Peerage of the United Kingdom

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The Peerage of the United Kingdom comprises most peerages created in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland after the Act of Union in 1801. In that year, the Peerage of Great Britain was replaced by the Peerage of the United Kingdom. New peers continued to be created in the Peerage of Ireland; the creations ceased with the formation of the Irish Free State in 1922.

Until the House of Lords Act 1999 was passed, all Peers of the UK could sit in the House of Lords. The ranks of the peerage are Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, and Baron.

In the following table of peers, higher or equal titles in the other peerages are listed, as are Life peerages in the Peerage of the UK.


Dukes in the Peerage of the UK

Title Creation Other titles
The Duke of Wellington 1814  
The Duke of Sutherland 1833  
The Duke of Westminster 1874  
The Duke of Gordon 1876 Duke of Richmond in the Peerage of England;
Duke of Lennox in the Peerage of Scotland
The Duke of Argyll 1892 Duke of Argyll in the Peerage of Scotland
The Duke of Fife 1900  
The Duke of Gloucester 1928  
The Duke of Kent 1934  
The Duke of Edinburgh 1947  
The Duke of York 1986  

Marquesses in the Peerage of the UK

Title Creation Other titles
The Marquess of Exeter 1801  
The Marquess of Northampton 1812  
The Marquess Camden 1812  
The Marquess of Anglesey 1815  
The Marquess of Cholmondeley 1815  
The Marquess of Ailesbury 1821  
The Marquess of Bristol 1826  
The Marquess of Ailsa 1831  
The Marquess of Normanby 1838  
The Marquess of Abergavenny 1876  
The Marquess of Zetland 1892  
The Marquess of Linlithgow 1902  
The Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair 1916  
The Marquess of Milford Haven 1917  
The Marquess of Reading 1926  

Earls and Countesses in the Peerage of the UK

Title Creation Other titles
The Earl of Rosslyn 1801  
The Earl of Craven 1801  
The Earl of Onslow 1801  
The Earl of Romney 1801  
The Earl of Chichester 1801  
The Earl of Wilton 1801  
The Earl of Powis 1804  
The Earl Nelson 1805  
The Earl Grey 1806  
The Earl of Lonsdale 1807  
The Earl of Harrowby 1809  
The Earl of Harewood 1812  
The Earl of Minto 1813  
The Earl Cathcart 1814  
The Earl of Verulam 1815  
The Earl of St Germans 1815  
The Earl of Morley 1815  
The Earl of Bradford 1815  
The Earl of Eldon 1821  
The Earl Howe 1821  
The Earl of Stradbroke 1821  
The Earl Temple of Stowe 1822  
The Earl Vane 1823 Marquess of Londonderry in the Peerage of Ireland
The Earl Cawdor 1827  
The Earl of Burlington 1831 Duke of Devonshire in the Peerage of England
The Earl of Lichfield 1831  
The Earl of Durham 1833  
The Earl Granville 1833  
The Earl of Effingham 1837  
The Earl of Ducie 1837  
The Earl of Yarborough 1837  
The Earl Innes 1837 Duke of Roxburghe in the Peerage of Scotland
The Earl of Leicester 1837  
The Earl of Lovelace 1838  
The Earl of Gainsborough 1841  
The Earl of Strafford 1847  
The Earl of Cottenham 1850  
The Earl Cowley 1857  
The Earl of Winton 1859 Earl of Eglinton in the Peerage of Scotland
The Earl of Dudley 1860  
The Earl Russell 1861  
The Earl of Cromartie 1861  
The Earl of Kimberley 1866  
The Earl of Wharncliffe 1876  
The Earl Cairns 1878  
The Earl of Lytton 1880  
The Earl of Selborne 1882  
The Earl of Iddesleigh 1885  
The Earl of Cranbrook 1892  
The Earl of Halsbury 1898  
The Earl of Cromer 1901  
The Earl of Plymouth 1905  
The Earl of Liverpool 1905  
The Earl of Midlothian 1911 Earl of Rosebery in the Peerage of Scotland
The Earl Kitchener of Khartoum 1914  
The Earl St Aldwyn 1915  
The Earl Beatty 1919  
The Earl Haig 1919  
The Earl of Iveagh 1919  
The Earl of Balfour 1922  
The Earl of Oxford and Asquith 1925  
The Earl Jellicoe 1925 Lord Jellicoe of Southampton for Life
The Earl of Inchcape 1929  
The Earl Peel 1929  
The Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne 1937 Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne in the Peerage of Scotland
The Earl Baldwin of Bewdley 1937  
The Earl of Halifax 1944  
The Earl of Gowrie 1945  
The Earl Lloyd George 1945  
The Countess Mountbatten of Burma 1947  
The Earl Alexander of Tunis 1952  
The Earl of Swinton 1955  
The Earl Attlee 1955  
The Earl of Chester 1958 Duke of Cornwall in the Peerage of England
Duke of Rothesay in the Peerage of Scotland
The Earl of Snowdon 1961 Lord Armstrong-Jones for Life
The Earl of Stockton 1984  
The Earl of Wessex 1999  

