, turning five Democratic seats Republican. A mid-decade redistricting like this was unprecedented and controversial.

Outside of Texas, Democrats gained two seats net, gaining open seats in Colorado and New York and ousting incumbents in Georgia and Illinois. Republicans gained an open seat in Kentucky and ousted an incumbent in Indiana. A pair of seats in Louisiana swapped party control.

On the same date occurred:

Table showing incumbents for each district by party


Voting members

Key to party abbreviations: C=Constitution, D=Democrat, G=Green, I=Independent, IP=Independence Party, L=Libertarian, R=Republican


Alabama congressional districts

Alabama 1Jo BonnerRepublican2002RunningJo Bonner (R) 63%
Judy McCain Belk (D) 37%
Alabama 2Terry EverettRepublican1992RunningTerry Everett (R) 72%
Chuck James (D) 28%
Alabama 3Mike D. RogersRepublican2002RunningMike D. Rogers (R) 61%
Bill Fuller (D) 39%
Alabama 4Robert AderholtRepublican1996RunningRobert Aderholt (R) 75%
Carl Cole (D) 25%
Alabama 5Robert CramerDemocrat1990RunningRobert Cramer (D) 73%
Gerry Wallace (R) 27%
Alabama 6Spencer BachusRepublican 1992RunningSpencer Bachus (R) unopposed
Alabama 7Artur DavisDemocrat2002RunningArtur Davis (D) 75%
Steve Cameron (R) 25%


Alaska At LargeDon YoungRepublican1973RunningDon Young (R) 72%
Thomas Higgins (D) 22%
Timothy Feller (G) 4%
Alvin Anders (L) 2%


Arizona congressional districts

Arizona 1Rick RenziRepublican2002RunningRick Renzi (R) 59%
Paul Babbitt (D) 36%
John Crockett (L) 5%
Arizona 2Trent FranksRepublican2002RunningTrent Franks (R) 59%
Randy Camacho (D) 39%
Powell Gamill (L) 2%
Arizona 3John ShadeggRepublican1994RunningJohn Shadegg (R) 80%
Mark Yannone (L) 20%
Arizona 4Ed PastorDemocrat1990RunningEd Pastor (D) 70%
Don Karg (R) 26%
Gary Fallon (L) 4%
Arizona 5J. D. HayworthRepublican1994RunningJ. D. Hayworth (R) 60%
Elizabeth Rogers (D) 38%
Michael Kielsky (L) 2%
Arizona 6Jeff FlakeRepublican2000RunningJeff Flake (R) 79%
Craig Stritar (L) 21%
Arizona 7Raul GrijalvaDemocrat2002RunningRaul Grijalva (D) 61%
Joseph Sweeney (R) 34%
Dave Kaplan (L) 5%
Arizona 8Jim KolbeRepublican1984RunningJim Kolbe (R) 60%
Eva Bacal (D) 36%
Robert Anderson (L) 4%


Arkansas congressional districts

Arkansas 1Marion BerryDemocrat1996RunningMarion Berry (D) 67%
Vernon Humphrey (R) 33%
Arkansas 2Vic SnyderDemocrat1996RunningVic Snyder (D) 58%
Marvin Parks (R) 42%
Arkansas 3John BoozmanRepublican2000RunningJohn Boozman (R) 59%
Jan Judy (D) 38%
Dale Morfey (I) 3%
Arkansas 4Mike RossDemocrat2000RunningMike Ross (D) unopposed


Missing image
California congressional districts

California 1Mike ThompsonDemocrat1998RunningMike Thompson (D) 67%
Lawrence Wiesner (R) 28%
Pamela Elizondo (G) 5%
California 2Wally HergerRepublican1988RunningWally Herger (R) 67%
Mike Johnson (D) 33%
California 3Doug OseRepublican1998RetiringDan Lungren (R) 62%
Gabe Castillo (D) 35%
D.A. Tuma (L) 3%
California 4John DoolittleRepublican1990RunningJohn Doolittle (R) 65%
Dave Winters (D) 35%
California 5Bob MatsuiDemocrat1978RunningBob Matsui (D) 72%
Mike Dugas (R) 23%
Pat Driscoll (G) 3%
John Reiger (PFP) 2%
California 6Lynn WoolseyDemocrat1992RunningLynn Woolsey (D) 72%
Paul Erikson (R) 28%
California 7George MillerDemocrat1974RunningGeorge Miller (D) 76%
Charles Hargrave (R) 24%
California 8Nancy PelosiDemocrat1986RunningNancy Pelosi (D) 85%
Jennifer DePalma (R) 12%
Leilani Dowell (I) 3%
Terry Baum (G) 2%
California 9Barbara LeeDemocrat1998RunningBarbara Lee (D) 84%
Claudia Bermudez (R) 13%
James Eyer (L) 3%
California 10Ellen TauscherDemocrat1996RunningEllen Tauscher (D) 65%
Jeff Ketelson (R) 35%
California 11Richard PomboRepublican1992RunningRichard Pombo (R) 61%
Jerry McNerney (D) 39%
California 12Tom LantosDemocrat1980RunningTom Lantos (D) 68%
Mike Garza (R) 21%
Patricia Gray (G) 9%
Harland Harrison (L) 2%
California 13Pete StarkDemocrat1972RunningPete Stark (D) 71%
George Bruno (R) 25%
Mark Stroberg (L) 4%
California 14Anna EshooDemocrat1992RunningAnna Eshoo (D) 70%
J. Chris Haugen (R) 26%
Brian Holtz (L) 4%
California 15Mike HondaDemocrat2000RunningMike Honda (D) 72%
Raymond Chukwu (R) 28%
California 16Zoe LofgrenDemocrat1994RunningZoe Lofgren (D) 71%
Douglas McNea (R) 26%
Markus Welch (L) 3%
California 17Sam FarrDemocrat1992RunningSam Farr (D) 67%
Mark Risley (R) 29%
Ray Glock-Greuneich (G) 2%
California 18Dennis CardozaDemocrat2002RunningDennis Cardoza (D) 67%
Charles Pringle (R) 33%
California 19George RadanovichRepublican1996RunningGeorge Radanovich (R) 66%
James Lex Bufford (D) 27%
Larry Mullen (G) 7%
California 20Cal DooleyDemocrat1990RetiringJim Costa (D) 54%
Roy Ashburn (R) 46%
California 21Devin NunesRepublican2000RunningDevin Nunes (R) 73%
Fred Davis (D) 27%
California 22Bill ThomasRepublican1978RunningBill Thomas (R) unopposed
California 23Lois CappsDemocrat1998RunningLois Capps (D) 63%
Don Regan (R) 34%
Michael Favorite (L) 3%
California 24Elton GalleglyRepublican1986RunningElton Gallegly (R) 63%
Brett Wagner (D) 34%
Stuart Bechman (G) 3%
California 25Howard McKeonRepublican1992RunningHoward McKeon (R) 65%
Tim Willoughby (D) 35%
California 26David DreierRepublican1980RunningDavid Dreier (R) 54%
Cynthia Matthews (D) 43%
Randall Weissbuch (L) 3%
California 27Brad ShermanDemocrat1996RunningBrad Sherman (D) 62%
Robert Levy (R) 34%
Eric Carter (G) 4%
California 28Howard BermanDemocrat1982RunningHoward Berman (D) 71%
David Hernandez Jr. (R) 23%
Kelley Ross (L) 6%
California 29Adam SchiffDemocrat2000RunningAdam Schiff (D) 65%
Harry Scolinos (R) 30%
Philip Koebel (G) 3%
Ted Brown (Libertarian) (L) 2%
California 30Henry WaxmanDemocrat1974RunningHenry Waxman (D) 71%
Victor Elizalde (R) 29%
California 31Xavier BecerraDemocrat1992RunningXavier Becerra (D) 81%
Luis Vega (R) 19%
California 32Hilda SolisDemocrat2000RunningHilda Solis (D) 85%
Leland Faegre (L) 15%
California 33Diane WatsonDemocrat2001RunningDiane Watson (D) 89%
Robert Weber (L) 11%
California 34Lucille Roybal-AllardDemocrat1992RunningLucille Roybal-Allard (D) 74%
Wayne Miller (R) 26%
California 35Maxine WatersDemocrat1990RunningMaxine Waters (D) 80%
Ross Moen (R) 16%
Gordon Mego (I) 2%
Charles Tate (L) 2%
California 36Jane HarmanDemocrat1986RunningJane Harman (D) 62%
Paul Whitehead (R) 34%
Alice Stek (I) 2%
Mike Binkley (L) 2%
California 37Juanita Millender-McDonaldDemocrat1996RunningJuanita Millender-McDonald (D) 75%
Vernon Van (R) 20%
Herb Peters (L) 5%
California 38Grace NapolitanoDemocrat1998RunningGrace Napolitano (D) unopposed
California 39Linda SanchezDemocrat2002RunningLinda Sanchez (D) 61%
Tim Escobar (R) 39%
California 40Ed RoyceRepublican1992RunningEd Royce (R) 68%
J. Tilman Williams (D) 32%
California 41Jerry LewisRepublican1978RunningJerry Lewis (R) 83%
Peymon Mottahedeh (L) 17%
California 42Gary MillerRepublican1998RunningGary Miller (R) 68%
Lewis Myers (D) 32%
California 43Joe BacaDemocrat1999RunningJoe Baca (D) 66%
Ed Laning (R) 34%
California 44Ken CalvertRepublican1992RunningKen Calvert (R) 61%
Louis Vandenberg (D) 36%
Kevin Akin (I) 3%
California 45Mary BonoRepublican1998RunningMary Bono (R) 66%
Richard Meyer (D) 34%
California 46Dana RohrabacherRepublican1988RunningDana Rohrabacher (R) 61%
Jim Brandt (D) 33%
Tom Lash (G) 4%
Keith Gann (L) 2%
California 47Loretta SanchezDemocrat1996RunningLoretta Sanchez (D) 60%
Alexandria Coronado (R) 40%
California 48Chris CoxRepublican1988RunningChris Cox (R) 65%
John Graham (D) 32%
Bruce Cohen (L) 3%
California 49Darrell IssaRepublican2000RunningDarrell Issa (R) 62%
Mike Byron (D) 35%
Lars Grossmith (L) 3%
California 50Randy CunninghamRepublican1990RunningRandy Cunningham (R) 58%
Francine Busby (D) 37%
Gary Waayers (G) 2%
Diane Templin (I) 2%
California 51Bob FilnerDemocrat1992RunningBob Filner (D) 62%
Mike Giorgino (R) 35%
Mike Metti (L) 3%
California 52Duncan HunterRepublican1980RunningDuncan Hunter (R) 69%
Brian Keliher (D) 28%
Mike Benoit (L) 3%
California 53Susan DavisDemocrat2000RunningSusan Davis (D) 67%
Darin Hunzeker (R) 28%
Lawrence Rockwood (G) 3%
Adam Van Susteren (L) 2%


