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YuuYuu Hakusho (幽★遊★白書 YūYū Hakusho, literally "The Playful Ghost White Paper," meaning "Ghost Files"/"Poltergeist Report") is a manga and anime series by Yoshihiro Togashi.

The anime, produced by Studio Pierrot consists of 112 TV episodes and two movies, "The Golden Seal" and "Bonds of Fire".

In Japan, the series ran in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump. In North America, the manga currently runs in Viz's Shonen Jump.

The name of the series is spelled Yu Yu Hakusho in FUNimation's distribution of the anime that airs on Cartoon Network while the series's name is spelled YuYu Hakusho in Viz manga. The anime is distributed by FUNimation.



In the beginning of the manga, Yusuke Urameshi is nothing more than a street-brawling delinquent who only goes to school about every ten days. His teachers hate him and he has few friends. Yusuke's mother Atsuko is an alcoholic. She had him at the age of 14 and shows little interesting in raising her son. Since every single punk in the city is trying to take him on, Yusuke is pretty fed up with life.

However, no one could foresee his most famous deed: he dies trying to save a little boy from a speeding car. When he arrives in the afterlife, the people in the afterlife inform him that, since no one expected him to die in that way, they are not prepared for his arrival. Eventually, Yusuke gets his life back and discovers a new power, he can see beings from the spirit world (yōkai). This is when the series really kicks off. He is enlisted as a spirit realm detective (Reikai Tantei), to help control the actions of spirits in the real world. His first assignment is to round up three demon prisoners (Goki (Gōki, spelled Gouki in the anime), Kurama, and Hiei) who escaped and stole three terribly powerful artifacts. His second is to participate in a contest to choose the next disciple of an aged fighter (Psychic in the English Dub) named Genkai, and to defeat a demon, Rando (Randō), who is posing as a contestant so he can win Genkai's powers. Yusuke's next assignment is to kill the four Saint Beasts, Genbu, Byakko, Seiryu (Seiryū), and Suzaku. In that mission, he is assisted by Kazuma Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei. The next mission involves the Kōrime, Yukina, who has been kidnapped by the evil Gonzo Tarukane (Tarukane Gonzō). Yusuke and Kuwabara then fight the Toguro brothers, who in the end fake their deaths. After Toguro threatens to hunt their loved ones down now Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei are forced to fight in the Dark Tournament. They encounter the Jolly Devil Six a.k.a. Team Rokuyukai (Rinku, Chu (Chū), Roto, Zeru, Ichikia, and Gouta), Team Ichigaki (Dr. Ichigaki, M1, M2, M3 (see below) ), Team Mashoshotsukai (Gama, Touya, Bakken, Jin, and Risho), and Team Uratogi (Kuro Momotaro, Ura Urashima, Shishi Wakumaru, Zuzuka, and Makintaro). after Sakyo makes a bet and risks his life on Yusuke and Toguro's fight, he sets the stadium to blow up within ten minutes, they barely make it out alive. Genkai is revived as the wish of Yusuke for winning the tournament. Next is the Black Chapter Saga, which is the story of Sensui and his humans with Yokai powers. Kuwabara, and Yusuke must fight through seven humans who were tricked by Sensui, due to their hatred of the human race. Yusuke later confronts Sensui head-on in the fight of the Spirit detectives to stop Sensui's plans of breaking the barrier and unleashing havoc upon the Human world.

Yusuke learns there is no other way to beat Sensui and the charges head on at the fallen Spirit detective planning to get killed to bring out the limits of his friend, who get out of Itsuki's creature just in time to see Yusuke smile at them as Sensui punches a hole through Yusuke's heart. Enma (King Yama) tells Botan how Yusuke is related to a evil demon clan, and has sent his spirit guards to make sure Yusuke can never revive. But at that exact moment, Yusuke starts to glow, and out comes an unusually long haired Yusuke( a hanyou) . Yusuke and Koenma travel to Makai to help his friends. But at that same moment Yusuke is taken over by his "Father" Raizen, the war god of Makai. Raizen tells Yusuke that he is too weak and Raizen shows Yusuke his own potential. This makes Yusuke shoot a Reigun at Sensui. Yusuke regains his consciousness just in time to yell, "Sensui, dodge it!" , but Sensui gets hit anyways. When Yusuke finds Sensui, Sensui tells him that this was his dream. Sensui says, "After all the demons I killed, I wanted to travel and die in Makai, after seeing how horrible humans are to Yokai." Yusuke starts yelling at Sensui to live so they can continue their fight, but Sensui dies because of his wounds as well as a pre-existing terminal illness.