Viscounts in the Peerage of the UK

Title Creation Other titles
The Viscount St Vincent 1801  
The Viscount Melville 1802  
The Viscount Sidmouth 1805  
The Viscount Exmouth 1816  
The Viscount Hutchinson 1821 Earl of Donoughmore in the Peerage of Ireland
The Viscount Clancarty 1823 Earl of Clancarty in the Peerage of Ireland
The Viscount Combermere 1827  
The Viscount Hill 1842  
The Viscount Hardinge 1846  
The Viscount Gough 1849  
The Viscount Bridport 1868  
The Viscount Portman 1873  
The Viscount Hampden 1884  
The Viscount Hambleden 1891  
The Viscount Knutsford 1895  
The Viscount Esher 1897  
The Viscount Goschen 1900  
The Viscount Ridley 1900  
The Viscount Colville of Culross 1902  
The Viscount Churchill 1902  
The Viscount Selby 1905  
The Viscount Knollys 1911  
The Viscount Allendale 1911  
The Viscount Chilston 1911  
The Viscount Scarsdale 1911  
The Viscount Mersey 1916  
The Viscount Cowdray 1917  
The Viscount Devonport 1917  
The Viscount Astor 1917  
The Viscount Wimborne 1918  
The Viscount St Davids 1918  
The Viscount Rothermere 1919  
The Viscount Allenby 1919  
The Viscount Chelmsford 1921  
The Viscount Long 1921  
The Viscount Ullswater 1921  
The Viscount Younger of Leckie 1923  
The Viscount Bearsted 1925  
The Viscount Craigavon 1927  
The Viscount Bridgeman 1929  
The Viscount Hailsham 1929  
The Viscount Brentford 1929  
The Viscount Buckmaster 1933  
The Viscount Bledisloe 1935  
The Viscount Hanworth 1936  
The Viscount Trenchard 1936  
The Viscount Samuel 1937  
The Viscount Runciman of Doxford 1937  
The Viscount Davidson 1937  
The Viscount Weir 1938  
The Viscount Stonehaven of Ury 1938 Earl of Kintore in the Peerage of Scotland
The Viscount Caldecote 1939  
The Viscount Simon 1940  
The Viscount Camrose 1941  
The Viscount Stansgate 1942  
The Viscount Margesson 1942  
The Viscount Daventry 1943  
The Viscount Addison 1945  
The Viscount Kemsley 1945  
The Viscount Marchwood 1945  
The Viscount Lambert 1945  
The Viscount Alanbrooke 1946  
The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein 1946  
The Viscount Waverley 1952  
The Viscount Thurso 1952  
The Viscount Brookeborough 1952  
The Viscount Norwich 1952  
The Viscount Leathers 1954  
The Viscount Soulbury 1954  
The Viscount Chandos 1954 Lord Lyttleton for Life
The Viscount Malvern 1955  
The Viscount De L'Isle 1956  
The Viscount Ingleby 1956  
The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley 1957  
The Viscount Tenby 1957  
The Viscount Mackintosh of Halifax 1957  
The Viscount Dunrossil 1959  
The Viscount Stuart of Findhorn 1959  
The Viscount Amory 1960  
The Viscount Rochdale 1960  
The Viscount Slim 1960  
The Viscount Head 1960  
The Viscount Boyd of Merton 1960  
The Viscount Mills 1962  
The Viscount Blakenham 1963  
The Viscount Eccles 1964  
The Viscount Dilhorne 1964  