Colorado congressional districts

Colorado 1Diana DeGetteDemocrat1996RunningDiana DeGette (D) 73%
Roland Chicas (R) 25%
George Lilly (I) 2%
Colorado 2Mark UdallDemocrat1998RunningMark Udall (D) 67%
Stephen Hackman (R) 31%
Norman Olsen (L) 2%
Colorado 3Scott McInnisRepublican1992RetiringJohn Salazar (D) 50%
Greg Walcher (R) 47%
Jim Krug (I) 3%
Colorado 4Marilyn MusgraveRepublican2002RunningMarilyn Musgrave (R) 51%
Stan Matsunaka (D) 45%
Bob Kinsey (G) 4%
Colorado 5Joel HefleyRepublican1986RunningJoel Hefley (R) 71%
Fred Hardee (D) 27%
Arthur Roberts (L) 2%
Colorado 6Tom TancredoRepublican1998RunningTom Tancredo (R) 60%
Joanna Conti (D) 39%
Colorado 7Bob BeauprezRepublican2002RunningBob Beauprez (R) 55%
Dave Thomas (D) 43%
Clyde Harkins (I) 2%


Connecticut congressional districts

Connecticut 1John LarsonDemocrat1998RunningJohn Larson (D) 73%
John Halstead (R) 27%
Connecticut 2Rob SimmonsRepublican2000RunningRob Simmons (R) 54%
Jim Sullivan (D) 46%
Connecticut 3Rosa DeLauroDemocrat1990RunningRosa DeLauro (D) 72%
Richter Elser (R) 25%
Ralph Ferrucci (G) 3%
Connecticut 4Chris ShaysRepublican1987RunningChris Shays (R) 52%
Diane Farrell (D) 48%
Connecticut 5Nancy JohnsonRepublican1982RunningNancy Johnson (R) 60%
Theresa Gerratana (D) 38%


Delaware At LargeMichael N. CastleRepublican1992RunningMichael N. Castle (R) 69%
Paul Donnelly (D) 30%


Missing image
Florida congressional districts

Florida 1Jeff MillerRepublican2001RunningJeff Miller (R) 74%
Mark Coutu (D) 26%
Florida 2Allen BoydDemocrat1996RunningAllen Boyd (D) 62%
Bev Kilmer (R) 38%
Florida 3Corrine BrownDemocrat1992RunningCorrine Brown (D) unopposed
Florida 4Ander CrenshawRepublican2000RunningAnder Crenshaw (R) unopposed
Florida 5Ginny Brown-WaiteRepublican2002RunningGinny Brown-Waite (R) 66%
Robert Whittel (D) 34%
Florida 6Cliff StearnsRepublican1988RunningCliff Stearns (R) 64%
Dave Bruderly (D) 36%
Florida 7John MicaRepublican1992RunningJohn Mica (R) unopposed
Florida 8Ric KellerRepublican2000RunningRic Keller (R) 61%
Stephen Murray (D) 39%
Florida 9Michael BilirakisRepublican1982RunningMichael Bilirakis (R) unopposed
Florida 10Bill YoungRepublican1970RunningBill Young (R) 69%
Robert Dean Derry (D) 31%
Florida 11Jim DavisDemocrat1996RunningJim Davis (D) 86%
Robert Johnson (L) 14%
Florida 12Adam PutnamRepublican2000RunningAdam Putnam (R) 65%
Bob Hagenmeier (D) 35%
Florida 13Katherine HarrisRepublican2002RunningKatherine Harris (R) 55%
Jan Schneider (D) 45%
Florida 14"Vacant"(Seat was Republican in 2002)----Connie Mack IV (R) 67%
Robert Neeld (D) 33%
Florida 15Dave WeldonRepublican1994RunningDave Weldon (R) 65%
Simon Pristoop (D) 35%
Florida 16Mark FoleyRepublican1994RunningMark Foley (R) 68%
Jeffrey Jay Fisher (D) 32%
Florida 17Kendrick MeekDemocrat2002RunningKendrick Meek (D) unopposed
Florida 18Ileana Ros-LehtinenRepublican1989RunningIleana Ros-Lehtinen (R) 65%
Samuel Martin Sheldon (D) 35%
Florida 19Robert WexlerDemocrat1996RunningRobert Wexler (D) unopposed
Florida 20Peter DeutschDemocrat1992Running for SenateDebbie Wasserman Schultz (D) 70%
Margaret Hostetter (R) 30%
Florida 21Lincoln Diaz-BalartRepublican1992RunningLincoln Diaz-Balart (R) 72%
Frank Gonzalez (L) 28%
Florida 22 Clay Shaw Republican1980RunningClay Shaw (R) 63%
Jim Stork (D) 35%
Florida 23Alcee HastingsDemocrat1992RunningAlcee Hastings (D) unopposed
Florida 24Tom FeeneyRepublican2002RunningTom Feeney (R) unopposed
Florida 25Mario Diaz-BalartRepublican2002RunningMario Diaz-Balart (R) unopposed


Georgia congressional districts

Georgia 1Jack KingstonRepublican1992RunningJack Kingston (R) unopposed
Georgia 2Sanford BishopDemocrat1992RunningSanford Bishop (D) 67%
Dave Eversman (R) 33%
Georgia 3Jim MarshallDemocrat2002RunningJim Marshall (D) 63%
Calder Clay (R) 33%
Georgia 4Denise MajetteDemocrat2002Running for SenateCynthia McKinney (D) 64%
Catherine Davis (R) 36%
Georgia 5John LewisDemocrat1986RunningJohn Lewis (D) unopposed
Georgia 6Johnny IsaksonRepublican1998Elected to SenateTom Price (R) unopposed
Georgia 7John LinderRepublican1992RunningJohn Linder (R) unopposed
Georgia 8Mac CollinsRepublican1992Running for SenateLynn Westmoreland (R) 76%
Silvia Delamar (D) 24%
Georgia 9Charlie NorwoodRepublican1994RunningCharlie Norwood (R) 74%
Bob Ellis (D) 26%
Georgia 10Nathan DealRepublican1992RunningNathan Deal (R) unopposed
Georgia 11Phil GingreyRepublican2002RunningPhil Gingrey (R) 57%
Rick Crawford (D) 43%
Georgia 12Max BurnsRepublican2002RunningJohn Barrow (D) 52%
Max Burns (R) 48%
Georgia 13David ScottDemocrat2002RunningDavid Scott (D) unopposed