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Yusuke Urameshi

Names are in Western order, with the surname after the given name. The English anime name is to the right of the Japanese name if it applies.

  • Yusuke Urameshi (浦飯幽助 Urameshi Yūsuke) - Yusuke is the toughest kid in Sarayashiki Junior High School and has a typical tough guy approach to everything. He becomes a spirit detective after he had died and was revived by Keiko's kiss. His main attack is the Rei Gun (Spirit Gun in the Dub) where he can manipulate his Reiki into a projectile. He learns many other attacks from Genkai including the spirit gun double and shot gun. He mainly grows in strength from all of his different battles, because he responds to danger by unleashing his full strength. Near the end of the series, it is revealed that Yusuke is in fact a demon. His demon ancestor copulated with a human female and arranged so that a descendant of his, born under a certain star, would be a demon. This explains Yusuke's incredible spirit powers.
  • Kazuma Kuwabara (桑原和真) - Kuwabara (Which is what most people call him- the only characters seen referring to him as Kazuma are his sister and Yukina) is the second toughest kid in the school and was always trying to get Yusuke's spot. He leads a gang consisting of himself and three other people. As the show progresses, Yusuke and Kuwabara cease being rivals and become great friends. His main powers are his high Reiki sensitivity and his Rei Ken (Spirit Sword in the Dub), Reiki he has manipulated into the shape of a sword. He picks up a new spirit sword towards the end of the dark tournament and in the beginning of the Chapter Black Saga, and his new sword increases in strength.
  • Keiko Yukimura (雪村螢子 Yukimura Keiko) / Kayko Yukimura - Although Yusuke vehemently denies it, Keiko is his girlfriend. Her personality is almost the exact opposite of his and she keeps up with her schoolwork much better than Yusuke. Eventually, Keiko tags along with Yusuke to the Dark Tournament, and usually falls prey to any of Yusuke's enemies that are trying to kill him. She has a firey personality and is quick repremand Yusuke both verbally and physically if she feels he needs it. She packs a mean punch.
  • Koenma (コエンマ) - Looks like an infant, but he is the ruler and general manager of spirit realm (Reikai). He hires Yusuke on as spirit detective after he helps him come back to life. His father is King Enma (Enma is named King Yama, the Hindu name, in the English anime). Koenma can also transform into a teenage form so he's not as suspicious looking in public and such, but he still retains his pacifier. He soon loses his pacifier when he tries to use a sealing spell on Sensui. Sensui proves he is immune to it by using the Sei Kou Ki (Sacred Energy in the English Dub), a a type of Holy energy that few can master disintegrates it. It isn't until later in the Three Kings saga after Koenma returns to the Spirit Realm that the pacifier is seen again.
  • Botan (ぼたん) - One of hundreds of ferry girls of the Reikai whose are responsable for guiding the souls of the resently departed to eternal judgement. Originally assigned by Koenma to be Yusuke's spirit guide after the fatal car accident, she becomes his case manager when he becomes spirit detective and supplies him with equipment and information. She's a very bubbly and cheerful person, and cares greatly about those around her.
  • Hiei (飛影) a.k.a. Hiei of the Evil Eye (Jaganshi Hiei) - Hiei is a fire demon (hi yōkai) born of a Kōrime (Ice Maiden) who specializes in speed, swordsmanship and Black Dragon Technique (Jaou Ensatsu Kokoryuha). He possesses an Evil Eye, or Jagan, which amplifies his power and enables him to summon the fires of Makai (Demon Realm). Originally, he was the leader of an underworld crime ring and was one of the three demons Yusuke fought on his first case. Hiei became a valuable ally afterwards. His twin sister is Yukina. As the story goes on Hiei also learns that even though he thinks he doesn't need any friends, he's the one who needs friends the most.
  • Kurama (蔵馬), also known as Shuuichi Minamino as a human (南野秀一 Minamino Shū'ichi) - Kurama is a demon who has the power to use plants as lethal weapons. He was one of the three demons Yusuke faced on his first case, but he did not fight Yusuke, for he was trying to use the artifact to save his human mother. He was originally the power and infamous kitsune thief, Youko Kurama (Yōko Kurama) until he was shot by a hunter and only barely escaped by inhabiting the body of an unborn human baby. He grew up as the human child Shuuichi, and regrets the grief he has given his human mother, Shiori, who once saved him from harm by allowing herself to be gravely injured. The "pretty boy" of the group, he is also the cleverest and wisest member. Despite his good looks and soft-spoken nature, Kurama is a ruthless killer who will destroy anything that stands in his way or threatens what he loves. Although very noble, he is not above using cruelty and torture if he feels his enemy deserves it. (Just look at Gourmet)