Hereditary Barons in the Peerage of the UK

Title Creation Other titles
The Lord Loftus 1801 Marquess of Ely in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Ellenborough 1802  
The Lord Sandys 1802  
The Lord Arden 1802 Earl of Egmont in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Erskine of Restormel Castle 1806 Earl of Buchan in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Mont Eagle of Westport 1806 Marquess of Sligo in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Granard 1806 Earl of Granard in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Manners 1807  
The Lord Stewart 1814 Marquess of Londonderry in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Meldrum 1815 Marquess of Huntly in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Grinstead 1815 Earl of Enniskillen in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Harris 1815  
The Lord Ker 1821 Marquess of Lothian in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Minster 1821 Marquess Conyngham in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Wemyss 1821 Earl of Wemyss and March in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Silchester 1821 Earl of Longford in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Oriel 1821 Viscount Massereene and Ferrard in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Ravensworth 1821  
The Lord Delamere 1821  
The Lord Forester 1821  
The Lord Rayleigh 1821  
The Lord Gifford 1824  
The Lord Wigan 1826 Earl of Crawford and Balcarres in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Ranfurly 1826 Earl of Ranfurly in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Feversham 1826  
The Lord Seaford 1826  
The Lord Plunket 1827  
The Lord Heytesbury 1828  
The Lord Clanwilliam 1828 Earl of Clanwilliam in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Skelmersdale 1828  
The Lord Wynford 1829  
The Lord Kilmarnock 1831  
The Lord Chaworth 1831 Earl of Meath in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Dunmore 1831 Earl of Dunmore in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Oakley 1831 Earl Cadogan in the Peerage of Great Britain
The Lord Poltimore 1831  
The Lord Mostyn 1831  
The Lord Templemore 1831 Marquess of Donegall in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord de Saumarez 1831  
The Lord Kenlis 1831 Marquess of Headfort in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Stanley of Bickerstaffe 1832 Earl of Derby in the Peerage of England
The Lord Denman 1834  
The Lord Duncannon 1834 Earl of Bessborough in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Abinger 1835  
The Lord Ashburton 1835  
The Lord Hatherton 1835  
The Lord Worlingham 1835 Earl of Gosford in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Stratheden and Campbell 1836; 1841  
The Lord Rossmore 1838 The Lord Rossmore in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Carew 1838 The Lord Carew in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord de Mauley 1838  
The Lord Wrottesley 1838  
The Lord Sudeley 1838  
The Lord Methuen 1838  
The Lord Stanley of Eddisbury and Eddisbury 1839; 1848 The Lord Sheffield in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Leigh 1839  
The Lord Monteagle of Brandon 1839  
The Lord Oxenfoord 1841 Earl of Stair in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Congleton 1841  
The Lord Vivian 1841  
The Lord Elgin 1849 Earl of Elgin and Kincardine in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Londesborough 1850  
The Lord de Freyne 1851  
The Lord Raglan 1852  
The Lord Belper 1856  
The Lord Talbot of Malahide 1856 The Lord Talbot of Malahide in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Chesham 1858  
The Lord Churston 1858  
The Lord Leconfield and Egremont 1859; 1963  
The Lord Lyveden 1859  
The Lord Brougham and Vaux 1860  
The Lord Herbert of Lea 1861 Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery in the Peerage of England
The Lord Westbury 1861  
The Lord Annaly 1863  
The Lord Buckhurst 1864 Earl De La Warr in the Peerage of Great Britain
The Lord Northbrook 1866  
The Lord Monck 1866 Viscount Monck in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Hartismere 1866 The Lord Henniker in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Hylton 1866  
The Lord Penrhyn 1866  
The Lord Brancepth 1866 Viscount Boyne in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord O'Neill 1868  
The Lord Napier of Magdăla 1868  
The Lord Gormanston 1868 Viscount Gormanston in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Lawrence 1869  
The Lord Dunning 1869 Lord Rollo in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Hare of Convamore 1869 Earl of Listowel in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Howard of Glossop 1869 Duke of Norfolk in the Peerage of England
The Lord Acton 1869 The Lord Acton of Bridgnorth for Life
The Lord Wolverton 1869  
The Lord Kildare 1870 Duke of Leinster in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord O'Hagan 1870  
The Lord Sandhurst 1871  
The Lord Ettrick 1872 Lord Napier in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Somerton 1873 Earl of Normanton in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Aberdare 1873  
The Lord Moncreiff 1874  
The Lord Coleridge 1874  
The Lord Cottesloe 1874  
The Lord Hampton 1874  
The Lord Douglas 1875 Earl of Home in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Ramsay of Glenmark 1875 Earl of Dalhousie in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Harlech 1876  
The Lord Tollemache 1876  
The Lord Gerard 1876  
The Lord Sackville 1876  
The Lord Norton 1878  
The Lord Trevor 1880  
The Lord Brabourne 1880  
The Lord Ampthill 1881  
The Lord Tweeddale of Yester 1881 Marquess of Tweeddale in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Derwent 1881  
The Lord Hothfield 1881  
The Lord Tennyson 1884  
The Lord Strathspey 1884  
The Lord Monk Bretton 1884  
The Lord Northbourne 1884  
The Lord Sudley 1884 Earl of Arran in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Powerscourt 1885 Viscount Powerscourt in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Northington 1885 The Lord Henley in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Rothschild 1885  
The Lord Revelstoke 1885  
The Lord Monkswell 1885  
The Lord Ashbourne 1885  
The Lord St Oswald 1885  
The Lord Deramore 1885  
The Lord Montagu of Beaulieu 1885  
The Lord Elphinstone 1885 Lord Elphinstone in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Herschell 1886  
The Lord Hindlip 1885  
The Lord Grimthorpe 1886  
The Lord Kensington 1886 The Lord Kensington in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Hamilton of Dalzell 1886  
The Lord St Levan 1887  
The Lord Basing 1887  
The Lord de Ramsey 1887  
The Lord Addington 1887  
The Lord Savile 1888  
The Lord Ashcombe 1892  
The Lord Crawshaw 1892  
The Lord Amherst of Hackney 1892  
The Lord Newton 1892  