Hawaii congressional districts

Hawaii 1Neil AbercrombieDemocrat1990RunningNeil Abercrombie (D) 63%
Dalton Tanonaka (R) 34%
Elyssa Young (L) 3%
Hawaii 2Ed CaseDemocrat2002RunningEd Case (D) 63%
Mike Gabbard (R) 37%


Missing image
Idaho congressional districts

Idaho 1C. L. OtterRepublican2000RunningC. L. Otter (R) 70%
Naomi Preston (D) 30%
Idaho 2Mike SimpsonRepublican1998RunningMike Simpson (R) 71%
Lin Whitworth (D) 29%


Missing image
Illinois congressional districts

Illinois 1Bobby RushDemocrat1992RunningBobby Rush (D) 85%
Raymond Wardingley (R) 15%
Illinois 2Jesse L. Jackson Jr.Democrat1995RunningJesse L. Jackson Jr. (D) 88%
Stephanie Sailor (L) 12%
Illinois 3Bill LipinskiDemocrat1982RetiringDaniel Lipinski (D) 74%
Ryan Chlada (R) 26%
Illinois 4Luis GutierrezDemocrat1992RunningLuis Gutierrez (D) 84%
Tony Cisneros (R) 12%
Jacob Witmer (L) 4%
Illinois 5Rahm EmanuelDemocrat2002RunningRahm Emanuel (D) 76%
Bruce Best (R) 24%
Illinois 6Henry HydeRepublican1974RunningHenry Hyde (R) 56%
Christine Cegelis (D) 44%
Illinois 7Danny K. DavisDemocrat1996RunningDanny K. Davis (D) 86%
Antonio Davis-Fairman (R) 14%
Illinois 8Phil CraneRepublican1969RunningMelissa Bean (D) 52%
Phil Crane (R) 48%
Illinois 9Jan SchakowskyDemocrat1998RunningJan Schakowsky (D) 75%
Kurt Eckhardt (R) 25%
Illinois 10Mark KirkRepublican2000RunningMark Kirk (R) 64%
Lee Goodman (D) 36%
Illinois 11Jerry WellerRepublican1994RunningJerry Weller (R) 59%
Tari Renner (D) 41%
Illinois 12Jerry CostelloDemocrat1988RunningJerry Costello (D) 69%
Erin Zweigart (R) 29%
Walter Steele (L) 2%
Illinois 13Judy BiggertRepublican1998RunningJudy Biggert (R) 65%
Gloria Andersen (D) 35%
Illinois 14Dennis HastertRepublican1986RunningDennis Hastert (R) 69%
Ruben Zamora (D) 31%
Illinois 15Tim JohnsonRepublican2000RunningTim Johnson (R) 61%
David Gill (D) 39%
Illinois 16Donald A. ManzulloRepublican1992RunningDonald A. Manzullo (R) 69%
John Kutsch (D) 31%
Illinois 17Lane EvansDemocrat1982RunningLane Evans (D) 61%
Andrea Lane Zinga (R) 39%
Illinois 18Ray LaHoodRepublican1994RunningRay LaHood (R) 70%
Steve Waterworth (D) 30%
Illinois 19John ShimkusRepublican1996RunningJohn Shimkus (R) 69%
Tim Bagwell (D) 31%


Indiana congressional districts

Indiana 1Peter ViscloskyDemocrat1984RunningPeter Visclosky (D) 68%
Mark Leyva (R) 32%
Indiana 2Chris ChocolaRepublican2002RunningChris Chocola (R) 54%
Joe Donnelly (D) 45%
Indiana 3Mark SouderRepublican1994RunningMark Souder (R) 69%
Maria Parra (D) 31%
Indiana 4Steve BuyerRepublican1992RunningSteve Buyer (R) 70%
David Sanders (D) 28%
Kevin Fleming (L) 2%
Indiana 5Dan BurtonRepublican1982RunningDan Burton (R) 72%
Katherine Fox Carr (D) 26%
Rick Hodgin (L) 2%
Indiana 6Mike PenceRepublican2000RunningMike Pence (R) 67%
Mel Fox (D) 31%
Chad Roots (L) 2%
Indiana 7Julia CarsonDemocrat1996RunningJulia Carson (D) 54%
Andy Horning (R) 44%
Barry Campbell (L) 2%
Indiana 8John HostettlerRepublican1994RunningJohn Hostettler (R) 53%
Jon Jennings (D) 45%
Indiana 9Baron HillDemocrat1998RunningMike Sodrel (R) 49.4%
Baron Hill (D) 48.9%
Al Cox (L) 2%


Iowa congressional districts

Iowa 1Jim NussleRepublican1990RunningJim Nussle (R) 55%
Bill Gluba (D) 43%
Mark Neslon (L) 1%
Denny Heath (I) 1%
Iowa 2Jim LeachRepublican1976RunningJim Leach (R) 59%
Dave Franker (D) 39%
Kevin Litten (L) 2%
Iowa 3Leonard BoswellDemocrat1996RunningLeonard Boswell (D) 55%
Stan Thompson (R) 45%
Iowa 4Tom LathamRepublican1994RunningTom Latham (R) 61%
Paul Johnson (D) 39%
Iowa 5Steve KingRepublican2002RunningSteve King (R) 63%
Joyce Schulte (D) 37%


Missing image
Kansas congressional districts

Kansas 1Jerry MoranRepublican1996RunningJerry Moran (R) 91%
Jack Warner (L) 9%
Kansas 2Jim RyunRepublican1996RunningJim Ryun (R) 56%
Nancy Boyda (D) 41%
Dennis Hawver (L) 3%
Kansas 3Dennis MooreDemocrat1998RunningDennis Moore (D) 55%
Kris Kobach (R) 43%
Joe Bellis (L) 1%
Richard Wells (Ref.) 1%
Kansas 4Todd TiahrtRepublican1994RunningTodd Tiahrt (R) 66%
Michael Kinard (D) 31%
David Loomis (L) 3%


Kentucky congressional districts

Kentucky 1Ed WhitfieldRepublican1994RunningEd Whitfield (R) 67%
Billy Cartwright (D) 33%
Kentucky 2Ron LewisRepublican1994RunningRon Lewis (R) 68%
Adam Smith (D) 32%
Kentucky 3Anne NorthupRepublican1996RunningAnne Northup (R) 60%
Tony Miller (D) 38%
George Dick (L) 2%
Kentucky 4Ken LucasDemocrat1998RetiringGeoff Davis (R) 54%
Nick Clooney (D) 44%
Michael Slider (I) 2%
Kentucky 5Hal RogersRepublican1980RunningHal Rogers (R) unopposed
Kentucky 6Ben ChandlerDemocrat2004RunningBen Chandler (D) 59%
Tom Buford (R) 40%
Stacy Abner (I) 1%


On December 4, 2004, a run-off election was held to determine the winner of the 3rd and 7th Congressional districts. In the 3rd district, Charlie Melancon narrowly defeated Billy Tauzin III 50.25-49.75. In the 7th district, Charles Boustany defeated Willie Mount 55-45. Thus, both seats switched to the opposite party.