  • Genkai (幻海) - The aged fighter who held a tournament to decide who would be her successor. Yusuke wins and defeats the demon, Rando. She trains Yusuke in the Spirit Light Wave Fist (Reikō Hadō Ken) aka the Spirit Wave in the English Dub and coaches him to the extreme. Though she may appear to hate Yusuke and the others because she is not very kind, she truly cares about all of them, and tries to lead them down the right road.
  • Koorime Yukina - She is an ice yōkai (apparition) who was captured by a mobster, Tarukane (name meaning "stooping monkey"). When koorime cry, their tears harden into rare, priceless jewels. Yusuke, Botan, and Kuwabara rescue her from Tarukane, who was torturing Yukina to force her to produce the gems. She returns later during the Dark Tournament (Ankoku Būtsukai) looking for her brother (she isn't aware that Hiei is her brother). She is also nave of Kuwabara's affection towards her.
  • Hinageshi - Hinageshi is the guide to the spirit world. She gets around by flying on an oar, just like Botan does. Hinageshi is an expert on information about the nether world (Hinageshi only appears in the Bonds of Fire movie).
  • Atsuko Urameshi - Atsuko is Yusuke's alcoholic mother. She tries to raise him into a respectable citizen despite her questionable private life.
  • The teachers (Mr. Akashi, Mr. Iwamoto, Mr. Takenaka) - Yusuke doesn't get along too well with his teachers at school. Mr. Akashi and Mr. Iwamoto hate him and his friends. They try every trick in the book to expel them. Mr. Takenaka (Spelled Takanaka in the English anime) believes that Yusuke is a truly good person, and only scolds him when needed. During the Four Beasts saga, Mr. Iwamoto is infested with a roundworm monster/makai insect. Since Suzaku commanded all of the infested people to kill Keiko Yukimura, Iwamoto stalks Keiko around Sarayashiki Junior High School before Yusuke destroys the whistle, which causes the insect inside him to die; he returns to normal after the whistle is destroyed. Yusuke once tested his new spiritual powers by firing a rei gan into the back of Iwamoto's head, knocking him out.
  • Shizuru Kuwabara - Kazuma Kuwabara's tough older sister. Like her younger brother she also has a high level of Reiki sensitivity. She wants Kazuma to grow up and get a education so he can make something of himself. Is also a chain smoker and the biggest part she plays in the series is during the Ankoku Būtsukai (Dark Tournament) where she falls in love with Sakyo, the owner of Team Urameshi's rival team, Team Toguro. He saves her life twice, but she is unaware of his true identity until the end. She also knows Yukina's connection to Hiei because she saw a videotape that provided the details for the mission that Yusuke and Kuwabara had to rescue Yukina from Tarukane (only she, Botan, and Yusuke saw the details that Yukina is Hiei's sister). Like Keiko, she's a woman who is unafraid to speak her mind or deliver a beat-down where needed.
  • Rokuyukai Team / Jolly Devil Six
    • Rinku - Rinku is a child-demon who uses a Yo-Yo. He defeats Kuwabara, because Kuwabara couldn't get back in the ring on time.
    • Roto - Roto is a dishonorable fighter. Roto faces Kurama in the Second round of the Dark Tournament. Kurama has the upper hand as Roto try's to punch him, but throughout the fight Roto calls Kurama by his human name " Shuuichi Minamano". Just as Kurama was about to finish him, Roto say's he hold's Kurama's mother's life in his hand. Thus brings out the evil in Kurama killing Roto by a Death Seed.
    • Zeru - The "Captain" Of Jolly Devil Six a.k.a. Team Rokuyukai. His power is based around fire, his only attacks he uses are Fire Aurora, and a fire blast attack. He seemingly punches Hiei through the stomach, then shoots a fire blast at him, yet again seemingly killing him. Then Hiei appears behind Zeru, Zeru is stunned, not knowing that a fire-based attack won't work on other fire demons. Thus he is killed by the infamous Black Dragon Hell Fire (Jao Ensatsu Koku Ryu Ha).
    • Chu (Chū) - Chu is the true captain of the Jolly Devil Six a.k.a. Team Rokuyukai. He kills two teammates, Imajin and Gao, for being cowards and trying to run away after seeing Zeru killed. One of his types of fighting styles is the Drunken Fist. He fuses his spirit energy with the alcohol to form his Sui Ken, which is a ball of energy he throws at his opponent. The other form of fighting he uses is favorite type- a Knife Edge Death Match, in which he put his knives into the floor of the arena, and he and his opponent put their feet to the knife. The first one to slip his foot off the knife loses, and the winner has the right to kill the loser. He later falls in love with a demon girl named Natsume, in the Makai Tournament and surrenders automatically when fighting in the preliminaries.