The Lord Dunleath 1892  
The Lord Swansea 1893  
The Lord Aldenham and Hunsdon 1896  
The Lord Roos of Belvoir 1896 Duke of Rutland in the Peerage of England
The Lord Fairlie 1897 Earl of Glasgow in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Dawnay of Danby 1897 Viscount Downe in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Holmpatrick 1897  
The Lord Burton 1897  
The Lord Glanusk 1899  
The Lord Cranworth 1899  
The Lord Avebury 1900  
The Lord Killanin 1900  
The Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal 1900  
The Lord Kinross 1902  
The Lord Shuttleworth 1902  
The Lord Grenfell 1902 The Lord Grenfell of Kilvey for Life
The Lord Redesdale 1902 The Lord Mitford for Life
The Lord Burnham 1903  
The Lord Biddulph 1903  
The Lord Ritchie of Dundee 1905  
The Lord Hemphill 1906  
The Lord Joicey 1906  
The Lord Nunburnholme 1906  
The Lord Swaythling 1907  
The Lord Blyth 1907  
The Lord Marchamley 1908  
The Lord Gorell 1909  
The Lord Fisher 1909  
The Lord Kilbracken 1909  
The Lord Hardinge of Penshurst 1910  
The Lord de Villiers 1910  
The Lord Glenconner 1911  
The Lord Mountgarret of Nidd 1911 Viscount Mountgarret in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Aberconway 1911  
The Lord Merthyr 1911  
The Lord Rowallan 1911  
The Lord Ashton of Hyde 1911  
The Lord Ravensdale 1911  
The Lord Hollenden 1912  
The Lord Butler of Mount Juliet 1912 Earl of Carrick in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Parmoor 1914  
The Lord Lyell 1914  
The Lord Cunliffe 1914  
The Lord Wrenbury 1915  
The Lord Faringdon 1916  
The Lord Shaughnessy 1916  
The Lord Rathcreedan 1916  
The Lord Somerleyton 1916  
The Lord Carnock 1916  
The Lord Beaverbrook 1917  
The Lord Gainford 1917  
The Lord Forteviot 1917  
The Lord Colwyn 1917  
The Lord Gisborough 1917  
The Lord Morris 1918  
The Lord Cawley 1918  
The Lord Terrington 1918  
The Lord Glenarthur 1918  
The Lord Phillimore 1918  
The Lord Inverforth 1919  
The Lord Sinha 1919  
The Lord Cochrane of Cults 1919  
The Lord Clwyd 1919  
The Lord Swinfen 1919  
The Lord Meston 1919  
The Lord Cullen of Ashbourne 1920  
The Lord Trevethin 1921  
The Lord Glendyne 1922  
The Lord Manton 1922  
The Lord Forres 1922  
The Lord Vestey 1922  
The Lord Borwick 1922  
The Lord Maclay 1922  
The Lord Bethell 1922  
The Lord Darling 1924  
The Lord Banbury 1924  
The Lord Merrivale 1925  
The Lord Bradbury 1925  
The Lord Mereworth 1926 The Lord Oranmore and Browne in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Hayter 1927  
The Lord Cornwallis 1927  
The Lord Daresbury 1927  
The Lord Wraxall 1928  
The Lord Melchett 1928  
The Lord Remnant 1928  
The Lord Craigmyle 1929  
The Lord Dulverton 1929  
The Lord Luke 1929  
The Lord Alvingham 1929  
The Lord Baden-Powell 1929  
The Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede 1930 The Lord Ponsonby of Roehampton for Life
The Lord Dickinson 1930  
The Lord Noel-Buxton 1930  
The Lord Howard of Penrith 1930  
The Lord Rochester 1931  
The Lord Selsdon 1932  
The Lord Moyne 1932  
The Lord Davies 1932  
The Lord Rankeillour 1932  
The Lord Brocket 1933  
The Lord Milne 1933  
The Lord Rennell 1933  
The Lord Mottistone 1933  
The Lord Iliffe 1933  
The Lord Palmer 1933  
The Lord Rockley 1934  
The Lord Elton 1934  
The Lord Bingham 1934 Earl of Lucan in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Wakehurst 1934  
The Lord Hesketh 1935  
The Lord Tweedsmuir 1935  
The Lord Sysonby 1935  
The Lord Wigram 1935  
The Lord Riverdale 1935  
The Lord May 1935  
The Lord Kennet 1935  
The Lord Strathcarron 1936  
The Lord Catto 1936  
The Lord Wardington 1936  
The Lord Windlesham 1937 The Lord Hennesey for Life
The Lord Mancroft 1937  
The Lord McGowan 1937  
The Lord Denham 1937  
The Lord Rea 1937  
The Lord Chatfield 1937  
The Lord Cadman 1937  
The Lord Kenilworth 1937  
The Lord Pender 1937  
The Lord Roborough 1938  
The Lord Birdwood 1938  
The Lord Brassey 1938  
The Lord Belstead 1938 The Lord Ganzoni for Life
The Lord Stamp 1938  
The Lord Bicester 1938  
The Lord Milford 1939  
The Lord Hankey 1939  
The Lord Harmsworth 1939  
The Lord Rotherwick 1939  
The Lord Glentoran 1939  
The Lord Tyron 1940  
The Lord Croft 1940  
The Lord Teviot 1940  
The Lord Nathan 1940  
The Lord Reith 1940  
The Lord Kindersley 1941  
The Lord Ironside 1941  
The Lord Latham 1942  
The Lord Wedgwood 1942  
The Lord Geddes 1942  
The Lord Bruntisfield 1942  
The Lord Brabazon of Tara 1942  
The Lord Keyes 1943  
The Lord Hemingford 1943  
The Lord Moran 1943  
The Lord Killearn 1943  
The Lord Dowding 1943  
The Lord Gretton 1944  
The Lord Westwood 1944  
The Lord Hazlerigg 1945  
The Lord Hacking 1945  
The Lord Balfour of Inchrye 1945  
The Lord Chetwode 1945  
The Lord Sandford 1945  
The Lord Altrincham 1945  
The Lord Broadbridge 1945  
The Lord Mountevans 1945  
The Lord Lindsay of Birker 1945  
The Lord Piercy 1945  
The Lord Chorley 1945  
The Lord Calverley 1945  
The Lord Tedder 1946  
The Lord Colgrain 1946  
The Lord Darwen 1946  
The Lord Wilson 1946  
The Lord Lucas of Chilworth 1946  
The Lord Shepherd 1946  
The Lord Citrine 1946  
The Lord Newall 1946  
The Lord Layton 1947  
The Lord Simon of Wythenshawe 1947  
The Lord Kershaw 1947  
The Lord Trefgarne 1947  
The Lord Rugby 1947  
The Lord Crook 1947  
The Lord Amwell 1947  
The Lord Milverton 1947  
The Lord Clydesmuir 1948  
The Lord Burden 1950  
The Lord Haden-Guest 1950  
The Lord Silkin 1950  
The Lord Ogmore 1950  
The Lord Hives 1950  
The Lord Greenhill 1950  
The Lord Morris of Kenwood 1950  
The Lord Macpherson of Drumochter 1951  
The Lord Kenswood 1951  
The Lord Freyberg 1951  
The Lord Milner of Leeds 1951  
The Lord Kirkwood 1951  
The Lord Wise 1951  
The Lord Jeffreys 1952  
The Lord Rathcavan 1953  
The Lord Baillieu 1953  
The Lord Grantchester 1953  
The Lord Strang 1954  
The Lord Coleraine 1954  
The Lord Harvey 1954  
The Lord Gridley 1955  
The Lord Strathalmond 1955  
The Lord Strathclyde 1955  
The Lord Clitheroe 1955  
The Lord McNair 1955  
The Lord Colyton 1956  
The Lord Astor of Hever 1956  
The Lord Sinclair of Cleeve 1957  
The Lord Bridges 1957  
The Lord Norrie 1957  
The Lord Harding of Petherton 1958  
The Lord Birkett 1958  
The Lord Poole 1958  
The Lord Rootes 1959  
The Lord Netherthorpe 1959  
The Lord Crathorne 1959  
The Lord Spens 1959  
The Lord MacAndrew 1959  
The Lord Nelson of Stafford 1960  
The Lord Howick of Glendale 1960  
The Lord Gladwyn 1960  
The Lord Sanderson of Ayot 1960  
The Lord Robertson of Oakridge 1961  
The Lord Marks of Broughton 1961  
The Lord Leighton of St Mellons 1962  
The Lord Brain 1962  
The Lord Aldington 1962  
The Lord Inchyra 1962  
The Lord Silsoe 1963  
The Lord Thomson of Fleet 1964  
The Lord Martonmere 1964  
The Lord Sherfield 1964  
The Lord Inglewood 1964  
The Lord Grimston of Westbury 1964  
The Lord St Helens 1964  
The Lord Margadale 1965  