Louisiana congressional districts

Louisiana 1David VitterRepublican1999Elected to SenateBobby Jindal (R) 78%
Roy Armstrong (D) 7%
Vinny Mendoza (D) 4%
Daniel Zimmerman (D) 4%
Jerry Watts (D) 4%
Mike Rogers (R) 3%
Louisiana 2Bill JeffersonDemocrat1990RunningBill Jefferson (D) 79%
Art Schwertz (R) 21%
Louisiana 3Billy TauzinRepublican1980RetiringBilly Tauzin III (R) 32% (in Dec run-off)
Charlie Melancon (D) 24% (in Dec run-off, which he won)
Craig Romero (R) 23%
Damon Baldone (D) 10%
Charmaine Caccioppi (D) 7%
Kevin Chiasson (R) 4%
Louisiana 4Jim McCreryRepublican1988RunningJim McCrery (R) (unopposed)
Louisiana 5Rodney AlexanderRepublican2002RunningRodney Alexander (R) 59%
Tisa Blakes (D) 25%
Jock Scott (R) 16%
Louisiana 6Richard BakerRepublican1986RunningRichard Baker (R) 72%
Rufus Craig Jr. (D) 19%
Scott Galmon (D) 9%
Louisiana 7Chris JohnDemocrat1996Running for SenateCharles Boustany (R) 39% (in Dec run-off, which he won)
Willie Mount (D) 25% (in Dec run-off)
Don Cravins (D) 24%
David Thibodaux (R) 10%
Malcolm Carriere (D) 2%


Maine congressional districts

Maine 1Tom AllenDemocrat2002RunningTom Allen (D) 60%
Charlie Summers (R) 40%
Maine 2Mike MichaudDemocrat2002RunningMike Michaud (D) 58%
Brian Hamel (R) 39%
Carl Cooley (I) 3%


Missing image
Maryland congressional districts

Maryland 1Wayne GilchrestRepublican1990RunningWayne Gilchrest (R) 76%
Kostas Alexakis (D) 24%
Maryland 2Dutch RuppersbergerDemocrat2002RunningDutch Ruppersberger (D) 67%
Jane Brooks (R) 31%
Keith Salkowski (G) 2%
Maryland 3Ben CardinDemocrat1986RunningBen Cardin (D) 63%
Robert Duckworth (R) 34%
Patsy Allen (G) 3%
Maryland 4Albert WynnDemocrat1992RunningAlbert Wynn (D) 70%
John McKinnis (R) 20%
Theresa Dudley (G) 5%
Maryland 5Steny HoyerDemocrat1981RunningSteny Hoyer (D) 69%
Brad Jewitt (R) 29%
Bob Auerbach (G) 1%
Steven Krukar (C) 1%
Maryland 6Roscoe BartlettRepublican1992RunningRoscoe Bartlett (R) 68%
Kenneth Bosley (D) 29%
Gregory Hemingway (G) 3%
Maryland 7Elijah CummingsDemocrat1996RunningElijah Cummings (D) 74%
Tony Salazar (R) 24%
Virginia Rodino (G) 2%
Maryland 8Chris Van Hollen Jr.Democrat2002RunningChris Van Hollen Jr. (D) 75%
Chuck Floyd (R) 25%


Massachusetts congressional districts

Massachusetts 1John OlverDemocrat1991Running John Olver (D) unopposed
Massachusetts 2Richard NealDemocrat1988RunningRichard Neal (D) unopposed
Massachusetts 3Jim McGovernDemocrat1996Running Jim McGovern (D) 71%
Ron Crews (R) 29%
Massachusetts 4Barney FrankDemocrat1980Running Barney Frank (D) 78%
Chuck Morse (I) 22%
Massachusetts 5Marty MeehanDemocrat1992Running Marty Meehan (D) 67%
Thomas P. Tierney (R) 33%
Massachusetts 6John F. TierneyDemocrat1996Running John F. Tierney (D) 70%
Steve O'Malley (R) 30%
Massachusetts 7Ed MarkeyDemocrat1976RunningEd Markey (D) 74%
Ken Chase (R) 21%
Jim Hall (I) 5%
Massachusetts 8Mike CapuanoDemocrat1998RunningMike Capuano (D) unopposed
Massachusetts 9Stephen LynchDemocrat2001RunningStephen Lynch (D) unopposed
Massachusetts 10Bill DelahuntDemocrat1996RunningBill Delahunt (D) 64%
Mike Jones (R) 34%


Michigan congressional districts

Michigan 1Bart StupakDemocrat1992RunningBart Stupak (D) 65%
Don Hooper (R) 33%
David J. Newland (G) 1%
John W. Loosemore (L) 1%
Michigan 2Pete HoekstraRepublican1992RunningPete Hoekstra (R) 69%
Kimon Kotos (D) 29%
Steve VanTil (L) 1%
Ronald E. Graeser (U.S. Taxpayers) 1%
Michigan 3Vern EhlersRepublican1993RunningVern Ehlers (R) 67%
Peter H. Hickey (D) 31%
Warren Adams (L) 1%
Marcel J. Sales (U.S. Taxpayers) 1%
Michigan 4Dave CampRepublican1990RunningDave Camp (R) 64%
Mike Huckleberry (D) 35%
Albert Chia, Jr. (L) 1%
Michigan 5Dale KildeeDemocrat1976RunningDale Kildee (D) 67%
Myrah Kirkwood (R) 31%
Harley Mikkelson (G) 1%
Clint Foster (L) 1%
Michigan 6Fred UptonRepublican1986RunningFred Upton (R) 65%
Scott Elliott (D) 32%
Randall MacPhee (G) 1%
Erwin J. Haas (L) 1%
W. Dennis FitzSimons (U.S. Taxpayers) 1%
Michigan 7Nick SmithRepublican2000RetiringJoe Schwarz (R) 58%
Sharon Marie Renier (D) 36%
David Horn (U.S. Taxpayers) 3%
Jason Seagraves (G) 2%
Kenneth Proctor (L) 1%
Michigan 8Mike J. RogersRepublican2000RunningMike J. Rogers (R) 61%
Robert D. Alexander (D) 37%
Will Tyler White (L) 1%
John Mangopoulos (U.S. Taxpayers) 1%
Michigan 9Joe KnollenbergRepublican1992RunningJoe Knollenberg (R) 58%
Steven W. Reifman (D) 40%
Robert W. Schubring (L) 2%
Michigan 10Candice MillerRepublican2002RunningCandice Miller (R) 69%
Rob Casey (D) 29%
Phoebe A. Basso (L) 2%
Michigan 11Thad McCotterRepublican2002RunningThad McCotter (R) 57%
Phillip S. Truran (D) 41%
Charles L. Basso, Jr. (L) 2%
Michigan 12Sander LevinDemocrat1982RunningSander Levin (D) 69%
Randell J. Shafer (R) 29%
Dick Gach (L) 2%
Michigan 13Carolyn KilpatrickDemocrat1996RunningCarolyn Kilpatrick (D) 79%
Cynthia Cassell (R) 19%
Thomas Levigne (G) 2%
Eric Gordon (L) 1%
Michigan 14John Conyers Jr.Democrat1964RunningJohn Conyers Jr. (D) 84%
Veronica Pedraza (R) 14%
Michael L. Donahue (L) 1%
Lisa Weltman (G) 1%
Wilbert Sears (U.S. Taxpayers) 0%
Michigan 15John DingellDemocrat1955RunningJohn Dingell (D) 71%
Dawn Anne Reamer (R) 26%
Gregory Scott Stempfle (L) 1%
Mike Eller (U.S. Taxpayers) 1%
Jerome S. White (I) 1%


Minnesota congressional districts

Minnesota 1Gil GutknechtRepublican1994RunningGil Gutknecht (R) 60%
Leigh Pomeroy (D) 35
Gregory Mikkelson (IP) 5%
Minnesota 2John KlineRepublican2002RunningJohn Kline (R) 57%
Teresa Daly (D) 40%
Doug Williams (IP) 3%
Minnesota 3Jim RamstadRepublican1990RunningJim Ramstad (R) 65%
Deborah Watts (D) 35%
Minnesota 4Betty McCollumDemocrat2000RunningBetty McCollum (D) 58%
Patrice Bataglia (R) 33%
Peter Vento (IP) 9%
Minnesota 5Martin SaboDemocrat1978RunningMartin Sabo (D) 70%
Daniel Mathias (R) 24%
Jay Pond (G) 6%
Minnesota 6Mark KennedyRepublican2000RunningMark Kennedy (R) 54%
Patty Wetterling (D) 46%
Minnesota 7Collin PetersonDemocrat1990RunningCollin Peterson (D) 66%
David Sturrock (R) 34%
Minnesota 8Jim OberstarDemocrat1974RunningJim Oberstar (D) 65%
Mark Groettum (R) 32%
Van Presley (G) 3%


Missing image
Mississippi congressional districts

Mississippi 1Roger WickerRepublican1994RunningRoger Wicker (R) 79%
Barbara Dale Washer (Reform) 21%
Mississippi 2Bennie ThompsonDemocrat1993RunningBennie Thompson (D) 58%
Clinton B LeSueur (R) 41%
Shawn O'Hara (Reform) 1%
Mississippi 3Chip PickeringRepublican1996RunningChip Pickering (R) 80%
Jim Giles (I) 14%
Lamonica L. McGee (I) 6%
Mississippi 4Gene TaylorDemocrat1989RunningGene Taylor (D) 64%
Mike Lott (R) 35%
Tracella Hill (Reform) 1%