  • Team Ichigaki
  • Dr.Ichigaki - He is a demon scientist who took advantage of three martial art students by poisoning their master. Dr. Ichigaki then appeared and offered to heal their master if they agreed to participate in an experiment of his. Dr. Ichigaki turned them into Makai minions (Usually called M1, M2, M3, or Dr. Ichigaki's minions. He uses them as a team in the Dark Tournament).
  • M1, M2, M3 - En, Ryo, Kai - The three gave their freedom up to get Ichigaki to heal their master. Later used as a Team in the Dark Tournament (Team Ichigaki).

  • Team Mashotsukai
  • Gama - He is a demon who knows the "secret art" of make-up, using paint made of blood to bring out spiritual abilities and increase strength. His two attacks are the Make-up of Chains (Gokujono Sho) and the Make-up of the Seal (Nembaku Fuji no Sho). He fights Kurama in the opening team match, and uses his attacks to chain Kurama down and then seal his youki (demon energy) within him. Kurama's only choice, because of the Gokujo no Sho, is to use his Rose Whip. He ends up killing Gama, and becomes unable to move off of the arena, and ends up fighting three consecutive matches.
  • Mashotsukai Toya (English manga) or Mahotsukai Touya (English anime) - Toya is a somewhat honourable fighter. He fights Kurama right after Gama is killed, seeing how the Gokujono no Sho is still in effect. Kurama was unable to leave the ring and was officially the next fighter. With the Nembaku Fuji No Sho on him Kurama is at a disadvantage Toya uses his Ma Teki Sandansha to try to kill Kurama, but loses after trying his ice sword, the Sei no ken, on Kurama, who countered by placing a Death Seed in his body in order to use his powers.
  • Bakken: The third fighter on Team Mashotsukai, a hulking brute with little brains or honor. Thanks to the Team Mashotsukai's owner, Bakken was able to fight against Kurama, who was unconscious from the previous round. Yuususke was ready to break the rules to save Kurama, but luckily Risho ordered Bakken to stop. Bakken then faced Yusuke next but it didn't take long for Yusuke to defeat him.
  • Kazetsukai Jin - A famous wind master and the most honorable player on Team Mashotsukai, he fights Yusuke after Yusuke beats Bakken. Jin has a cheerful, upbeat personality and feels fighters should enjoy themselves in the ring, especially if they are battling for their lives. Jin fights by dodging Yusuke's punches and flying out of his reach while attacking Yusuke form the air. Both fighters are equally matched, and although Yusuke manages to eventually knock Jin out, the match officially called a draw on a technicality.
  • Risho - He is the dishonourable leader of Team Mashotsukai, he cheats to advance his team in the tournament and isn't above attacking his own teammates if they disagree with him. His attacks are based around earth, Armor of Clay (a defence and offence raise), and Spiked Armor of Clay (another boost), as well as a general control of the earth around him. He loses to a badly injuried Kuwabara.

  • Team Uraotogi
  • Kuromomantaro- He uses one of the first of many strange items from Team Uraotogi, enchanted Millet Dumplings. First he turns himself into a monsterous ape (Buju Soko: Maen No So (Armor of the Demon Monkey), then a bird (Buju Soko: Machi No So (Armor of the Demon Roosterand finally a dog (Buju Soko: Maken No So (Armor of the Demon Dog). Before using each of these, he allows Hiei to attack him, thus learning each attacks' strentghs and weaknesses so he knows what animal form can best counter it. Hiei defeats him using the Jaou Ensatsu Ken ("Sword of black fire").
  • Uraurashima- He fights Kurama in the Semi-Final. He tricks Kurama into believing that he's fighting against his will, and using the Idunn Box (Reverse Treasure Box) in an attempt to turn him back into a helpless child before killing him. The magic works too well however, turning Kurama back into the ruthless Youko thief, who attempts to torture him to learn the secrets of the box and Team Uraotogi. He was killed by Shishiwakumaru before he could tell.
  • Shishiwakamaru- He first fights Kuwabara and uses his own attack called the Cape of No Return, which sends its victim anywhere, even a different dimension. He then fights against Genkai. He steals people's souls using his sword, the Ma Koku Mei Zan Ken, using an attack called Bakuto Doku Shoku Sou. He is defeated after Genkai used her Reihado-ken, stole some of his power, and then uses her Sprit Reflection Blast (Rei Kou Kyou Han Shyo).