Life Barons and Baronesses in the Peerage of the UK

Created Under the Life Peerages Act 1958

Title Creation Other titles
The Lord Chalfont 1964  
The Lord Beaumont of Whitley 1967  
The Lord Stokes 1969  
The Baroness Masham of Ilton 1970  
The Lord Simon of Glaisdale 1971  
The Lord Tanlaw 1971  
The Baroness Elles 1972  
The Baroness Sharples 1973  
The Lord Mackie of Benshie 1974  
The Lord Wigoder 1974  
The Baroness Fisher of Rednal 1974  
The Baroness Delacourt-Smith of Alteryn 1974  
The Baroness Falkender 1974  
The Lord Barber 1975  
The Lord Greene of Harrow Weald 1975  
The Lord Gregson 1975  
The Lord Kirkhill 1975  
The Lord Carr of Hadley 1976  
The Lord McCarthy 1976  
The Lord Northfield 1976  
The Lord Weidenfeld 1976  
The Lord Boston of Faversham 1976  
The Lord Allen of Abbeydale 1976  
The Lord Briggs 1976  
The Lord McCluskey 1976  
The Lord Glenamara 1977  
The Lord Thomson of Monifieth 1977  
The Lord Chitnis 1977  
The Lord Wedderburn of Charlton 1977  
The Lord Croham 1978  
The Baroness Lockwood 1978  
The Lord Cockfield 1978  
The Lord Rawlinson of Ewell 1978  
The Lord Howie of Troon 1978  
The Lord Whaddon 1978  
The Baroness David 1978  
The Lord Taylor of Blackburn 1978  
The Lord Mishcon 1978  
The Lord Buxton of Alsa 1978  
The Lord Hutchinson of Lullington 1978  
The Lord Blease 1978  
The Lord Flowers 1979  
The Lord Mackay of Clashfern 1979  
The Baroness Jeger 1979  
The Lord Renton 1979  
The Lord Brooks of Tremorfa 1979  
The Lord Harris of High Cross 1979  
The Lord Murton of Lindisfarne 1979  
The Lord Hooson 1979  
The Baroness McFarlane of Llandaff 1979  
The Baroness Trumpington 1980  
The Lord Hunt of Tanworth 1980  
The Lord Tordoff 1981  
The Lord Elystan-Morgan 1981  
The Baroness Platt of Writtle 1981  
The Lord Plummer of St Marylebone 1981  
The Lord Campbell of Alloway 1981  
The Lord Thomas of Swynnerton 1981  
The Baroness Gardener of Parkes 1981  
The Lord Marsh 1981  
The Lord Forte 1982  
The Baroness Carnegy of Lour 1982  
The Lord McIntosh of Haringey 1983  
The Baroness Nicol 1983  
The Baroness Cox 1983  
The Lord Ezra 1983  
The Lord Quinton 1983  
The Lord Prys-Davies 1983  
The Lord Richardson of Duntisbourne 1983  
The Lord Gray of Contin 1983  
The Lord King of Wartnaby 1983  
The Lord Stallard 1983  
The Lord Graham of Edmonton 1983  
The Lord Stoddart of Swindon 1983  
The Lord Barnett 1983  
The Lord Eden of Winton 1983  
The Lord Peyton of Yeovil 1983  
The Lord Fitt 1983  
The Lord McAlpine of West Green 1984  
The Lord Cameron of Lochbroom 1984  
The Lord Young of Graffham 1984  
The Lord Chapple 1985  
The Baroness Warnock 1985  
The Lord Vinson 1985  
The Lord Kimball 1985  
The Lord Elliott of Morpeth 1985  
The Lord Donoughue 1985  
The Lord Williams of Elvel 1985  
The Baroness Turner of Camden 1985  
The Lord Sanderson of Bowden 1985  
The Baroness Hooper 1985  
The Lord Wolfson 1985  
The Lord Moore of Wolvercote 1986  
The Lord Deedes 1986  
The Lord Bramall 1987  
The Lord Stevens of Ludgate 1987  
The Baroness Blackstone 1987  
The Lord Carter 1987  
The Lord Peston 1987  
The Lord Irvine of Lairg 1987  
The Lord Stevens of Ludgate 1987  
The Lord Plumb 1987  
The Lord Chilver 1987  
The Lord Knights 1987  
The Lord Thomas of Gwydir 1987  
The Lord Pym 1987  
The Lord Prior 1987  
The Lord Crickhowell 1987  
The Lord St John of Fawsley 1987  
The Lord Mason of Barnsley 1987  
The Lord Carlisle of Bucklow 1987  
The Lord Jenkin of Roding 1987  
The Lord Rees 1987  
The Lord Donaldson of Lymington 1988  
The Lord Armstrong of Ilminster 1988  
The Lord Alexander of Weedon 1988  
The Lord Rees-Mogg 1988  
The Lord Macaulay of Bragar 1988  
The Lord Lewis of Newnham 1989  
The Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes 1989  
The Lord Fraser of Carmyllie 1989  
The Lord Walton of Detchant 1989  
The Lord McColl of Dulwich 1989  
The Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover 1989  
The Baroness Park of Monmouth 1990  
The Lord Tombs 1990  
The Lord Clinton-Davis 1990  
The Baroness Eccles of Moulton 1990  
The Lord Richard 1990  
The Lord Wade of Chorlton 1990  
The Lord Cavendish of Furness 1990  
The Baroness Cumberlege 1990  
The Baroness Brigstocke 1990  
The Lord Soulsby of Swaffham Prior 1990  
The Lord Holme of Cheltenham 1990  
The Lord Varley 1990  
The Baroness Hollis of Heigham 1990  
The Baroness Flather 1990  
The Lord Pearson of Rannoch 1990  
The Lord Lane of Horsell 1990  
The Baroness Dunn 1990  
The Lord Waddington 1990  
The Lord Sterling of Plaistow 1991  
The Lord Palumbo 1991  
The Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach 1991  
The Baroness James of Holland Park 1991  
The Lord Laing of Dunphail 1991  
The Baroness Seccombe 1991  
The Lord Wolfson of Sunningdale 1991  
The Lord Desai 1991  
The Baroness Hamwee 1991  
The Lord Marlesford 1991  
The Lord Judd 1991  
The Baroness Hilton of Eggardon 1991  
The Baroness Mallalieu 1991  
The Lord Hollick 1991  
The Baroness O'Cathain 1991  