Missouri congressional districts

Missouri 1William Lacy Clay Jr.Democrat2000RunningWilliam Lacy Clay, Jr. (D) 75%
Leslie L. Farr II (R) 23%
Terry Chadwick (L) 1%
Robert Rehbein (I) 1%
Missouri 2Todd AkinRepublican2000RunningTodd Akin (R) 65%
George D. Weber (D) 33%
Darla Maloney (L) 2%
Missouri 3Richard A. "Dick" GephardtDemocrat1976RetiringRuss Carnahan (D) 53%
Bill Federer (R) 45%
Kevin C. Babcock (L) 2%
Missouri 4Ike SkeltonDemocrat1976RunningIke Skelton (D) 66%
Jim Noland (R) 32%
Bill Lower (L) 1%
Raymond Lister (I) 1%
Missouri 5Karen McCarthyDemocrat1994RetiringEmmanuel Cleaver (D) 55%
Jeanne Patterson (R) 43%
Rick Bailie (L) 2%
Darin Rodenberg (C) 1%
Missouri 6Sam GravesRepublican2000RunningSam Graves (R) 64%
Charles S. Broomfield (D) 35%
Erik Buck (L) 1%
Missouri 7Roy BluntRepublican1996RunningRoy Blunt (R) 71%
Jim Newberry (D) 28%
Kevin Craig (L) 1%
Missouri 8Jo Ann EmersonRepublican1996RunningJo Ann Emerson (R) 72%
Dean Henderson (D) 27%
Stan Cuff (L) 1%
Missouri 9Kenny HulshofRepublican1996RunningKenny Hulshof (R) 64%
Linda Jacobsen (D) 34%
Tamara A. Millay (L) 1%
Chris Earl (I) 1%


Montana At LargeDenny RehbergRepublican2000RunningDenny Rehberg (R) 64%
Tracy Velazquez (D) 33%
Mike Fellows (L) 3%


Missing image
Nebraska congressional districts

Nebraska 1Vacant(Seat was Republican in 2002)----Jeff Fortenberry (R) 54%
Matt Connealy (D) 43%
Steve Larrick (G) 3%
Nebraska 2Lee TerryRepublican1998RunningLee Terry (R) 61%
Nancy Thompson (D) 36%
Jack Graziano (L) 2%
Dante Salvatierra (G) 1%
Nebraska 3Tom OsborneRepublican2000RunningTom Osborne (R) 87%
Donna Anderson (D) 11%
Joseph Rosberg (I) 1%
Roy Guisinger (G) 1%


Missing image
Nevada congressional districts

Nevada 1Shelley BerkleyDemocrat1998RunningShelley Berkley (D) 66%
Russ Mickelson (R) 31%
Jim Duensing (L) 3%
Nevada 2Jim GibbonsRepublican1996RunningJim Gibbons (R) 67%
Angie Cochran (D) 27%
Janine Hanson (Independent American) 4%
Brendan Trainor (L) 2%
Nevada 3Jon PorterRepublican2002RunningJon Porter (R) 55%
Tom Gallagher (D) 40%
Joseph Silvestri (L) 3%
Richard O'Dell (I) 2%

New Hampshire

New Hampshire congressional districts

New Hampshire 1Jeb BradleyRepublican2002RunningJeb Bradley (R) 63%
Justin Nadeau (D) 37%
New Hampshire 2Charlie BassRepublican1994RunningCharlie Bass (R) 59%
Paul Hodes (D) 38%
Richard Kahn (L) 3%

New Jersey

Missing image
New Jersey congressional districts

New Jersey 1Rob AndrewsDemocrat1990RunningRob Andrews (D) 75%
John Cusack (R) 25%
New Jersey 2Frank LoBiondoRepublican1994RunningFrank LoBiondo (R) 65%
Timothy Robb (D) 33%
Willie Norwood (I) 1%
Michael J. Matthews (L) 1%
New Jersey 3Jim SaxtonRepublican1984RunningJim Saxton (R) 63%
Herb Conaway (D) 35%
R. Edward Forchion (I) 2%
New Jersey 4Chris SmithRepublican1980RunningChris Smith (R) 67%
Amy Vasquez (D) 32%
Richard Edgar (L) 1%
New Jersey 5E. Scott GarrettRepublican2000RunningE. Scott Garrett (R) 58%
Dorothea Wolfe (D) 41%
Victor Kaplan (L) 1%
New Jersey 6Frank PalloneDemocrat1988RunningFrank Pallone (D) 67%
Sylvester Fernandez (R) 31%
Virginia A. Flynn (L) 1%
Mac Data Francis X. Lyden (I) 1%
New Jersey 7Mike FergusonRepublican2000RunningMike Ferguson (R) 57%
Steve Brozak (D) 41%
Thomas D. Abrams (L) 1%
Matthew Angus Williams (I) 1%
New Jersey 8Bill PascrellDemocrat1996RunningBill Pascrell (D) 69%
George Ajjan (R) 29%
Joseph Fortunato (G) 2%
New Jersey 9Steve RothmanDemocrat1996RunningSteve Rothman (D) 67%
Ed Trawinski (R) 32%
David Daly (L) 1%
New Jersey 10Don PayneDemocrat1988RunningDon Payne (D) 97%
Toy-Ling Washington (G) 2%
Sara J. Lobman (I) 1%
New Jersey 11Rodney FreylinghuysenRepublican1994RunningRodney Freylinghuysen (R) 68%
James Buell (D) 31%
John Mele (I) 1%
New Jersey 12Rush D. Holt, Jr.Democrat1998RunningRush D. Holt, Jr. (D) 59%
Bill Spadea (R) 40%
Ken Chazotte (L) 1%
New Jersey 13Bob MenendezDemocrat1992RunningBob Menendez (D) 76%
Richard Piatkowski (R) 22%
Dick Hester (I) 1%
Herbert H. Shaw (I) 1%

New Mexico

New Mexico congressional districts

New Mexico 1Heather WilsonRepublican1998RunningHeather Wilson (R) 54%
Richard Romero (D) 46%
New Mexico 2Steve PearceRepublican2002RunningSteve Pearce (R) 60%
Gary King (D) 40%
New Mexico 3Tom UdallDemocrat1998RunningTom Udall (D) 69%
Gregory Tucker (R) 31%