  • Team Toguro
  • Karasu - Fights Kurama in the first round of the finals. He can created explosives out of thin air and force his reiki into another person's body, causing it to blow up from the inside. Karasu is a sadist who finds pleasure in torturing his victims slowly, often exploding parts of their bodies piece by piece before they die. He targets Kurama early in the tournament before their match, promising to destroy him painfully but not to harm his lovely face. He badly injures Kurama using a net of bombs that explode on contact, touching them against the fox's body one by one, shattering his bones and flesh. Using the last of his strength Kurama kills him with a bloodsucking plant called the Kyuuketsu Shokubutsu, and almost dies himself. Despite this, Karasu is decleared the winner of the match on other technicality.
  • Bui- He is the one that fights Hiei. At first he wears his armor, which contains some of his energy, so he's powered down a little. Then takes off his armor saying "I swore to take this off only to him.", then his Sprit Class is moved from B- to B. Later he's killed after taking a direct hit from the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. (Jao Ensatsu Koku Ryuu Ha).
  • Elder Toguro (Toguro Ani in Japanese) - The elder Toguro brother, he has the power to manipulate his body into any weapon, and can move around his internal organs, making him difficult to kill. He fights Kuwabara during the final match of the Dark Tournament. Also, he later returns after taking over the body of "Gourmet," at which point his regenerative powers are so strong that he is virtually immortal. Kurama defeats him by feeding him to a plant called the Sinning Tree (Janen Ju) that gradually absorbs the body/energy of its victims while torturing them with hallucinations until they die. Since Elder Toguro is immortal and in a perpetual state of rage, the plant will continue to feed off his body forever while his mind is constantly focused on the hallucinations about his opponent. His hallucination is that he is killing Kurama who eerily isn't feeling a thing and isn't dying. The fact that he is staying alive is what is making Elder Toguro so angry.
  • Younger Toguro (Toguro Otōto in Japanese) - Toguro was once human with unfashionable strength and power, even matching Genkai's strength. But one night, after defeating a group of demons, he and Genkai were invited to a martial arts competition after a high-class demon called Kairen killed all of Toguro pupils. After Toguro killed Kairen in the final match of the Dark Tournament, he wished to become a demon of the highest class. Toguro betrayed Genkai and his friends for eternal youth and strength because he was scared of growing old and weak. Now, nearly 50 years later, he confronts Yusuke Urameshi and invites him to the Dark Tournament, fighting Genkai in the proccess and killing her for not making the same decision he did. Yusuke finds out about the 50-year conflict and it becomes very personal. He eventually kills Toguro with a fully charged Spirit Gun blast. Interesting Fact: Toguro is the only villain of all of Yu Yu Hakusho to cause so much of an impact on Yusuke and his friends. He was in over 43 episodes!