The Lord Renfrew of Kaimsthorn 1991  
The Lord Skidelsky 1991  
The Baroness Perry of Southwark 1991  
The Lord Macfarlane of Bearsden 1991  
The Lord Craig of Radley 1991  
The Lord Rix 1992  
The Lord Rodgers of Quarry Bank 1992  
The Lord Wilson of Tillyorn 1992  
The Baroness Chalker of Wallasey 1992  
The Lord Wakeham 1992  
The Lord Rodger of Earlsferry 1992  
The Baroness Thatcher 1992  
The Lord Healey 1992  
The Lord Parkinson 1992  
The Lord Howe of Aberavon 1992  
The Lord Owen 1992  
The Lord Lawson of Blaby 1992  
The Lord Merlyn-Rees 1992  
The Lord Moore of Lower Marsh 1992  
The Lord Tebbit 1992  
The Lord Walker of Worcester 1992  
The Lord Archer of Sandwell 1992  
The Lord Ashley of Stoke 1992  
The Lord Eatwell 1992  
The Lord Weatherill 1992  
The Lord Ewing of Kirkford 1992  
The Lord Stewartby 1992  
The Lord Clark of Kempston 1992  
The Lord Plant of Highfield 1992  
The Lord Archer of Weston-super-Mare 1992  
The Baroness Jay of Paddington 1992  
The Lord Cooke of Islandreagh 1992  
The Lord Barber of Tewkesbury 1992  
The Lord Hayhoe 1992  
The Lord Gilmour of Craigmillar 1992  
The Lord Elis-Thomas 1992  
The Baroness Williams of Crosby 1993  
The Lord Kingsdown 1993  
The Lord Dahrendorf 1993  
The Lord Attenborough 1993  
The Lord Haskel 1993  
The Lord Dean of Harptree 1993  
The Baroness Gould of Potternewton 1993  
The Lord Dixon-Smith 1993  
The Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde 1993  
The Lord Lester of Herne Hill 1993  
The Baroness Miller of Hendon 1993  
The Lord Tugendhat 1993  
The Lord Wright of Richmond 1994  
The Lord Nickson 1994  
The Lord Quirk 1994  
The Lord Sheppard of Didgemere 1994  
The Lord Dubs 1994  
The Baroness Farrington of Ribbleton 1994  
The Lord Shaw of Northstead 1994  
The Lord Tope 1994  
The Baroness Rawlings 1994  
The Baroness Thomas of Walliswood 1994  
The Lord Kingsland 1994  
The Lord Blaker 1994  
The Baroness Hogg 1995  
The Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill 1995  
The Lord Hope of Craighead 1995  
The Lord Blyth of Rowington 1995  
The Lord Cuckney 1995  
The Lord Eames 1995  
The Lord Habgood 1995  
The Lord Mackay of Drumadoon 1995  
The Lord Winston 1995  
The Lord Wallace of Saltaire 1995  
The Lord McNally 1995  
The Lord Borrie 1995  
The Baroness Hayman 1995  
The Lord Sewel 1996  
The Lord Harris of Peckham 1996  
The Lord Pilkington of Oxenford 1996  
The Lord Feldman 1996  
The Baroness Wilcox 1996  
The Lord Bowness 1996  
The Lord Taverne 1996  
The Lord Kilpatrick of Kincraig 1996  
The Lord Cooke of Thorndon 1996  
The Lord Bingham of Cornhill 1996  
The Baroness Lloyd of Highbury 1996  
The Lord Vincent of Coleshill 1996  
The Lord Hussey of North Bradley 1996  
The Lord Thomas of Gresford 1996  
The Lord Currie of Marylebone 1996  
The Lord Taylor of Warwick 1996  
The Lord Saatchi 1996  
The Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean 1996  
The Lord Alderdice 1996  
The Lord Paul 1996  
The Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale 1996  
The Baroness Anelay of St Johns 1996  
The Baroness Byford 1996  
The Lord Chadlington 1996  
The Lord Rogers of Riverside 1996  
The Lord MacLaurin of Knebworth 1996  
The Lord Whitty 1996  
The Lord Bagri 1997  
The Baroness Emerton 1997  
The Lord Lloyd-Webber 1997  
The Lord Hoyle 1997  
The Lord Falconer of Thoroton 1997  
The Lord Simon of Highbury 1997  
The Lord Gilbert 1997  
The Lord Hardie 1997  
The Lord Biffen 1997  
The Lord Jopling 1997  
The Lord Howell of Guildford 1997  
The Lord Steel of Aikwood 1997  
The Lord Dixon 1997  
The Lord Renton of Mount Harry 1997  
The Lord Evans of Parkside 1997  
The Lord Molyneaux of Killead 1997  
The Lord Lofthouse of Pontefract 1997  
The Lord Kelvedon 1997  
The Lord Alton of Liverpool 1997  
The Lord Mayhew of Twysden 1997  
The Lord Hurd of Westwell 1997  
The Lord Baker of Dorking 1997  
The Lord Patten 1997  
The Lord Inge 1997  
The Lord Russell-Johnston 1997  
The Lord Levene of Portsoken 1997  
The Lord Levy 1997  
The Baroness Knight of Collingtree 1997  
The Baroness Amos 1997  
The Lord Hogg of Cumbernauld 1997  
The Lord Newby 1997  
The Lord Randall of St Budeaux 1997  
The Lord Renwick of Clifton 1997  
The Lord Hughes of Woodside 1997  
The Lord Lang of Monkton 1997  
The Lord Selkirk of Douglas 1997  
The Baroness Ludford 1997  
The Baroness Fookes 1997  
The Lord Davies of Coity 1997  
The Lord Roberts of Conwy 1997  
The Lord Sandberg 1997  
The Lord Blackwell 1997  
The Lord Sainsbury of Turville 1997  
The Lord Davies of Oldham 1997  
The Lord Cope of Berkeley 1997  
The Lord Gordon of Strathblane 1997  
The Baroness Pitkeathley 1997  
The Lord Morris of Manchester 1997  
The Lord Jacobs 1997  
The Lord Hunt of Kings Heath 1997  
The Lord Hunt of Wirral 1997  
The Lord Burlison 1997  
The Lord Garel-Jones 1997  
The Lord Razzall 1997  
The Lord Goodhart 1997  
The Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe 1997  
The Lord Dholakia 1997  