New York

New York congressional districts

New York 1Tim BishopDemocrat2002RunningTim Bishop (D) 56%
Bill Manger (R) 44%
New York 2Steve IsraelDemocrat2000RunningSteve Israel (D) 66%
Richard Hoffman (R) 34%
New York 3Peter KingRepublican1992RunningPeter King (R) 63%
Blair Mathies (D) 37%
New York 4Carolyn McCarthyDemocrat1996RunningCarolyn McCarthy (D) 63%
James A. Garner (R) 37%
New York 5Gary AckermanDemocrat1983RunningGary Ackerman (D) 71%
Stephen Graves (R) 28%
Jun Policarpio (I) 1%
New York 6Gregory W. MeeksDemocrat1998RunningGregory W. Meeks (D) unopposed
New York 7Joseph CrowleyDemocrat1998RunningJoseph Crowley (D) 80%
Joseph Cinquemain (R) 20%
New York 8Jerrold NadlerDemocrat1992RunningJerrold Nadler (D) 80%
Peter Hort (R) 20%
New York 9Anthony WeinerDemocrat1998RunningAnthony Weiner (D) 70%
Gerald J. Cronin (R) 30%
New York 10Ed TownsDemocrat1982RunningEd Towns (D) 91%
Harvey R. Clarke (R) 8%
Mariana Blume (Conservative) 1%
New York 11Major OwensDemocrat1982RunningMajor Owens (D) 94%
Sol Lieberman (Conservative) 3%
Lorraine Stevens (I) 3%
New York 12Nydia VelazquezDemocrat1992RunningNydia Velazquez (D) 85%
Paul A. Rodriguez (R) 15%
New York 13Vito FossellaRepublican1997RunningVito Fossella (R) 59%
Frank Barbaro (D) 41%
New York 14Carolyn MaloneyDemocrat1992RunningCarolyn Maloney (D) 81%
Anton Srdanovic (R) 19%
New York 15Charles B. RangelDemocrat1970RunningCharles B. Rangel (D) 90%
Kenneth P. Jefferson, Jr. (R) 8%
Jessie A. Fields (I) 2%
New York 16Jose SerranoDemocrat1990RunningJose Serrano (D) 95%
Ali Mohamed (R) 5%
New York 17Eliot EngelDemocrat1988RunningEliot Engel (D) 75%
Matthew I. Brennan (R) 23%
Kevin Brawley (Conservative) 2%
New York 18Nita LoweyDemocrat1988RunningNita Lowey (D) 70%
Richard A. Hoffman (R) 30%
New York 19Sue KellyRepublican1994RunningSue Kelly (R) 67%
Michael Jalamin (D) 33%
New York 20John SweeneyRepublican1998RunningJohn Sweeney (R) 66%
Doris F. Kelly (D) 33%
Morris N. Guller (I) 1%
New York 21Mike McNultyDemocrat1988RunningMike McNulty (D) 70%
Warren Redlich (R) 30%
New York 22Maurice HincheyDemocrat1992RunningMaurice Hinchey (D) 67%
William Brenner (R) 33%
New York 23John McHughRepublican1992RunningJohn McHugh (R) 71%
Robert J. Johnson (D) 29%
New York 24Sherwood BoehlertRepublican1982RunningSherwood Boehlert (R) 57%
Jeff Miller (D) 34%
David L. Walrath (Conservative) 9%
New York 25Jim WalshRepublican1988RunningJim Walsh (R) 91%
Christina Rosetti (I) 9%
New York 26Tom ReynoldsRepublican1998RunningTom Reynolds (R) 56%
Jack Davis (D) 44%
New York 27Jack QuinnRepublican1992RetiringBrian Higgins (D) 50.6%
Nancy Naples (R) 49.4%
New York 28Louise SlaughterDemocrat1986RunningLouise Slaughter (D) 72%
Mike Laba (R) 25%
Francina J. Cartonia (I) 3%
New York 29Amo HoughtonRepublican1986RetiringRandy Kuhl (R) 51%
Samara Barend (D) 41%
Mark Assini (Conservative) 6%
John Ciampioli (I) 2%

North Carolina

Missing image
North Carolina congressional districts

North Carolina 1G. K. ButterfieldDemocrat2004RunningG.K. Butterfield (D) 63%
Greg Dority (R) 37%
North Carolina 2Bob EtheridgeDemocrat1996RunningBob Etheridge (D) 62%
Billy Creech (R) 38%
North Carolina 3Walter Jones Jr.Republican1994RunningWalter Jones Jr. (R) 71%
Roger Eaton (D) 29%
North Carolina 4David PriceDemocrat1986-94
RunningDavid Price (D) 62%
Todd Batchelor (R) 38%
North Carolina 5Richard BurrRepublican1994Elected to SenateVirginia Foxx (R) 59%
Jim Harrell, Jr. (D) 41%
North Carolina 6Howard CobleRepublican1984RunningHoward Coble (R) 73%
William Jordan (D) 27%
North Carolina 7Mike McIntyreDemocrat1996RunningMike McIntyre (D) 72%
Ken Plonk (R) 28%
North Carolina 8Robin HayesRepublican1998RunningRobin Hayes (R) 55%
Beth Troutman (D) 45%
North Carolina 9Sue MyrickRepublican1994RunningSue Myrick (R) 70%
Jack Flynn (D) 30%
North Carolina 10Cass BallengerRepublican1986RetiringPatrick McHenry (R) 64%
Anne Fischer (D) 36%
North Carolina 11Charles TaylorRepublican1990RunningCharles Taylor (R) 55%
Patsy Keever (D) 45%
North Carolina 12Mel WattDemocrat1992RunningMel Watt (D) 67%
Ada Fisher (R) 33%
North Carolina 13Brad MillerDemocrat2002RunningBrad Miller (D) 59%
Virginia Johnson (R) 41%

North Dakota

North Dakota At LargeEarl PomeroyDemocratic-NPL1992RunningEarl Pomeroy (D-NPL) 60%
Duane Sand (R) 40%


Ohio congressional districts

Ohio 1Steve ChabotRepublican1994RunningSteve Chabot (R) 60%
Greg Harris (D) 40%
Ohio 2Robert J. PortmanRepublican1993RunningRobert J. Portman (R) 72%
Charles W. Sanders (D) 28%
Ohio 3Michael R. TurnerRepublican2002RunningMichael R. Turner (R) 62%
L. Jane Mitakides (D) 38%
Ohio 4Michael G. OxleyRepublican1981RunningMichael G. Oxley (R) 59%
Ben Konop (D) 41%
Ohio 5Paul E. GillmorRepublican1988RunningPaul E. Gillmor (R) 67%
Robin Weirauch (D) 33%
Ohio 6Ted StricklandDemocrat1992RunningTed Strickland (D) unopposed
Ohio 7David L. HobsonRepublican1990RunningDavid L. Hobson (R) 65%
Kara Anastasio (D) 35%
Ohio 8John A. BoehnerRepublican1990RunningJohn A. Boehner (R) 69%
Jeff Hardenbrook (D) 31%
Ohio 9Marcia C. KapturDemocrat1982RunningMarcia C. Kaptur (D) 68%
Larry A. Kaczala (R) 32%
Ohio 10Dennis J. KucinichDemocrat1996RunningDennis J. Kucinich (D) 60%
Edward F. Herman (R) 34%
Barbara Anne Ferris (I) 6%
Ohio 11Stephanie Tubbs JonesDemocrat1998RunningStephanie Tubbs Jones (D) unopposed
Ohio 12Patrick J. TiberiRepublican2000RunningPatrick J. Tiberi (R) 65%
Edward S. Brown (D) 35%
Ohio 13Sherrod BrownDemocrat1992RunningSherrod Brown (D) 67%
Robert Lucas (R) 33%
Ohio 14Steven C. LaTouretteRepublican1994RunningSteven C. LaTourette (R) 63%
Capri S. Cafaro (D) 37%
Ohio 15Deborah D. PryceRepublican1992RunningDeborah D. Pryce (R) 62%
Mark P. Brown (D) 38%
Ohio 16Ralph S. RegulaRepublican1972RunningRalph S. Regula (R) 67%
Jeff Seemann (D) 33%
Ohio 17Timothy J. RyanDemocrat2002RunningTimothy J. Ryan (D) 77%
Frank V. Cusimano (R) 23%
Ohio 18Robert W. NeyRepublican1994RunningRobert W. Ney (R) 66%
Brian R. Thomas (D) 34%


Oklahoma congressional districts

Oklahoma 1John SullivanRepublican2002RunningJohn Sullivan (R) 60%
Doug Dodd (D) 38%
John Krymski (I) 2%
Oklahoma 2Brad CarsonDemocrat2000Running for SenateDan Boren (D) 66%
Wayland Smalley (R) 34%
Oklahoma 3Frank LucasRepublican1994RunningFrank Lucas (R) 82%
Gregory Wilson (I) 18%
Oklahoma 4Tom ColeRepublican2002RunningTom Cole (R) 78%
Charlene K. Bradshaw (I) 22%
Oklahoma 5Ernest IstookRepublican1992RunningErnest Istook (R) 66%
Bert Smith (D) 34%


Oregon congressional districts

Oregon 1David WuDemocrat1998RunningDavid Wu (D) 58%
Goli Ameri (R) 38%
Dean Wolf (I) 4%
Oregon 2Greg WaldenRepublican1998RunningGreg Walden (R) 72%
John McColgan (D) 26%
Jim Lindsay (L) 1%
Jack Alan Brown (I) 1%
Oregon 3Earl BlumenauerDemocrat1996RunningEarl Blumenauer (D) 71%
Tami Mars (R) 24%
Walter F. Brown (S) 3%
Dale Winegarden (I) 2%
Oregon 4Peter DeFazioDemocrat1986RunningPeter DeFazio (D) 61%
Jim Feldkamp (R) 38%
Jacob Boone (L) 1%
Oregon 5Darlene HooleyDemocrat1996RunningDarlene Hooley (D) 53%
Jim Zupancic (R) 44%
Jerry Defoe (L) 2%
Joseph H. Bitz (I) 1%