Chracters from the Black Chapter Saga

  • Shinobu Sensui - Born with the ability to see other worldly beings and having incredible spiritual power, Sensui was the Spirit Detective before Yusuke and killed many youkai under Koenma's orders. He had strong beliefs as to the nature of youkai, unshaken even upon meeting his partner Itsuki. One night Koema sent Sensui to attack a group of youkai smugglers, BBC (Black Book Club). Upon entering their headquarters, he discovered they were humans who were torturing scores of youkai and bathing in their blood. Everything he'd come to believe about humans and youkai, that one was wholey good and the other wholey evil, was wrong. Unable to handle this discovery and the knowledge of his own acts, he was driven insane. He created seven individual personalities, each one accountable for one of his crimes - dishonesty, violence, weakness, and so forth. He recruited six gifted humans who'd inherited Sprit Power from the Kekkai Barrier's opening. As pawns in his plan he recruited: Tsukihito Amanema, The Game Master; Hagari Kaname, The Sniper; Minoru Kamiya, The Doctor; Sadao Makihara, The Gourmet; and Kiyoshi Mitari, The Sea Man. His youkai partner Yaminade Itsuki, The Gatekeeper made six, and last was Sensui himself, the Black Angel. Together they planned to destroy all the humans on Earth.
  • Tsukihito Amanema A.K.A. The Game Master - Is a seven-year-old who is obsessed with games and is a part of Sensui's seven. He has the power to make any game he wants a reality; he is unaware of Sensui's true plans. Kurama is forced to kill the boy during one of his games. He is later resurrected by Koenma's pacifer with some of the Mafukan energy.
  • Kaname Hagari, The Sniper - He's seventeen years old, and has the power to (A) Make any object in his Territory to a bullet-like object and then flick it at his target, (B) Put a Bullseye-sign curse on a person's body which causes objects from all around creation to fly at the cursed person, or (C) Touch a vehicle and make it run without a driver as long as it has a full gas tank. Sniper then uses his foe's distraction to his advantage, by shooting the gas tank and making it explode. (If you didn't know, Gasoline explodes when Oxygen touches it.) This move is usually used as a finshing last resort, and is 99% fatal. Yusuke is saved by Hiei though. Hiei then defeats Sniper, by ramming his Katana into Hagiri's stomach but deliberately missing his vital organs. He is later found by his former teammate Kamiya who performs surgery to save Hagari's life. Afterwards Hagari returns to his High School but disappears after graduation.
  • Yaminade Itsuki, The Gate Keeper - Itsuki is a rare-breed yokai called a yaminade ("hand that strokes the darkness"). He had been captured by the young detective Sensui, but when asked if he had any last words, Itsuki asked Sensui if he'd kill him tomorrow, as he was wanting to watch the finale of his favorite T.V. show. Sensui was so surprised to hear such a human thing from a creature he'd thought to be wicked, he laughed and decided not to kill him. After Sensui's fall into madness, Itsuki stayed by the young man's side as a faithful partner and compainion. It is implied that he is Sensui's lover (although this information was removed from the American version of the anime). He can open up dimensional portals and control shadow beasts such as the Uraotoko ("reversed man"). To prevent the Reikai from sending Sensui's soul to hell after the detective's death, Itsuki takes his body into the dimentional void, sealing them away for eternity where they can finally be alone together, in peace.
  • Minoru Kamiya, The Doctor - Kamiya is the oldest human in Sensui's seven. He is able to produce poisonous Makai bug that kill the people they bite. If Kamiya isn't beaten or killed within ten minutes, those infected will die. He's able to use his fingers as a scalpel, can reattach part of his body, and is has lost all sense of pain. After he was defeated by Yusuke he was taken into police custody, but later escaped. Afterwards he altered his face and began to use his medical knowledge for good.
  • Sadao Makihara, The Gourmet - He is able to eat the flesh of others and absorb their power. When we first meet Sensui we saw Elder Toguros head in a fish tank. Later he was eaten by Makihara. Later, Toguro overpowered Makihara and took control of his body and mind. Kurama later pulled off (Uncut): The top half of his head, (Edited CN version): His whole head. Kurama then reveals that Elder Toguro was controlling Gourmet and tells him to come on out. The rest goes under the Elder Toguro category.
  • Kiyoshi Mitari, The Sea Man - Mitari is a young student who was always teased and tormented in school, causing him to hate his own race, making it easy for Sensui to get the human to join his side. Once he's put his blood into water, he can then shape it into constructs and creatures. Mitari later battles Kuwabara, who severely injures him after Kuwabara forms the Demension Blade and cuts Mitari and his territory. After Kuwabara helped save his life, and with some convincing, Mitari decided to help the group. He leads Yusuke and the others to Sensui's hideout after Sensui kidnaps Kuwabara. After the battle against Sensui, Mitari is accepted into a school of his choice.