The Baroness Rendell of Babergh 1997  
The Lord Janner of Braunstone 1997  
The Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws 1997  
The Lord Puttnam 1997  
The Lord Naseby 1997  
The Lord Higgins 1997  
The Lord Stone of Blackheath 1997  
The Lord Freeman 1997  
The Baroness Maddock 1997  
The Baroness Scotland of Asthal 1997  
The Lord Newton of Braintree 1997  
The Baroness Linklater of Butterstone 1997  
The Lord Bassam of Brighton 1997  
The Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne 1997  
The Baroness Young of Old Scone 1997  
The Lord Smith of Clifton 1997  
The Lord Thomas of Macclesfield 1997  
The Lord Simpson of Dunkeld 1997  
The Lord Monro of Langholm 1997  
The Lord Watson of Invergowrie 1997  
The Lord Ryder of Wensum 1997  
The Lord Hattersley 1997  
The Lord Neill of Bladen 1997  
The Lord Butler of Brockwell 1998  
The Lord Dearing 1998  
The Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate 1998  
The Lord Clement-Jones 1998  
The Lord Alli 1998  
The Baroness Uddin 1998  
The Lord Marshall of Knightsbridge 1998  
The Lord Burns 1998  
The Baroness Goudie 1998  
The Lord Tomlinson 1998  
The Baroness Buscombe 1998  
The Baroness Thornton 1998  
The Lord Lamont of Lerwick 1998  
The Lord Crawley 1998  
The Lord Phillips of Sudbury 1998  
The Lord Haskins 1998  
The Lord Laming 1998  
The Lord Bach 1998  
The Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer 1998  
The Lord Evans of Watford 1998  
The Lord Warner 1998  
The Lord Clarke of Hampstead 1998  
The Lord Brookman 1998  
The Lord Christopher 1998  
The Lord Hanningfield 1998  
The Lord Bell 1998  
The Lord Norton of Louth 1998  
The Baroness Sharp of Guildford 1998  
The Baroness Richardson of Calow 1998  
The Lord Ahmed 1998  
The Lord Bragg 1998  
The Lord Sawyer 1998  
The Lord Harris of Haringey 1998  
The Lord Macdonald of Tradeston 1998  
The Lord Williamson of Horton 1999  
The Lord Imbert 1999  
The Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve 1999  
The Lord Patel 1999  
The Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe 1999  
The Lord Fellowes 1999  
The Lord Stevenson of Coddenham 1999  
The Baroness Stern 1999  
The Lord Forsyth of Drumlean 1999  
The Lord Faulkner of Worcester 1999  
The Baroness Prashar 1999  
The Baroness Hanham 1999  
The Lord Laird 1999  
The Lord Rogan 1999  
The Lord Foster of Thames Bank 1999  
The Lord Elder 1999  
The Lord Lea of Crondall 1999  
The Lord Brett 1999  
The Lord Rennard 1999  
The Baroness Howells of St Davids 1999  
The Lord Bradshaw 1999  
The Lord King of West Bromwich 1999  
The Lord Watson of Richmond 1999  
The Lord Kirkham 1999  
The Lord Grabiner 1999  
The Baroness Massey of Darwen 1999  
The Lord Carlile of Berriew 1999  
The Lord Oxburgh 1999  
The Lord Harrison 1999  
The Lord Waldegrave of North Hill 1999  
The Lord Goldsmith 1999  
The Lord Filkin 1999  
The Lord Lipsey 1999  
The Baroness Wilkins 1999  
The Baroness Barker 1999  
The Baroness Blood 1999  
The Lord Sharman 1999  
The Baroness Ashton of Upholland 1999  
The Baroness McIntosh of Hudnall 1999  
The Lord Woolmer of Leeds 1999  
The Baroness Gale 1999  
The Lord MacKenzie of Culkein 1999  
The Lord Smith of Leigh 1999  
The Baroness Whitaker 1999  
The Lord Gavron 1999  
The Baroness Harris of Richmond 1999  
The Lord Robertson of Port Ellen 1999  
The Lord Armstrong-Jones 1999 Earl of Snowdon in the Peerage of the UK
The Lord Hennesy 1999 Lord Windlesham in the Peerage of the UK
The Lord Jellicoe of Southampton 1999 Earl Jellicoe in the Peerage of the UK
The Lord Ganzoni 1999 Lord Belstead in the Peerage of the UK
The Lord Gascoyne-Cecil 1999 Marquess of Salisbury in the Peerage of Great Britain
The Lord Carington of Upton 1999 Lord Carrington in the Peerage of Great Britain
Lord Carrington in the Peerage of Ireland
The Lord Brittan of Spennithorne 2000  
The Baroness Greengross 2000  
The Lord Birt 2000  
The Lord Patel of Blackburn 2000  
The Lord Powell of Bayswater 2000  
The Lord Joffe 2000  
The Lord Acton of Bridgnorth 2000 Lord Acton in the Peerage of the UK
The Lord Grenfell of Kilvey 2000 Lord Grenfell in the Peerage of the UK
The Lord Gueterbock 2000 Lord Berkeley in the Peerage of England
The Lord Mitford 2000 Lord Redesdale in the Peerage of England
The Lord Lyttleton of Aldershot 2000 Viscount Chandos in the Peerage of the UK
The Lord Erskine of Alloa Tower 2000 Earl of Mar and Kellie in the Peerage of Scotland
The Lord Ponsonby of Roehampton 2000 Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede in the Peerage of the UK
The Baroness Northover 2000  
The Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay 2000  
The Baroness Billingham 2000  
The Lord Brennan 2000  
The Baroness Cohen of Pimlico 2000  
The Lord Layard 2000  
The Lord Greaves 2000  
The Lord Turnberg 2000  
The Lord Hunt of Chesterton 2000  
The Baroness Gibson of Market Rasen 2000  
The Baroness Andrews 2000  
The Lord Mitchell 2000  
The Lord Parekh 2000  
The Baroness Scott of Needham Market 2000  