Pennsylvania congressional districts

Pennsylvania 1Bob BradyDemocrat1998RunningBob Brady (D) 86%
Deborah Williams (R) 14%
Pennsylvania 2Chaka FattahDemocrat1994RunningChaka Fattah (D) 88%
Stewart Bolno (R) 12%
Pennsylvania 3Phil EnglishRepublican1994RunningPhil English (R) 60%
Steven Porter (D) 40%
Pennsylvania 4Melissa HartRepublican2000RunningMelissa Hart (R) 63%
Stevan Drobac (D) 36%
Steven B. Larchuk (I) 1%
Pennsylvania 5John PetersonRepublican1996RunningJohn Peterson (R) 88%
Tom Martin (L) 12%
Pennsylvania 6Jim GerlachRepublican2002RunningJim Gerlach (R) 51%
Lois Murphy (D) 49%
Pennsylvania 7Curt WeldonRepublican1986RunningCurt Weldon (R) 59%
Paul Scoles (D) 40%
David R. Jahn (L) 1%
Pennsylvania 8Jim GreenwoodRepublican1992RetiringMike Fitzpatrick (R) 55%
Virginia Schrader (D) 44%
Arthur L. Farnsworth (L) 1%
Pennsylvania 9Bill ShusterRepublican2001RunningBill Shuster (R) 69%
Paul Politis (D) 31%
Pennsylvania 10Don SherwoodRepublican1998RunningDon Sherwood (R) 93%
Veronica Hannevig (C) 7%
Pennsylvania 11Paul KanjorskiDemocrat1984RunningPaul Kanjorski (D) 94%
Kenneth Brenneman (I) 6%
Pennsylvania 12John MurthaDemocrat1974RunningJohn Murtha (D) unopposed
Pennsylvania 13Joe HoeffelDemocrat1998Running for SenateAllyson Schwartz (D) 56%
Melissa Brown (R) 41%
John McDermott (C) 2%
Chuck Moulton (L) 1%
Pennsylvania 14Mike DoyleDemocrat1994RunningMike Doyle unopposed
Pennsylvania 15Pat ToomeyRepublican1998Running for SenateCharles Dent (R) 59%
Joe Driscoll (D) 39%
Rich Piotrowski (L) 1%
Greta Browne (G) 1%
Pennsylvania 16Joe PittsRepublican1996RunningJoe Pitts (R) 65%
Lois Herr (D) 34%
Bob Hagen (Green) 1%
Pennsylvania 17Tim HoldenDemocrat1992RunningTim Holden (D) 59%
Scott Paterno (R) 39%
Russ Diamond (L) 2%
Pennsylvania 18Tim MurphyRepublican2002RunningTim Murphy (R) 63%
Mark Boles (D) 37%
Pennsylvania 19Todd PlattsRepublican2000RunningTodd Platts (R) 91%
Charles J. Steel (G) 4%
Michael L. Paoletta (L) 3%
Lester B. Searer (I) 2%

Rhode Island

Missing image
Rhode Island congressional districts

Rhode Island 1Patrick KennedyDemocrat1994RunningPatrick Kennedy (D) 64%
David Rogers (R) 36%
Rhode Island 2Jim LangevinDemocrat2000RunningJim Langevin (D) 75%
Arthur Barton (R) 21%
Edward M. Morabito (I) 3%
Dorman J. Hayes (I) 1%

South Carolina

South Carolina congressional districts

South Carolina 1Henry E. Brown, Jr.Republican2000RunningHenry E. Brown, Jr. (R) 88%
James Dunn (G) 12%
South Carolina 2Joe WilsonRepublican2001RunningJoe Wilson (R) 65%
Michael Ray Ellisor (D) 33%
Steve Lefemine (C) 2%
South Carolina 3J. Gresham BarrettRepublican2002RunningJ. Gresham Barrett (R) unopposed
South Carolina 4Jim DeMintRepublican1998Elected to SenateBob Inglis (R) 70%
Brandon Brown (D) 29%
C. Faye Walters (G) 1%
South Carolina 5John SprattDemocrat1982RunningJohn Spratt (D) 63%
Albert Spencer (R) 37%
South Carolina 6Jim ClyburnDemocrat1992RunningJim Clyburn (D) 67%
Gary McLeod (R) 33%

South Dakota

South Dakota At LargeStephanie HersethDemocrat2004RunningStephanie Herseth (D) 53%
Larry Diedrich (R) 46%
Terry Begay (L) 1%


Missing image
Tennessee congressional districts

Tennessee 1Bill JenkinsRepublican1996RunningBill Jenkins (R) 74%
Graham Leonard (D) 24%
Ralph Ball (I) 1%
Michael Peavler (I) 1%
Tennessee 2Jimmy Duncan Jr.Republican1998RunningJimmy Duncan Jr. (R) 79%
John Greene (D) 19%
Charles Howard (I) 2%
Tennessee 3Zach WampRepublican1994RunningZach Wamp (R) 65%
John Wolfe (D) 33%
June Griffin (I) 1%
Doug Vandagriff (I) 1%
Tennessee 4Lincoln DavisDemocrat2002RunningLincoln Davis (D) 55%
Janice Bowling (R) 43%
Ken Martin (I) 2%
Tennessee 5Jim CooperDemocrat2002RunningJim Cooper (D) 69%
Scott Knapp (R) 31%
Tennessee 6Bart GordonDemocrat1984RunningBart Gordon (D) 64%
Nick Demas (R) 34%
J. Patrick Lyons (I) 1%
Norman Saliba (I) 1%
Tennessee 7Marsha BlackburnRepublican2002RunningMarsha Blackburn (R) unopposed
Tennessee 8John TannerDemocrat1988RunningJohn Tanner (D) 74%
James Hart (R) 26%
Tennessee 9Harold Ford Jr.Democrat1996RunningHarold Ford Jr. (D) 82%
Ruben Fort (R) 18%


Texas congressional districts

Texas 1Max SandlinDemocrat1996RunningLouie Gohmert (R) 61%
Max Sandlin (D) 38%
Dean L. Tucker (L) 1%
Texas 2Jim TurnerDemocrat1996Retiring Ted Poe (R) 55%
Nick Lampson (D) 43%
Sandi Saulsbury (L) 2%
Texas 3Sam JohnsonRepublican1991RunningSam Johnson (R) 86%
Paul Jenkins (I) 8%
James Vessels (L) 6%
Texas 4Ralph HallRepublican1980RunningRalph Hall (R) 69%
Jim Nickerson (D) 30%
Kevin D. Anderson (L) 1%
Texas 5Jeb HensarlingRepublican2002RunningJeb Hensarling (R) 64%
Bill Bernstein (D) 33%
John Gonzalez (L) 3%
Texas 6Joe BartonRepublican1984RunningJoe Barton (R) 66%
Morris Meyer (D) 33%
Stephen J. Schrader (L) 1%
Texas 7John CulbersonRepublican2000RunningJohn Culberson (R) 64%
John Martinez (D) 33%
Paul Staton (I) 2%
Drew P. Parks (L) 1%
Texas 8Kevin BradyRepublican1996RunningKevin Brady (R) 69%
James Wright (D) 30%
Paul Hansen (L) 1%
Texas 9Nick LampsonDemocrat1996Running in 2nd DistrictAl Green (D) 72%
Arlette Molina (R) 27%
Texas 10Lloyd DoggettDemocrat1994Elected in 25th DistrictMichael McCaul (R) 84%
Robert William Fritsche (L) 16%
Texas 11Chet EdwardsDemocrat1990Elected in 17th DistrictMike Conaway (R) 77%
Wayne Raasch (D) 22%
Jeffrey C. Blunt (L) 1%
Texas 12Kay GrangerRepublican1996RunningKay Granger (R) 72%
Felix Alvarado (D) 28%
Texas 13Mac ThornberryRepublican1994RunningMac Thornberry 92%
Marion Smith (L) 8%
Texas 14Ron PaulRepublican1996RunningRon Paul (R) unopposed
Texas 15Ruben HinojosaDemocrat1996RunningRuben Hinojosa (D) 58%
Michael Thamm (R) 41%
William R. Cady (L) 1%
Texas 16Silvestre ReyesDemocrat1996RunningSilvestre Reyes (D) 68%
David Bringham (R) 31%
Brad Clardy (L) 1%
Texas 17Charles StenholmDemocrat1978Running in 19th DistrictChet Edwards (D) 51%
Arlene Wohlgemuth (R) 48%
Clyde Garland (L) 1%
Texas 18Sheila Jackson LeeDemocrat1994RunningSheila Jackson Lee (D) 89%
Thomas Bazan (I) 6%
Brent Sullivan (L) 5%
Texas 19Randy NeugebauerRepublican2002RunningRandy Neugebauer (R) 58%
Charles Stenholm (D) 40%
Richard Peterson (L) 2%
Texas 20Charlie GonzalezDemocrat1998RunningCharlie Gonzalez (D) 66%
Roger Scott (R) 32%
Jessie Bouley (L) 1%
Michael Idrogo (I) 1%
Texas 21Lamar SmithRepublican1986RunningLamar Smith (R) 62%
Rhett Smith (D) 35%
Jason Pratt (L) 3%
Texas 22Tom DeLayRepublican1984RunningTom DeLay (R) 55%
Richard Morrison (D) 41%
Michael Fjetland (I) 2%
Thomas Morrison (L) 2%
Texas 23Henry BonillaRepublican1992RunningHenry Bonilla (R) 69%
Joe Sullivan (D) 30%
Nazirite R. Flores Perez (L) 1%
Texas 24Martin FrostDemocrat1978Running in 32nd DistrictKenny Marchant (R) 64%
Gary Page (D) 34%
James Lawrence (L) 2%
Texas 25Chris BellDemocrat2002Running in 9th DistrictLloyd Doggett (D) 67%
Rebecca Armendariz Klein (R) 31%
James S. Werner (L) 2%
Texas 26Michael BurgessRepublican2002RunningMichael Burgess (R) 66%
Lico Reyes (D) 33%
Texas 27Solomon OrtizDemocrat1982RunningSolomon Ortiz (D) 63%
Willie Vaden (R) 35%
Christopher J. Claytor (L) 2%
Texas 28Ciro RodriguezDemocrat1997Lost PrimaryHenry Cuellar (D) 59%
Jim Hopson (R) 39%
Ken Ashby (L) 2%
Texas 29Gene GreenDemocrat1992RunningGene Green (D) 94%
Clifford Lee Messina (L) 6%
Texas 30Eddie Bernice JohnsonDemocrat1992RunningEddie Bernice Johnson (D) 93%
John Davis (L) 7%
Texas 31John CarterRepublican2002RunningJohn Carter (R) 65%
Jon Porter (D) 32%
Celeste Adams (L) 3%
Texas 32Pete SessionsRepublican1996RunningPete Sessions (R) 54%
Martin Frost (D) 44%
Michael David Needleman (L) 2%