Characters from the Makai and Exile Sagas

  • Yomi - He was one of Yoko's companions along with Kuronue. One time Yomi raided the castle of a Demon Assassin who killed all of Yomi's men. The assassin was unable to kill Yomi, so he blinded him instead. Yomi grew four new ears to overcome this weakness, and despite that Yomi achieved a S class rank and became a Makai ruler along side Mukuro and Raizen. He captured the assassin to torture him for a while, but when Kurama came to see Yomi, the assassin said that Youko had hired him to kill Yomi. Infuriated Yomi killed the assassin with a single punch. Tora is one of Yomi's generals, he was killed when attacking Kurama unaware that Kurama could change into Youko at will.
  • Mukuro - A Makai ruler. When Mukuro was younger she enslaved by an obese demon who mistreated her severely. She poured acid over the left side of her body to make herself undesirable him, and she later trained with her chains still on and a deformed body. She reached S class then became a Makai ruler. She appears with Shigure, the demon surgeon who implanted Hiei's Jagan. Mukuro forces Hiei to fight Shigure. Hiei defeats him but does not kill him. Hiei is forced to be the sponsor/adviser for Mukuro.
  • Raizen - He is Yusuke's ancestor.He explains how hundreds of years ago when raiding a village he was injured. A woman nursed him back to health. As he was about to eat her, she said, "Feast on other humans better than me," and revealed that in order to make antidotes, she continuously poisoned herself, and could not be eaten. They fell in love, and Raizen vowed never to eat human flesh again, thus setting himself up to starve to death. He trains Yusuke, expecting Yusuke to take his place as a Makai ruler. After Raizen dies, Yusuke learns that if Raizen had eaten human flesh all those years, he would've been the most powerful demon in all of Makai. During the last episode of the anime, Raizen's ghost makes an appearance.
  • Enki - One of Raizens old friends. He is one of the many competitors in the Makai Tournament. You don't see a lot of him, but after the fight of Yuske and Yomi, Yomi must fight Enki right after he beats Yusuke. He makes the law that no demon is allowed to go into the human world to terrorize it.


In YuYu Hakusho the ranking of demons and apparitions is done by grade letters. E-class is the weakest class of demons. Meanwhile, S, which indicates "Super A-class", is the strongest demon classification. Each class also has sub-divisions of upper (or +), middle, and lower (or -). For example, A has three subclasses: A-, A, and A+. [1] (

Spirit Detective Saga

Three Artifacts
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass E*
HieiClass D*
KuramaClass D
Goki (Gouki)Class D-
Kazuma KuwabaraClass E-*
JyakiClass E-
Genkai's Tournament
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass D-
Kazuma KuwabaraClass E
BaldockClass E+
RandoClass C+
MusashiClass E
Shaolin (Shorin)Class D-
Holy Beasts
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass C-/C
Kazuma KuwabaraClass D+
Hiei Class C
KuramaClass C
GenbuClass C-
ByakkoClass C
SeiryuClass C
SuzakuClass B-
Rescue Yukina
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass C
Kazuma KuwabaraClass C-
HieiClass C
Younger Toguro (20%) Class B
Toguro's MinionsClass D
HelenClass C-

Dark Tournament Saga

Rokuyokai Team a.k.a. Jolly Devil Six
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass C+
Kazuma KuwabaraClass C
HieiClass C+
Hiei's Dragon of Hellfire Flame (Dragon of the Darkness Flame)Class B-
KuramaClass C+
ChuClass C+
RinkuClass C-
ZeruClass C+
ImajinClass D
GaoaClass D
RotoClass D-
Spirit Warriors
Character Spirit Class
TopazClass C
RugbyClass C-
Other Spirit WarriorsClass D+/C-
Younger Toguro (45%)Class B
Dr. Ichigaki Team
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke Urameshi (Exhausted)Class C-
Yusuke Urameshi (Restored)Class C+
KuramaClass C+
HieiClass C+
Kazuma KuwabaraClass C
Dr. IchigakiClass C-
M1, M2, M3Class D
Masked FighterClass B
Masho Team
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass C+
Kazuma KuwabaraClass C
KuramaClass C+
TouyaClass C+
JinClass C+
RishoClass C+
BakkenClass D
GamaClass C-
Uraotogi Team
Character Spirit Class
HieiClass B-
KuramaClass C+
Yoko KuramaClass B
Old GenkaiClass C
Young GenkaiClass B
MakintaroClass C
Kuro MomotaroClass C/C+/B-
Ura UrashimaClass C-
ShishiwakumaruClass B-
Onji/SuzukaClass D-
Gorenjya Team
Character Spirit Class
AkarenjyaClass C+
AorenjyaClass C+
MidorenjyaClass C+
MomorenjyaClass C+
KirenjyaClass C+
Toguro Team (Finals)
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass C+
Yusuke Urameshi (Without Spirit Cuffs)Class B
Yusuke Urameshi (Full Power)Class B+*
Kazuma KuwabaraClass C+
KuramaClass B-*
Yoko KuramaClass B*
HieiClass B-*
Hiei's Dragon of the Darkness FlameClass B
Hiei merged with the Dragon FlameClass B*
KarasuClass B*
Karasu (Without Mask)Class B (Higher)
Bui (With Armor)Class B-*
Bui (Without Armor)Class B
Elder ToguroClass B
Younger Toguro (80%)Class B
Younger Toguro (100%)Class B+
Younger Toguro (120%)Class B+*