The Lord Evans of Temple Guiting 2000  
The Lord Shutt of Greetland 2000  
The Lord Roper 2000  
The Baroness Walmsley 2000  
The Lord Bernstein of Craigwell 2000  
The Lord Coe 2000  
The Lord Fyfe of Fairfield 2000  
The Lord Jordan 2000  
The Baroness Noakes 2000  
The Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts 2000  
The Lord Morgan 2000  
The Lord Luce 2000  
The Lord Ashcroft 2000  
The Baroness Boothroyd 2001  
The Lord Chan 2001  
The Lord Best 2001  
The Lord Bhatia 2001  
The Lord Rooker 2001  
The Baroness Greenfield 2001  
The Lord Hannay of Chiswick 2001  
The Baroness Morgan of Huyton 2001  
The Lord Sheldon 2001  
The Lord Temple-Morris 2001  
The Lord Moser 2001  
The Baroness Howarth of Breckland 2001  
The Lord Ouseley 2001  
The Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank 2001  
The Lord Condon 2001  
The Baroness Finlay of Llandaff 2001  
The Lord Browne of Madingley 2001  
The Baroness Howe of Idlicote 2001  
The Lord Sutherland of Houndwood 2001  
The Lord Adebowale 2001  
The Lord Clark of Windermere 2001  
The Lord Grocott 2001  
The Lord Morris of Aberavon 2001  
The Lord Fowler 2001  
The Lord Pendry 2001  
The Lord Campbell-Savours 2001  
The Lord MacGregor of Pulham Market 2001  
The Lord Corbett of Castle Vale 2001  
The Lord Jones 2001  
The Lord King of Bridgwater 2001  
The Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon 2001  
The Lord Fearn 2001  
The Lord Heseltine 2001  
The Baroness Golding 2001  
The Baroness Michie of Gallanach 2001  
The Lord Radice 2001  
The Lord Kilclooney 2001  
The Lord May of Oxford 2001  
The Lord Maclennan of Rogart 2001  
The Lord Maginnis of Drumglass 2001  
The Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville 2001  
The Lord Livsey of Talgarth 2001  
The Lord Black of Crossharbour 2001  
The Lord Carey of Clifton 2002  
The Lord Wilson of Dinton 2002  
The Lord Boyce 2003  
The Lord Cullen of Whitekirk 2003  
The Lord Triesman 2004  
The Lord Kalms 2004  
The Lord Drayson 2004  
The Baroness Falkner of Margravine 2004  
The Lord Tunnicliffe 2004  
The Lord Bhattacharyya 2004  
The Lord Garden 2004  
The Lord Howard of Rising 2004  
The Lord Hart of Chilton 2004  
The Lord Leitch 2004  
The Lord Gould of Brockwood 2004  
The Baroness Henig 2004  
The Lord Carter of Coles 2004  
The Lord Snape 2004  
The Baroness Morris of Bolton 2004  
The Lord Truscott 2004  
The Baroness Wall of New Barnet 2004  
The Baroness Prosser 2004  
The Baroness Morgan of Drefelin 2004  
The Lord Laidlaw 2004  
The Lord Rosser 2004  
The Baroness Neuberger 2004  
The Lord Roberts of Llandudno 2004  
The Lord Giddens 2004  
The Lord Rana 2004  
The Baroness Murphy 2004  
The Lord Maxton 2004  
The Lord Ballyedmond 2004  
The Lord McKenzie of Luton 2004  
The Lord Dykes 2004  
The Lord Broers 2004  
The Baroness Young of Hornsey 2004  
The Lord Vallance of Tummel 2004  
The Lord Steinberg 2004  
The Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury 2004  
The Baroness Chapman 2004  
The Baroness McDonagh 2004  
The Lord Young of Norwood Green 2004  
The Baroness Royall of Blaisdon 2004  
The Lord Rowlands 2004  
The Lord Haworth 2004  
The Lord Cameron of Dillington 2004  
The Lord George 2004  
The Lord Griffiths of Burry Port 2004  
The Lord Kerr of Kinlochard 2004  
The Baroness D'Souza 2004  
The Lord Alliance 2004  
The Lord Patten of Barnes 2005  
The Lord Kinnock 2005  
The Lord Hope of Thornes 2005  
The Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington 2005  
The Lord Adonis 2005  
The Lord Ramsbotham 2005  
The Baroness Fritchie 2005  
The Lord Kirkwood of Kirkhope 2005  
The Baroness Taylor of Bolton 2005  
The Baroness Morris of Yardley 2005  
The Lord O'Neill of Clackmannan 2005  
The Lord Howarth of Newport 2005  
The Lord Tyler 2005  
The Lord Foster of Bishop Auckland 2005  
The Lord Foulkes of Cumnock 2005  

Created Under the Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876

Title Creation Other titles
The Lord Lane of Horsell 1979  
The Lord Bridge of Harwich 1980  
The Lord Brightman 1982  
The Lord Templeman 1982  
The Lord Griffiths 1985  
The Lord Ackner 1986  
The Lord Oliver of Aylmerton 1986  
The Lord Goff of Chieveley 1986  
The Lord Jauncey of Tullichettle 1988  
The Lord Browne-Wilkinson 1991  
The Lord Mustill 1992  
The Lord Slynn of Hadley 1992  
The Lord Woolf 1992  
The Lord Lloyd of Berwick 1993  
The Lord Nolan 1994  
The Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead 1994  
The Lord Steyn 1995  
The Lord Hoffman 1995  
The Lord Clyde 1996  
The Lord Hutton 1997  
The Lord Saville of Newdigate 1997  
The Lord Millett 1998  
The Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers 1999  
The Lord Scott of Foscote 2000  
The Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe 2002  
The Baroness Hale of Richmond 2004  
The Lord Carswell 2004  
The Lord Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood 2004  

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