Utah congressional districts

Utah 1Rob BishopRepublican2002RunningRob Bishop (R) 68%
Steve Thompson (D) 29%
Charles Johnston (C) 2%
Richard Soderberg (Personal Choice) 1%
Utah 2Jim MathesonDemocrat2000RunningJim Matheson (D) 55%
John Swallow (R) 43%
Jeremy Petersen (C) 1%
Patrick Diehl (G) 1%
Utah 3Chris CannonRepublican1996RunningChris Cannon (R) 61%
Beau Babka (D) 35%
Ronald Winfield (C) 2%
Jim Dexter (L) 1%
Curtis James (Personal Choice) 1%


Vermont At LargeBernard SandersIndependent1990RunningBernard Sanders (I) 68%
Greg Parke (R) 24%
Larry Drown (D) 7%
Jane Newton (I) 1%


Virginia congressional districts

Virginia 1Jo Ann DavisRepublican2000RunningJo Ann Davis (R) 80%
William A. Lee (I) 20%
Virginia 2Ed SchrockRepublican2000RetiringThelma Drake (R) 55%
David Ashe (D) 45%
Virginia 3Bobby ScottDemocrat1992RunningBobby Scott (D) 69%
Winsome Sears (R) 31%
Virginia 4Randy ForbesRepublican2001RunningRandy Forbes (R) 65%
Jonathan Menefee (D) 35%
Virginia 5Virgil GoodeRepublican1996RunningVirgil Goode (R) 64%
Al Weed (D) 36%
Virginia 6Bob GoodlatteRepublican1992RunningBob Goodlatte (R) unopposed
Virginia 7Eric CantorRepublican2000RunningEric Cantor (R) 76%
Brad Blanton (I) 24%
Virginia 8Jim MoranDemocrat1990RunningJim Moran (D) 60%
Lisa Cheney (R) 37%
Jim Hurysz (I) 3%
Virginia 9Rick BoucherDemocrat1992RunningRick Boucher (D) 59%
Kevin Triplett (R) 39%
Seth David (I) 2%
Virginia 10Frank WolfRepublican1980RunningFrank Wolf (R) 64%
James Socas (D) 36%
Virginia 11Tom DavisRepublican1994RunningTom Davis (R) 60%
Kenneth Longmeyer (D) 39%
Joe Oddo (I) 1%


All seven Washington incumbents that ran for re-election, none of whom faced viable challengers, were returned to Congress. None received less than 60% of the vote, and one received over 80%. In addition, the two seats vacated by retiring Republicans were both reclaimed by Republicans despite Democratic hopes to gain at least one seat in the vulnerable 8th district.

Washington congressional districts

Washington 1Jay Inslee Democrat 1998 Running Jay Inslee (D) 62%
Randy Eastwood (R) 36%
Charles Moore (L) 2%
Washington 2Rick Larsen Democrat 2000 Running Rick Larsen (D) 64%
Suzanne Sinclair (R) 34%
Bruce Guthrie (L) (3%)
Washington 3Brian Baird Democrat 1998 Running Brian Baird (D) 62%
Tom Crowson (R) 38%
Washington 4Doc Hastings Republican 1994 Running Doc Hastings (R) 63%
Sandy Matheson (D) 37%
Washington 5George Nethercutt Republican 1994 Running for Senate Cathy McMorris (R) 60%
Don Barbieri (D) 40%
Washington 6Norm Dicks Democrat 1976 Running Norm Dicks (D) 69%
Doug Cloud (R) 31%
Washington 7Jim McDermott Democrat 1988 Running Jim McDermott (D) 81%
Carol Cassady (R) 19%
Washington 8Jennifer Dunn Republican 1992 Retiring Dave Reichert (R) 52%
Dave Ross (D) 47%
Spencer Garrett (L) 2%
Washington 9Adam Smith Democrat 1996 Running Adam Smith (D) 63%
Paul J. Lord (R) 34%
Robert Losey (G) 2%

West Virginia

West Virginia congressional districts

West Virginia 1Alan MollohanDemocrat1982RunningAlan Mollohan (D) 68%
Alan Lee Parks (R) 32%
West Virginia 2Shelley CapitoRepublican2000RunningShelley Capito (R) 58%
Erik Wells (D) 41%
Julian Martin (I) 1%
West Virginia 3Nick RahallDemocrat1976RunningNick Rahall (D) 65%
Rick Snuffer (R) 35%


Wisconsin congressional districts

Wisconsin 1Paul RyanRepublican1998RunningPaul Ryan (R) 65%
Jeffrey C. Thomas (D) 33%
Norman Aulabaugh (I) 1%
Don Bernau (L) 1%
Wisconsin 2Tammy BaldwinDemocrat1998RunningTammy Baldwin (D) 63%
Dave Magnum (R) 37%
Wisconsin 3Ron KindDemocrat1996RunningRon Kind (D) 56%
Dale Schultz (R) 44%
Wisconsin 4Jerry KleczkaDemocrat1984RetiringGwen Moore (D) 70%
Gerald H. Boyle (R) 28%
Tim Johnson (I) 1%
Robert R. Raymond (I) 1%
Wisconsin 5Jim SensenbrennerRepublican1978RunningJim Sensenbrenner (R) 66%
Bryan Kennedy (D) 32%
Tim Peterson (L) 2%
Wisconsin 6Tom PetriRepublican1979RunningTom Petri (R) 67%
Jef Hall (D) 30%
Carol Ann Rittenhouse (G) 3%
Wisconsin 7Dave ObeyDemocrat1969RunningDave Obey (D) 86%
Mike Miles (G) 9%
Larry Oftedahl (I) 5%
Wisconsin 8Mark GreenRepublican1998RunningMark Green (R) 70%
Dottie LeClair (D) 30%


Wyoming At LargeBarbara CubinRepublican1994RunningBarbara Cubin (R) 55%
Ted Ladd (D) 42%
Lewis Stock (L) 3%

Non-voting delegates

American Samoa At LargeEni Faleomavaega
District of Columbia At LargeEleanor Holmes NortonDemocrat1991Running
Guam At LargeMadeleine BordalloDemocrat2003
Puerto Rico At LargeAníbal Acevedo-Vilá
U.S. Virgin Islands At LargeDonna Christian-ChristensenDemocrat1997

See also

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