Chapter Black Saga

Terrible Truths
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass B+
KuramaClass B*
HieiClass B*
GenkaiClass C
Yuu KaitoClass E
Mistunari YanasigawaClass E
Asato KidoClass E-
The Seven / Dark Indulgence
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass B+
GenkaiClass C
Minoru Kamiya, The DoctorClass D-
Asato KidoClass E-
Kiyoshi Mitarai, The Sea ManClass E
Kazuma KuwabaraClass B
Shinobu SensuiClass A-*
Dangerous Games
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass B+
Kazuma KuwabaraClass B
KuramaClass B*
HieiClass B*
Tsukihito Amanema, The Game MasterClass D-
Kaname Hagari, The SniperClass D+
Itsuki, The Gate KeeperClass B
Elder ToguroClass B
Old Rivals, New Problems / In the Blood / Born Anew
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass B+
Resurrected Yusuke UrameshiClass A-
Possessed Yusuke UrameshiClass S+*
Shinobu SensuiClass A-*
KazuyaClass A+*
Sei Kou Ki SensuiClass S-*
Defense Armor SensuiClass S
Offense Armor SensuiClass S-
HieiClass A*
KuramaClass B*
Yoko KuramaClass A-
Kazuma KuwabaraClass A
Itsuki, The Gate KeeperClass B

Saga of the Three Kings

The Three Makai Rulers
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass S-
Yusuke Urameshi (After Hokushin's Training)Class S+
KuramaClass A
HieiClass A
Kazuma KuwabaraClass A
HokushinClass S
Kurou SotouClass B
Kurou's ChildrenClass C-/C-
YomiClass S+
MukuroClass S+
RaizenClass S+ (Low)
ToraClass A+
Yoko KuramaClass S-
ShigureClass S-
Hiei (After Mukuro's Training)Class S-
Hiei (After Shigure Fight)Class S
KiriClass A+
ChuuClass C+
JinClass C+
TouyaClass C+
RinkuClass C-
SuzukaClass C-
ShishiwakumaruClass C+
Chuu (After Genkai's Training)Class A+
Jin (After Genkai's Training)Class A+
Touya (After Genkai's Training)Class A+
Rinku (After Genkai's Training)Class A
Suzuka (After Genkai's Training)Class A
Shishiwakumaru (After Genkai's Training)Class A+
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Theme songs

  • Opening
    • "Hohoemi no Bakudan" (Smile Bomb) by Matsuko Mawatari
      • In the English version this and the endings are dubbed on the English Tracks.
      • During the Chapter Black Saga the images of the entire opening have been replaced with new updated ones. Also some of those images are updated during the Saga of the Three Kings.
  • Ending
    1. "Homework ga Owaranai" (Neverending Homework) by Matsuko Mawatari (1-29) (Used on Cartoon Network up until Toonami moved to Saturday Nights)
    2. "Sayonara Byebye" by Matsuko Mawatari (30-59) - Used for the Cartoon Network version starting with the Finals of the Dark Tournament storyline.
    3. "Anbaransu na Kisu wo Shite" (Unbalanced Kiss) by Hiro Takahashi (60-83) Used for the Cartoon Network Version starting with the beginning of the Chapter Black Storyline but with the English lyrics and music from Ending #4
    4. "Taiyō ga Mata Kagayaku Toki" (The Sun is Shining Again) by Hiro Takahashi (84-103)
    5. "Daydream Generation" by Matsuko Mawatari (104-112)
    • Note: Endings 4 (Mainly the Images) and 5 are not heard in the Cartoon Network version as yet.
    • On the FUNimation DVDs, there is a flaw in Dvds volumes 9-12. The English lyrics track for Ending #2 did not start until Episode #43, which is the first episode on Dvd Volume#13. On all the dvds that have this fault, by not turning on the Japanese Subtitles (English Subtitles that follow the Japanese Version) in the menu it will only play the English version of Ending #1 for the end credits. The reason behind this flaw is that no English track was produced at that time during the Dvd releases.

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The Makai Tournament
Character Spirit Class
Yusuke UrameshiClass S+*
Yusuke Urameshi Sei Kou KiClass S+ (Higher)*
HieiClass S

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